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Fiction: Advice


Hello everyone! We’re back to another end of the month which means another story! This month has been a bit of a blur to me, especially towards the end, but I have another story for you all! We’re still on Sam and Ed, this time around we’re going to focus on Ed and his thoughts. We’re also going to be introduced to some of his family too. I hope that everyone had a good month! And the next month will be a good one too! Okay, let’s begin!

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Fiction: A Companion

6882092-men-holding-the-word-fiction-concept-3d-illustrationHello! We’re back with another piece of end of month fiction! We’re back to Samuel, the human who can see faeries. This piece introduces Edward, a boy who becomes very important to Sam’s life. I’m trying to figure out the updates for New Home and Second Chances since I want to get back to them now that school is over. Maybe a monthly update of New Home would be good, but I can always have monthly Sam and Ed posts too if that works! I would love to know! Well here’s when Sam met Ed. Enjoy! Oh here’s the first part: Gift or Curse

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