Play Ball: Diamond no Ace Chapter 1 (read through and thoughts)


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to start my reading of Daiya no Ace or Ace of Diamonds! Yes, I’m still reading Haikyuu every week along with One Piece, but I saw pictures of these characters around tumblr and other places of social media that I’m on that I was curious about it. I am a big fan of sports anime. I’ve watched Free that I enjoyed very much along with Kuroko no Basuke and Prince of Stride that when I saw Daiya no Ace I decided to pick it up. It’s pretty cute! I really enjoy it so now I’m going to talk about my reactions and thoughts while I catch up on it. I’m already in love with a character called Ryosan and his little brother, but I want to know more!

Okay so we’re going to start with Chapter 1.

-The chapter started and I’m already in love with Eijun Sawamura. He’s so positive, upbeat, and he cares so much about his friends. I find it funny that he’s so passionate about the game that he slapped the other team. It got him into trouble, but it looks like this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this judging by his teacher’s reactions.

-I already started reading, but it stinks that his middle school is going to be knocked down. I’ve only read the first chapter though it looks like being passionate is something that Sawamura does a lot. It makes me want to know more about him. I do like characters that are passionate about something I think that’s really nice.

-His team and classmates are so cute! The way they support each other is really sweet. I’m a sucker for classmates and friends that have each other’s backs through thick and thin. It’s something that I find very sweet. It also looks like they’ve been friends since childhood too. Another trope that I enjoy very much, but that’s for later.

-Of course Sawamura doesn’t have good grades. That’s something I sort of expected, though once again that’s another character type I enjoy. The super sweet guy who’s into sports, not really into his studies. Not everyone can be super smart and cool too! His family looks like they’re really funny and supportive of his decisions too.

-I like the way Rei Takashima is introduced. She’s a scout for the Seidou high school in Tokyo and she looks like she’s very businesslike. I’m sure she’s probably been called bossy, but she knows what would be good for Seidou and goes after it. That’s something that I love to see in female characters the drive to succeed and help their school succeed too. I like that she has a keen eye for success too.

-Sawamura’s dreams to continue playing baseball with his friends is super sweet. Can Sawamura be even sweeter? His reaction to the training camp is so funny!

-The training camp and the explanations for it is really good. It looks like this is a school for students who are very serious about going pro or playing baseball. Sawamura’s reactions are the best and the way that Takashima explains everything too. She really cares about the school it’s so cute.

-There goes Sawamura jumping into things without thinking. I could understand that though I didn’t like the way the pitcher was bullying the other player.

-Miyuki! I’ve seen a lot of pictures of him and I’m already loving him. That smile looks like he’s a troublemaker and I love troublemakers.

Okay I’ll stop there for the day where Sawamura faces off against the pitcher that he ticked off due to that quick temper.

See you next time!


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