Fiction: Do you miss it?


Hello I’m back with another end of month fiction! I have an hour left before Halloween ends. I’m so happy I was able to finish this. This month’s fiction is about Dana, the main character from my serial Second Chances Hospital that you can find on Jukepop! Well, enjoy!

Sometimes people ask me if I miss being human. If it was during the first months after I changed, I would immediately answer yes. After Amon bit me, everything happened so fast that it took me some time to adjust. When I first became a vampire there are a lot of things that happen that’s never in the movies. There’s the feeling when your heart stops beating. I really did think I was going to die, until I woke up to nothing moving in my chest. From there you go from craving your favorite foods to craving blood. I don’t get the food craving like I used to, but when I pass by a bakery sometimes the need to have food comes back. I really miss ice cream.

Anyway the first time I craved blood it nearly took me by surprise. I never had such a craving before so I didn’t know what to do. I almost bit my best friend before she called Amon and he helped me find some food. By that I mean get me set up at the blood bank.  Another weird thing is not being hungry. I do miss snacking and I wish I could do it some more. When I started to get used to my cravings it scared me. It scared me so bad I didn’t talk to my family and friends for months.

I didn’t know what would happen. I didn’t want them to hate me since the paranormal community started to come into the cities once again. Then I didn’t want something to happen that I couldn’t control. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if that happened. I thought I had to stop talking to them forever, but Amon helped change my mind. He helped me join one of the programs that started to pop up to help people who were recently changed.

I joined that one and met the paranormal citizens that hid in the city before the vampires and demons bought it. They helped me come to terms with a lot of things. I learned to forgive Amon too. He was always there for me and would help me when I needed it. I don’t go to the group as much as I used to, but I keep in touch with the friends I’ve made there. We hang out from time to time too.

Once I got over my shock and fear I was able to find some good things from my new form too. I learned better time management. Doing things at night wasn’t something that was new to me. I was always a bit of a night owl, so changing my schedule wasn’t too big of a change for me. I learned how to adjust to my new work schedule and even picked up some old hobbies once I finally had the time. Adjusting to everything helped me calm down even I was still worried about my friends and family.

I really worried that my best friend wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore when she did. Valerie and my group of friends were actually worried when I stopped talking to them. After I explained what happened they told me that they wouldn’t leave me and that they would still be my friends. I will always be grateful that my friends were able to be with me when I needed them. However, the last roadblock was my family. Well, it turns out that I worried them too.

Everything settled down once I was able to talk to them. It still weirds my parents out from time to time, but they’re getting better. At least they’ve stopped asking me if there was some way to reverse what happened to me. My sister and brother are getting there too. At least they don’t think I’m going to bite them out of the blue anymore. It used to irritate me, but not anymore. I could imagine my news was very big and they had to adjust to it too. While I’m glad I cleared things up with them I haven’t told the rest of my family yet.

I’m not sure when would be a good time or way to tell them either. For now, I think it would be best if I wait for a bit. It’s for the best.

I can’t deny that things have been different since I became a vampire. Going from wanting food to wanting blood, staying up all night without being tired, and having to readjust to a new society can be very new for anybody. There are some things I do miss about being human, that’s something I can’t deny, but do I miss being human?

I can say that now I don’t miss it as much anymore.

Having people around and still be able to have the life I want helps a lot.



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