Fiction Post: Beginnings

6882092-men-holding-the-word-fiction-concept-3d-illustrationI did it! I finally got around to finishing this before the end of the month! I gave myself a goal to finish this and post it on the last day of the month and I did! I’m doing little pieces like this to get back into writing for New Home. This is when Will met Hamilton when they were children. I hope it sheds a little more light to why it hurt Will so much after what happened. It feels really good to post again. Enjoy!

Will watched as his family prepared him for school. He got new gym shoes, a book bag, a lunchbox, and a bunch of different items from the list his teacher mailed to the home. His mom showed him the school and explained how he would be able to be with other werewolf children. While his dad told him that going to school was a step closer to being a big boy. Will wasn’t too sold on the idea. He didn’t see what was so exciting about being in a place away from his grandparents and cousins for most of the day. But he liked being called a ‘big boy’ so he could give it a try.

However, Will wasn’t too happy to try when his first day arrived. His mom didn’t stop talking about it during breakfast or on the way to school. He held on to his backpack and tried not to be too afraid. When they got out he gripped his mom’s hand during their walk from the car to the classroom. There were a lot of funny pictures on the way, but there were a lot of kids too. It still didn’t make Will happy to be there even if he did have a cool train on his book bag and his favorite sandwich in his lunchbox.

Will gripped her hand harder when they walked in the classroom. There were so many kids he didn’t know around him. It wasn’t the same when his cousins were around. What if they didn’t like him? He stayed close while his mom talked to his teacher. His teacher looked like she would be nice, he liked her moonstone and bracelets, but that was it. He turned to his teacher when she called his name.

Her bracelets knocked together when she moved a strand of red hair away from her face as she knelt down in front of him. “Hi Will, I’m Mrs. Richardson! I’m glad you’re in my class. I know we’re going to have a great time together!”

Will gave a small wave. “Hi Mrs. Richardson.”

Mrs. Robinson smiled and pointed over to the cubby holes towards the back of the room. “You can your things up over there and join playtime, okay?”

Will nodded. “Okay,”

Mrs. Richardson stood up and pointed to the same place to his mom before she walked over to another family that walked in. Will looked over at the cubby holes before he looked up at his mom. She smiled at him and squeezed his hand.

“Come on, let’s go put up your stuff.”

“Okay,” Will repeated as he squeezed her hand back on the way over to the cubby holes. His mom helped him place his book bag on the hook and his lunch box below it. He heard the kids playing in the area around him, but he didn’t want to go over. He wanted to be home getting ready for his snack instead. He messed with the end of his shirt and rubbed the toe of his new sneaker against the floor. “Mama, are you sure I can’t go home?”

His mom shook her head. She knelt down in front of him and took his hands. “Will, I know this is scary, but you’re a big boy now. You’re going to have a great day I know it! Now, remember, if you really don’t feel good make sure to call us okay?”

Will moved forward and hugged her. “I will, mama.” He leaned against her when she kissed his hair and hugged him back. His mom leaned back and smoothed down his hair. “Alright it’s time for me to go. Have a great day!”

Will grabbed his shirt again as he nodded. “Okay, bye mama.”

His mom kissed his cheek before she stood up. “Bye Will!” She waved on her way to the door. When she walked out the room Will’s eyes filled with tears. Great, now he was stuck here. What was he supposed to do now? He could barely see his gym shoes through his tears. He twisted his shirt and didn’t move from his spot.


Will turned to his teacher who walked over with another little boy in tow. He had brown hair and green eyes, but Will noticed the train on his overalls. That made him feel a little better.

Mrs. Robinson leaned down and handed him a tissue. “Your mom will be back at the end of the day, don’t worry. While we wait for her why don’t you play with Hamilton? He’s looking for some help on his castle, aren’t you Hamilton?”

Hamilton bounced as he pointed over to the pile of blocks in the area. “We’re almost finished! Come over and help us!”

Will looked over at the blocks before he wiped his eyes and gave a little smile.

“That castle looks fun.”

Hamilton smiled and grabbed his hand. “Great! Come on!” He ran over to the area of the blocks and sat down in front of the pile. He pushed some blocks over to Will before he turned to his own. “We’re trying to make it really big!”

“How big?”

Hamilton spread his arms as far as he could. “This big!”

Will laughed and placed a block on top of another one. “That’s really big!”

Hamilton went on to explain his castle as the other children in the group talked to Will. After he built the castle he moved on to story hour then it was time for their lesson. Hamilton took a seat next to him and stayed with him throughout their lesson. He joined his table during color hour and dragged his blanket next to Will at nap time. While Will grew nervous at times, everything felt better with Hamilton next to him. After their lesson about numbers they spent the rest of their time playing tag outside on the playground. Before Will knew it the day ended.

Will waited for his mom with Hamilton, until he saw her. He happily waved at him before he ran over to her. “Mama! Mama! I had a great day!”

His mom smiled as she held her arms open for him. “See? I told you! What did you do today?”

“We colored! I played a game and I made a friend!” Will bounced on their way to the car.

“Oh? What’s his name?”


“Hamilton, well, he sounds nice. I can’t wait to hear all about him.”

Will grinned as he got inside and buckled his seat belt. While the day may have been scary at first it ended pretty well.

He hoped that he could play with Hamilton tomorrow.


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