Fiction: Memories


Hello everyone! We’re back with another month finished which means another chapter of Sam and Ed! Now I worked really hard to have them be nervous over having crushes on each other while trying to make sure that the other doesn’t know. I’m going to try to use next month to start writing again. I finished something really big then I stopped, but I want to get back to writing again. I’m going to make that my goal next month. I hope everyone had a good July! Now let’s begin!

Ed pulled his shirt off as he walked in his room. He didn’t mind raking the leaves, but it left him sweatier than what he wanted. He threw his shirt in the hamper and walked over to his dresser when a box on the nightstand caught his eye. He forgot he put it there when he cleaned his room earlier.

Ed picked up the box and took a seat on his bed. He opened the lid, a smile coming to his face at the mementos that stared back at him. A picture of his elementary class, a few bottle caps he collected with his brother, and a few other little knick-knacks he collected throughout the years. Ed stopped at a piece of rock and a note by it. He picked it up with a frown before the memory hit him.

In seventh grade, Ed took Sam to a cave that wasn’t too far from his house. He wanted to learn more about Sam. He figured the cave where some water faeries lived would be a good way to start. It wasn’t easy trying to convince Sam to come with him. Sam was still wary of him and thought it was a trap to beat him up. It took a while to convince Sam it wasn’t a trap. After two weeks, Sam agreed.

They walked to the cave after school while Ed tried to get Sam to relax. They made sure not to go in too deep. They stopped at a small pond not too far from the entrance of the cave. Ed continued to reassure Sam it wasn’t a trick. Sam finally believed him when the water faeries danced on the surface of the water.

It was the first time Sam smiled around him.

Ed grinned as he moved the rock around in his hand. I remember now, I wanted to make sure Sam smiled more. I still do.

He placed the rock on his bed and opened the note.

Thanks. It was fun.

Have this rock I found by the cave.

It looked pretty cool.


Ed chuckled. Sammy still doesn’t like to speak a lot, but at least he talks around me.

He always wanted Sam to talk around him.

Ed knew it would change when Sam got a girlfriend, but he didn’t want it to change. He frowned as he tossed the rock a little in the air. They had one more year before they separated for university. One more year and he wouldn’t see his smile, watch him frown, or anything.

He didn’t try to think too much about it.

Ed grabbed the rock and squeezed it. My mind hasn’t been the same since those dreams. I mean I’ve always thought about him, but not like this.

He had enough things to worry about with senior year coming up. He didn’t need anything else.

Ed placed the rock back in the box with a sigh and got up from the bed. A shower sounded like a good way to clear his mind.

One-day things would change.

He would keep Sam smiling until then.

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