Fiction: Bored


Hello! Here we are at another end of month post! I think next month I’m going to do another piece that features Cass and her childhood, but for now I’m going to do another one about Sam. Reading over these little pieces is easing me back into everything. The goal for April is to have a chapter out for the main universe! Until then, here’s a piece about Sam’s summer while Ed went on vacation. Enjoy!

My vacation is so boring! I’m bored out of my mind for the first time in years. I’ve read through my books, played the games I have, and have watched most of our movies twice. My sisters are either gone, in their room, or with their friends while my parents are at work. Even my grandparents are gone for the summer along with my cousins and I have nothing to do. If Ed was here, we could go down by the lake and watch the faeries dance on the water. He would get really excited and point out any dance moves that stood out.

Our friends—I can’t believe I made more—are on their summer family trips, so I won’t see them for awhile. That didn’t used to bother me, but, oh wait…I forgot that Ed went on vacation with his family this year too. I wasn’t bored when everyone went away because Ed was with me.

He would come by my house and we’d watch movies or try to get one of my sisters out of her room. We’d take off our glasses and stare at the faeries dancing in the sun. Sometimes he would stay over my house for the night and my mom would make her awesome caramel popcorn then we would watch movies until one of us fell asleep.

Now all I do after my bowl of cereal is watch reruns on tv before lunch then more t.v. after lunch. I normally try to finish a book, but I can’t finish the next book in the series because I’m reading it with Ed so I’m waiting for him to catch up.

After dinner and messing with my sisters, it’s more tv, a game I started over, and then bed. When Ed is here, I’m not bored. I’m never bored when Ed is around.

I can’t wait for him to come back.


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