Play Ball: Diamond no Ace Chapter 2 (read through and thoughts)


Hello everyone! I’m back with my Daiya read through! Sorry for taking so long to update this, but I’m hoping to try and get myself on an updating schedule that I can use. Alright so when we last left off our sweet protagonist Eijun Sawamura has been introduced to the amazing baseball school Seidou and is going to face the almost pro player Azuma Kiyokuni with troublemaker Miyuki as his catcher. Now let’s begin chapter two!

-The chapter starts out with the recap of what happened in last one with Eijun getting ready for his match with Azuma with Miyuki as his catcher. It’s nice to see that despite his earlier bravado he’s still a bit nervous about pitching. It’s so cute to see.

-I really enjoy the way Miyuki riles Azuma up, but goes over to help Eijun when he gets nervous. I feel like Miyuki knows more about everything than what he’s letting on.

-It was cool to see the way Eijun could switch his play in mid swing. He already has a good eye on how he plays even though he hasn’t had any proper training yet. I know it’s to give Eijun room to grow, but I still like being able to see him that he has more to learn.

-I know Miyuki likes to joke as a way to help calm Eijun down and that’s something I really like about him. I like how he’s a jokester, but he wants Eijun to do his best. It’s like he’s helping Eijun get over his nerves, though in his own way. It’s sweet to see that he’s doing it in his own way and he can see Azuma come down too. Another plus for Miyuki.

-In his own way Miyuki showed Eijun that he doesn’t have to try and come up with the plays all on his own. I think because Eijun spent so much time focusing on his old team that he didn’t focus on himself. I only started, but Eijun looks like the type of character to care more about everyone around him instead of himself. While in turn Miyuki probably cares more about himself with little people he cares about here and there.

-After Miyuki talked to him, Eijun found another strength he has. He also learned something new in the process.

-Eijun’s face when Miyuki calls him partner will always be the cutest. It’s almost as if he hasn’t had a partner before and now he has one with this pitcher he just met. Then he gets upset afterwards and it’s one of the many reasons why I love Eijun.

-The match continues on with Eijun learning how to throw different balls to throw off Azuma. Each time he throws one Azuma can’t hit it. The look on Miyuki and Rei’s faces were great. They’re going to really support Eijun in the future I can tell.

-During the match Eijun and Miyuki starts using signals to each other. Eijun is starting to trust Miyuki little by little in this match even though he didn’t like him very much at first. I think that’s going to happen a lot between them.

-It’s only his first unofficial match, but Eijun’s potential is coming through. His special move might be a fastball since it looked like that was something he subconsciously held back due to the members of his previous team. He didn’t want to overshadow them. Eijun continues to be very sweet.

-I like that Rei could see his potential and knew he would be a good fit for Seidou. She continues to be very awesome to me, especially with the way she describes how Eijun didn’t know he had the potential to be great, until his last match when it came out by accident. I hope we can still see her in the future.

-When Eijun figured out his own pitch and the amazing face he made was very cute. I know I mentioned it a lot in this review, but he’s a very cute protagonist.

-It was nice to see Eijun’s confidence once he knew Miyuki had his back. He was able to throw his pitch much better than the first time around.

-In the end he won his match and learned something new about the skill that stayed dormant in him. Between Rei and Miyuki it finally came out. It can only grow from there.

-However, now Eijun has to make the tough decision about telling his friends that he won’t be going to school with them. It’s going to be a very hard thing to tell them.

-While Rei didn’t push him to go to Seidou, she pretty much knows what his decision is going to be. Something that will happen next chapter.

I’m really starting to enjoy the series. I’m looking forward to reading about Eijun and Miyuki’s growth together as a team.

Next chapter starts Eijun’s next chapter.

See you then!


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