End of Month Fiction Posts

I finally got around to organizing the fiction that I post at the end of the month. All the stories takes places in the same universe as New Home and Second Chances Hospital. Any other stories published outside the universe will be noted.

September 2016

Beginnings: A childhood piece featuring Will meeting Hamilton for the first time when they were children. Part of the New Home universe

October 2016

Do You Miss It? : Companion piece to Second Chances Hospital that features Dana and her new vampire life

November 2016

Gift or Curse: Meeting Sam, a human that can see faeries. This piece is in the same universe as Second Chances Hospital and New Home.

December 2016

Career Choices: Meeting Albert, who’s a necromancer like Cass and an important part of their department. Another piece in the same universe.

January 2017

A Companion: Meeting Ed, Samuel’s friend who can also see faeries. This is the piece where they first meet. Set in the same universe.

February 2017

Making Use of a Good Thing: Albert and his history of fears that lead him to necromancy.

March 2017

Bored: Sam isn’t having much fun on his vacation.