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Fiction: Advice


Hello everyone! We’re back to another end of the month which means another story! This month has been a bit of a blur to me, especially towards the end, but I have another story for you all! We’re still on Sam and Ed, this time around we’re going to focus on Ed and his thoughts. We’re also going to be introduced to some of his family too. I hope that everyone had a good month! And the next month will be a good one too! Okay, let’s begin!

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Fiction: Memories


Hello everyone! We’re back with another month finished which means another chapter of Sam and Ed! Now I worked really hard to have them be nervous over having crushes on each other while trying to make sure that the other doesn’t know. I’m going to try to use next month to start writing again. I finished something really big then I stopped, but I want to get back to writing again. I’m going to make that my goal next month. I hope everyone had a good July! Now let’s begin!

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Fiction: The Season of Change


Hello! I’m sorry for dropping off the wagon last month! I forgot that May had 31 days and I didn’t expect to be so busy that day that I would forget to make a post! I should look into setting up a post for the end of the month in case I’m going to be busy. Anyway, let’s jump right back into Sam and Ed! Now this is where the story changes. These two will be exploring taking their friendship to another level while they try to figure out what they want to do in their future.

I have more characters too that I might post throughout the month. I know I said I’m trying to get back into New Home and I am. I think writing some prompts involving the characters might help or just taking the month to work on the chapter I started so I can post it then take some steps to move forward.

Another thing I’m going to do is have a buy me a coffee button at the end of each post. While I do have a job that job begins in the fall. It’s not a necessary thing, but I would appreciate it so much! Okay enough talking time to post!

Enjoy! I hope everyone’s May and June was good. Mine was good, just busy!

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Fiction: Gift or Curse


Hello! We’re back with another end of month fiction piece! This one is from the same universe as New Home and Second Chances Hospital, this focuses on Sam. He’s a human that has the power to see faeries and talk with them too. I’m going to write more about him and his life a bit later, but for now I’m going to post a piece about Sam talking about his gift. He doesn’t really have a problem with it and I can’t wait to explore more about his life and how faeries play out in it. Enjoy!

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Author Promotion!

Hello! I’m going off my hiatus a bit to promote a fellow writer I met on Dreamwidth. Her name is Shipwrecklight and she writes stories about the lives of assassins and it’s pretty cool. She has a website that’s here! She also helps run a community for original fiction also on Dreamwidth called rainbowfic and it accepts genres of all kinds. I’m on there too and it’s a very welcoming community too! Here it is! I highly suggest you check both out because she’s an awesome writer and she runs an awesome community for original writing.

Alright back to my hiatus!

Early Character Designs: Will

Hello! This week I posted the first revised chapter of New Home and I’m very happy with it. Before I begin with my post of Will’s character design can someone help me make an ebook cover for Jukepop? I got accepted (woo!) but I want to make a good cover for my story and I’m a bit confused as to how to do it. Any help is appreciated. Now let’s get to the early character design of Will. Now I’m not too good at designing men as I am women on The Sims 3 but I hope this is looks good.

Here’s my first idea for how Will looks in my head:



B: Screenshot-2821

If there is something wrong with their designs let me know. I’m sure I’ll have more designs next time, but this is what I have in mind for now. I’ll put a poll at the end of this post. Let me know what you think!

Should I spread hurt to the story?

So I didn’t have a very good week. It’s great to work in the same major for like close to six years and be told that you’re gonna need 78 more credits to graduate. So as expected I’ve had a fantastic week dealing with the news and trying to get things back on track. While I was feeling awful I looked at my characters and wondered who I could inflict some pain on. Or if I’ve inflicted enough pain who should get something unexpectedly good happen to them.

I read many things that say put emotions in the story. Like write how you feel and I wondered if I should do that? Like place an unexpected thing and shake things up for everyone. Not Will and Cass yet (heh…heh…heh…) but for the other million stories I have sitting on my hard drive or on other sites. I have many things spread out that I’ll put on here one day, but I’m wondering if I should make my characters hurt like me or give them a really good time to work out my frustration. (I’ve done this many times before).

What do you all think? Do you all release stress the same way?