Fiction: The Season of Change


Hello! I’m sorry for dropping off the wagon last month! I forgot that May had 31 days and I didn’t expect to be so busy that day that I would forget to make a post! I should look into setting up a post for the end of the month in case I’m going to be busy. Anyway, let’s jump right back into Sam and Ed! Now this is where the story changes. These two will be exploring taking their friendship to another level while they try to figure out what they want to do in their future.

I have more characters too that I might post throughout the month. I know I said I’m trying to get back into New Home and I am. I think writing some prompts involving the characters might help or just taking the month to work on the chapter I started so I can post it then take some steps to move forward.

Another thing I’m going to do is have a buy me a coffee button at the end of each post. While I do have a job that job begins in the fall. It’s not a necessary thing, but I would appreciate it so much! Okay enough talking time to post!

Enjoy! I hope everyone’s May and June was good. Mine was good, just busy!

 Sam looked out his window with a fond smile at the leaves that started to change color outside his window. He loved autumn it was his favorite time of year. It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold and Sam could sit outside all day without his mom screaming at him to use sunscreen.

He loved watching the leaves change and the faeries that danced around them as they changed color. He could finally spend hours in his room without his parents pushing him to go outside and mingle. Not to mention he always found a new book series to start in the fall that lasted him for awhile. However, there were a few downsides to autumn. He didn’t feel like going back to school. He didn’t care that he was a senior it meant another year with his class.

At least he had his small group of friends. He didn’t know how they all found each other and shared similarities in their powers, but he didn’t complain. It was rare enough to find Ed, but to have three other people that liked him made him feel lucky. Sam hoped they could stay in contact after high school. He didn’t worry about Ed though. He had a feeling they would be in contact for a long time.

Sam messed with a loose strand on his shirt at the thought of Ed. He didn’t know when it changed, but he started to feel different around him. He felt funny when Ed couldn’t see faeries with him because someone needed him for tutoring. He seethed at the girls that asked him out, but he knew that wasn’t right. Ed was a friendly and popular guy, not to mention good looking with his dark hair, that fell in his face lately, and brown eyes. It was only a matter of time before he found a girlfriend.

Sam didn’t like that idea very much. He didn’t know why he didn’t like it. It was a natural thing to like girls, among all the other things he could do he tried to hold on to that fact. However, lately he’s not having the same inclination towards girls like their friend Eric. Sam knew many pretty girls, but he didn’t notice them as much as he did boys or Ed.

Sam groaned and ran his fingers through his hair. Wasn’t he different enough?

He could see faeries and speak to them. He knew about their home world and the one of demons and the other one of magic. He knew many things that made him strange. He didn’t need to add anything else to the list.

Sam fell back on his bed when his phone went off with a familiar ringtone. He grinned and answered the phone.

“Hey Ed.”

“Hi! I was wondering if you still wanted to watch the faeries by the creek this weekend.”

“Are you busy?”

“Not really, so do you want to?”

“Yeah I do. If you don’t have anything to do this weekend then yeah I’m game.”

“Great! I can’t stay on for very long I have to go rake leaves. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Sam grinned. Ed hadn’t lost his excitement throughout the years. “Alright, see you tomorrow.” He hit the end button and stared at the ceiling.

It wasn’t anything new. They always watched the faeries around this time of year because it was Sam’s favorite thing. In turn, they watched faeries during winter because it was Ed’s favorite time of year. Sam didn’t understand why, but he still trudged outside to watch faeries dance around the snowflakes. He didn’t want to see Ed disappointed because no one else wanted to go out with him.

It wasn’t anything new, then why did the idea of being with Ed for a couple of hours caused his stomach to flip?

Sam groaned and placed his pillow on his face. He knew autumn was a time for change, but he didn’t like it.

He knew somewhere in the universe someone laughed at his pain.

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