Fiction: Gift or Curse


Hello! We’re back with another end of month fiction piece! This one is from the same universe as New Home and Second Chances Hospital, this focuses on Sam. He’s a human that has the power to see faeries and talk with them too. I’m going to write more about him and his life a bit later, but for now I’m going to post a piece about Sam talking about his gift. He doesn’t really have a problem with it and I can’t wait to explore more about his life and how faeries play out in it. Enjoy!

Samuel has a secret. A secret that’s so big he can’t tell his friends not even his best friend because he doesn’t think they would believe him. How could he tell his friends that he could see faeries? He didn’t know it was a family secret, until he pointed them out to his mom one day when they were going down the street. He would never forget the way the faeries danced as they made a flower crown for the donkey. They were so pretty the way they twirled around the flowers and the trees. Samuel wanted to touch them, but his mother stopped him.

That day his mom explained that due to a deal their ancestor made with a faerie long ago they were able to see them. They couldn’t visit them and they weren’t allowed to go near them until they received a message from Eco. The next day his parents got him fitted for glasses and contacts that would hide the faeries and his grandparents gave him different items to keep the faeries away. In case, they wanted to call in a personal favor.

Samuel’s family didn’t like their gift, but Samuel didn’t mind. Sometimes he took the same path without his glasses or contacts, so he could catch the faeries dancing with flowers in their hands again.


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