Fiction: A Companion

6882092-men-holding-the-word-fiction-concept-3d-illustrationHello! We’re back with another piece of end of month fiction! We’re back to Samuel, the human who can see faeries. This piece introduces Edward, a boy who becomes very important to Sam’s life. I’m trying to figure out the updates for New Home and Second Chances since I want to get back to them now that school is over. Maybe a monthly update of New Home would be good, but I can always have monthly Sam and Ed posts too if that works! I would love to know! Well here’s when Sam met Ed. Enjoy! Oh here’s the first part: Gift or Curse

“Hey, you can see them can’t you?”

Samuel looked up from inside his locker and over to his classmate a boy with dark hair and brown eyes. He shook his head and returned to looking for his science book.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh yes you do! Your story in English today sounded too much like the little people I saw outside my window once. Small, so small that they can have butterflies or moths as pets, using leaves as clothing, pointed ears, horns, and wings! They sound so much like them! You can see them too, right?”

Samuel snapped back and stared at his classmate. “I-I’m not supposed to say anything about it to other people.” He whispered as he looked around for his sisters. They were known to pop up whenever Sam got close to mentioning their gift. His classmate didn’t notice him as he bounced excitedly.

“Me either, but you know! I’m so happy to find someone else that knows! Hi, my name is Edward, but you can call me Ed! What’s yours?”

“Um, Samuel, but you can call me Sam.”

Edward smiled. “Great! This is so cool! Finally someone else that can see them!”

“Shh! Keep your voice down!” Samuel looked around again, sighing in relief when he didn’t see his sisters. “Look, I can tell you some more after school, okay?”

“Okay!” Ed and Sam looked up when the first chimes started in the hallway, a signal that they had five minutes left before class started.

“I’ll meet you here after school, okay?”

Sam nodded. “Okay.”

Ed grinned and patted his back before he walked down the hallway to his next class. Sam watched him disappear in the crowds of people before he turned back to get his book. At least there are others now. He grinned as he stuffed his book in his bag and hurried on to class.


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