Preview of Psychic Power: My new love for Mob Psycho 100


Hello! We’re back with a new show that I’ve been watching. The show is called Mob Psycho 100, it’s about a young man called Shigeo Kageyama who has psychic powers, but he doesn’t want to use them very much. He knows how dangerous they can be so he tries to keep his emotions on a very tight leash. However, when he becomes very emotional his powers come out. He does try his best to keep it under control despite the different stresses in his life. Kageyama has a part time job where he works with Arataka Reigen, who fools people into thinking that he’s the powerful psychic, but cares a lot about Mob. This show is created by ONE the same mangaka that did One Punch Man, so I really looked forward to watching it. If anyone wonders why the art looks different Yusuke Murata, the mangaka from Eyeshield 21 did the art. I like ONE’s style though and I enjoy the story too.

Due to me not keeping up with my schedule I’m going to post a small summary about Mob Psycho 100. Next week I’m going to talk about how much I love this show.

Until then, see you!


The Daily Life of a Shinigami: Why I enjoy Kyoukai no Rinne


Hello! Today I’m going to talk about my love for Rumiko Takahashi’s new series Kyoukai no Rin-ne or Rinne of the Boundary. The show focuses on Rinne Rokudo, a half human, half Shinigami teenager and Sakura Mamiya, a girl that can see ghosts and Shinigami, and their adventures while going to high school. After Inuyasha this show isn’t as action orientated and feels very slice of life with the jokes along with the adventures that Sakura and Rinne go on. This is another Rumiko Takahashi show that I enjoy very much.

The first reason is the characters. In many of her works there are always a few characters that stand out to me. In Rinne I like how many of the characters have their stories connected to each other. Rinne who tries to do his shinigami duties while living in the human world. Sakura who didn’t like seeing spirits at first goes on to help Rinne with his duties, sometimes even helping the spirits solve their problems. Jumonji, an exorcist who normally takes out ghosts first and asks questions later.

Ageha, the shinigami that likes Rinne, though ends up causing more trouble for him even when she means well. That’s just the main four! There are others that I really like such as his grandmother Tamako, his dad Sabato (even though he’s such a bad dad), Kain, Renge, and Rokumon to name a few that appear quite often.  As with many of her series the characters bring their own twists to the story.

A second reason why I like Rinne is the story. On top of being a fan of action and Gundams, slice of life is another favorite genre I have that Rinne doing different little adventures day by day that I look forward to seeing. Every day is different with him trying to figure out how to solve a problem, doing a job for his grandma, or trying to get his father back for dumping another debt on him there’s always something new.

A third reason why I enjoy Rinne is the paranormal aspect with him being half shinigami. There’s nothing I love more than seeing the lives of spirits and the afterlife. I like stories that explore it in a light hearted way. That yes this person may be a vengeful spirit though there’s a reason why and Rinne is trying to make sure that they can pass on. I’m glad that Rinne doesn’t have a problem being half shinigami either. Through Rinne’s adventures you can see different side of the afterlife from the way people are reborn to the illegal business that tries to take people before their time to the demons of hell. It gives a pretty big picture of how things are that makes it enjoyable to watch.

A little extra that I find cute whenever I watch is the call backs to her other series Inuyasha, Ranma ½ and Maison Ikkoku, so any fans of her older works can enjoy those little callbacks to the show.

Kyoukai no Rin-ne is a funny show with light hearted comedy and romantic comedy in the background. I recommend this for new and old fans of Rumiko Takahashi work.

Update and things that are coming soon!


Hello everyone! Man September got here before I know it! I was busy trying my hand at this adulting thing so that’s why my updates are sporadic again. It’s funny that this is my first year where I don’t have to register for classes. I’ve been doing it for so long that I nearly forgot that I didn’t have to do it anymore. I also became a driver which scares me a bit because this is my first time driving, but I’m getting the hang of it.

So let’s see I missed last month when it came to goals. I’m trying to figure out what to do while I’m job searching since there are some things I have to pay for now. I’m trying to get back into writing I miss writing my serials and I have so many ideas for them. I hated to go on hiatus for so long due to school and then trying to figure out what I was going to do next with my life. So I’m going to work harder to either get a chapter out or at least a drabble or something related to my serials. For now I’ll talk about the shows I’m going to touch on next Friday.

Next Friday I’m going to talk about Kyoukai no Rin-ne or Rinne of the Boundary, a new show from Inuyasha’s mangaka Rumiko Takahashi.


See you next week!

Friday Post: Time to form Voltron and how much I love it.


Hello! Sorry for falling off there for a bit. Job searching can take a lot out of me, but I’ve been watching a lot of things that I can’t wait to talk about. This week I’m going to talk about my new found love for the show Voltron: Legendary Defender. In the different fan circles that I’m a part of, I saw everyone talking about Voltron. I saw it on tumblr too and a few other places that I wanted to check it out. I love this show very much! Here are three reasons why I love the new Voltron. (I’m going to be using female pronouns to refer to Pidge.)

  1. The story: I always enjoy the different ways the Voltron story is reinvented, this one caught my interest quickly. In this Voltron the paladins come from Earth and they are helping Princess Allura make sure that Voltron doesn’t end up in the hands of the Galra Empire. I like how everyone has their own motivations and backstories that leave you wanting to know more about it. I want to know more about Shiro and his time when he was a prisoner. The same with Lance and his family back on Earth. Who were they? Does Lance have a big family? What about Pidge and her family? How did Hunk meet Lance and Pidge? Why did Keith get kicked out of the academy? There are so many questions that I can’t wait to have answered.
  2. The characters: I enjoy how everyone is very distinct from each other. Shiro, the leader who has flashbacks of his time when he was a prisoner. Lance, the jokester that does have a serious side underneath and feels homesick. Hunk, who I thought would be too afraid to do anything, can really step up when he has to. Keith, the lone wolf, who argues with Lance and even joined the food fight. It’s nice to see that there is more under his lone wolf persona. Pidge who I love that she’s into technology and wanting to find her family. Allura, who’s a princess that will fight for what she loves, even putting herself on the line. Then Coran who’s a very cool guy and there’s more I want to know about him. There’s Sendak and I want to know more about his motivations. My favorite is how each distinct personality comes together to make a very entertaining story.
  3. The setting: Another thing that stood out to me is the way that the Paladins can’t return to Earth. I thought they would be able to go back and forth, but at the moment they don’t have a way to get back home. It’s interesting to see the different places of the Galaxy such as the planet where Hunk meets Shay an alien who’s people were under Galra rule. Then there are the hints of the Altea kingdom from Allura and Coran’s descriptions. There’s more about the setting that I can’t wait to enjoy.

Overall, I’m happy to see a new remake of Voltron. It’s shaping up to be a pretty good one that I can’t wait to see.

Fan Friday: Haven’t you heard about Sakamoto? I have!


Hello! We’re back with Fan Fridays! This Friday I’m going to talk about one of the shows I started watching called Sakamoto desu ga? Or Haven’t you Heard? I’m Sakamoto. This show takes the trope of the super cool guy, but instead of subverting it it’s played straight. The main character of the show is called Sakamoto, though no one knows his first name, he’s the coolest freshman in his school. He may do mundane things such as cleaning up, homework, or tutoring, but he does them in such a cool way that people can’t help falling for him. Today I’m going to talk about three things that I love about Sakamoto.

The first thing I love about Sakamoto is the way he solves his problems. He solves his problems in a very cool way, yet he doesn’t make a fool of himself. It could be from putting out a fire that one of his bullies started or helping out a classmate or confronting a bully he figures out a way out of it by using his secret moves that in the end he still looks cool. Sometimes it’s really cool to have a character that does things in their own way and it works for them. Then there’s the way he looks very good while doing all these things. I’m not going to sugarcoat it I really do enjoy the fanservice in this show. I always want to see how cool he can be the next time he has to do something.

The second thing that I love about Sakamoto is the way the show treats Atsushi’s crush. Atsushi, one of his former bullies, has a crush on Sakamoto after he saved him from a fire that Atsushi accidentally started. After that Atsushi’s crush on Sakamoto becomes very obvious, but one of the cute things about this is the way that it’s treated naturally by his friends. His friends encourages him to talk to Sakamoto even told him to ask for a smile when Sakamoto worked at his part time job. I worried that his friends would either tease him in a mean way or try to leave him when they didn’t! Nothing makes me happier than that.

The third thing I love about Sakamoto is his friendship with his classmate Kubota. Kubota used to be bullied for his allowance when Sakamoto came in and helped him gain his confidence. He started by getting Kubota a job from there he showed him that he was able to do things when he thought he couldn’t at first. In the end Kubota learned how to fight back for the things that he’s worked for so hard. It was very sweet the way that Sakamoto helped him figure out his worth by being his cool self. They end up becoming friends and their friendship is very sweet.

I highly recommend Sakamoto desu ga for some laughs, a very handsome guy, and a cool soundtrack.

I want that soundtrack very much.

Fan Friday: Six is always best or my love for Osomatsu-san


Hi we’re back with Geek Friday! Which I’ll probably change to Fan Friday because I’m a fan that sounds better to me. Today I’m going to talk about a show I recently fell in love with called Osomatsu-san. It’s a continuation from Osomatsu-kun, a manga published during the 60s, about sextuplet brothers who are grown up and facing problems in modern times. Each brother has a distinct color and characteristics that make it easier to follow than when they were children in Osomatsu-kun.

The brothers going in order is Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu. They’re all NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) in their 20s and the topics of the show vary from still living at home, not finding work, and the brothers’ individual problems in their lives. It’s mostly a comedy show where they do silly things such as when they became idols and hit every current anime trend in the first episode to Iyami and Chibita’s Rental Girlfriend where Iyami and Chibita take a potion where many funny shenanigans happen.

However, it does have it’s serious moment that gives another perception of the characters. Such as the episode Jyushimatsu Falls in Love where the normally silly Jyushimatsu falls in love with a girl. Then there’s the ESP Kitty that shows the truth behind Ichimatsu’s lazy demeanor when it comes to life. It’s not the average comedy show with each segment being of silly situations when these episodes are the ones that can pack quite a punch.

One of my favorite things about the show is that so many of my favorite seiyuu are in it! From Daisuke Ono (who’s Jyushimatsu) to Jun Fukuyama (who’s Ichimatsu), and Hiroshi Kamiya (who’s Choromatsu) and I can go on, but it’s so great to hear them all in one show!

Another thing that I enjoy is the way that it shows the differences between society when Osomatsu-kun was published and society now during Osomatsu-san. In Osomatsu-kun they had a special that showed how they grew up with some common careers and jobs while in Osomatsu-san they don’t have jobs, are still at home, and have some of the common hobbies of people in their 20s. I know it’s mostly a joke show, sometimes they have topics and issues that hits home very hard. Despite that it’s really cool to see the way both shows reflect the type of society at the time.

I could go on about what I love when it comes to Osomatsu-san, but I’ll stop at three things.

I really recommend everyone to watch this show it’s great!

Ever get that feeling…


Do you ever have that feeling like you’re supposed to be doing something? I’ve had that feeling since I graduated. My friends tell me that I should take a break and not worry so much, but it’s hard. I’m pretty sure that my anxiety doesn’t help by reminding me that I should be doing so much more since I graduated. I feel that I’m doing a good job so far then there are times I feel like I’m not doing a lot like I could be.

I’m trying not to get down when I go on my newsfeed and see people either getting jobs or homes or cars. I know that everyone gets things done at their pace, though sometimes I can’t help feeling like I’m not doing enough. Sometimes it feels good that I don’t have to register for classes or have to get books then there are times I think I’m being lazy by not doing enough.

I do have one little class I’m taking, but I’ll be done in five weeks. After going to college for over 5 years, this little class feels like a breeze. My only problem is I’m not too sure what to do once the class is over. I’m looking for work and reworking my resume. I am worried that my lack of job experience will hurt my chances for getting hired. I’m trying not to let it worry me that much even though it sits in the back of my mind. It’s pretty hard to try and keep that under control when my anxiety starts to spike and so many questions run through my mind like:

Should I be sitting here?

Shouldn’t I be writing?

Shouldn’t I be frantically looking for work?

I remember when I frantically looked for work before in the summer when I was on break before fall semester. It’s a little bit hard since there’s only one car at my house and the public transportation isn’t the best. (I don’t think it’s very safe to take the bus in front of an abandoned building.) I think another thing that’s bugging me is the need to do something different. My life has been in a very similar cycle for a long time since I was always in school. Now I’m out, I’m realizing that there are things that I want to do.

Yes, I know I have to find a job along with finding different ways to support myself, yet I can’t help feeling that I’m restless for change. (It can also be my Gemini nature speaking up too.) I do think that maybe a change of scene will help. Life hasn’t been the best. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been super excited or happy about something in a long time. I’m tired of being unhappy, stressed, and I’m looking to make sure that the rest of my life is a happy one.

I really want to try and be happy. I want look for ways to help with my anxiety and depression. I’ve been doing it on my own for awhile that I think it’s time for some outside help. It would be nice not to get crippling anxiety when it comes to playing video games, applying for jobs, or writing. I think the biggest thing I need to do is give myself credit for graduating with all the things thrown at me. I did it.

I should probably take it easy and give myself a break.

There are times I forget to do that, but I’m going to do a better job in doing so.

Does anyone else get that feeling?