Fiction: Bummer Summer


Hello! We’re here at another End of the Month fiction post! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to write the next chapter of New Home like I wanted to, but there is always the next month! So we’ll see what happens then, for now we’re going to continue with Sam and Ed while they were children. This piece is about how Ed feels while he’s on vacation which can follow up Sam’s story: Bored. I hope everyone has a good month! Now onto the story!

My trip is almost over. My mom said we have one more day in the hotel before it’s time to go, and I can’t wait! Don’t get me wrong, I loved my vacation. It was fun! I got to see a lot of places and hang out with my brother and sister, but I couldn’t take off my glasses. At least, not in public, but when I did I saw the most amazing faeries!

They were so pretty dancing in the sunlight as flowers bloomed under their feet. I wanted to tell my siblings, but Doug doesn’t care and Amy doesn’t want to see them. If Sam was here, we could see them together! But he’s not here and I’m stuck watching the faeries dance outside the window of my hotel room.

I miss Sam. I wanted to call him, but my mom told me no cell phones on the trip. I can only use my cell phone when I go out with Amy or Doug, which sucks because I can’t tell Sam everything I saw! I can’t even take a picture because faeries doesn’t like pictures. I know I can tell him when I go home, but it’s not the same!

I miss all our friends, but I really miss Sam.

I can’t wait to get back home.


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