Fan Friday: Haven’t you heard about Sakamoto? I have!


Hello! We’re back with Fan Fridays! This Friday I’m going to talk about one of the shows I started watching called Sakamoto desu ga? Or Haven’t you Heard? I’m Sakamoto. This show takes the trope of the super cool guy, but instead of subverting it it’s played straight. The main character of the show is called Sakamoto, though no one knows his first name, he’s the coolest freshman in his school. He may do mundane things such as cleaning up, homework, or tutoring, but he does them in such a cool way that people can’t help falling for him. Today I’m going to talk about three things that I love about Sakamoto.

The first thing I love about Sakamoto is the way he solves his problems. He solves his problems in a very cool way, yet he doesn’t make a fool of himself. It could be from putting out a fire that one of his bullies started or helping out a classmate or confronting a bully he figures out a way out of it by using his secret moves that in the end he still looks cool. Sometimes it’s really cool to have a character that does things in their own way and it works for them. Then there’s the way he looks very good while doing all these things. I’m not going to sugarcoat it I really do enjoy the fanservice in this show. I always want to see how cool he can be the next time he has to do something.

The second thing that I love about Sakamoto is the way the show treats Atsushi’s crush. Atsushi, one of his former bullies, has a crush on Sakamoto after he saved him from a fire that Atsushi accidentally started. After that Atsushi’s crush on Sakamoto becomes very obvious, but one of the cute things about this is the way that it’s treated naturally by his friends. His friends encourages him to talk to Sakamoto even told him to ask for a smile when Sakamoto worked at his part time job. I worried that his friends would either tease him in a mean way or try to leave him when they didn’t! Nothing makes me happier than that.

The third thing I love about Sakamoto is his friendship with his classmate Kubota. Kubota used to be bullied for his allowance when Sakamoto came in and helped him gain his confidence. He started by getting Kubota a job from there he showed him that he was able to do things when he thought he couldn’t at first. In the end Kubota learned how to fight back for the things that he’s worked for so hard. It was very sweet the way that Sakamoto helped him figure out his worth by being his cool self. They end up becoming friends and their friendship is very sweet.

I highly recommend Sakamoto desu ga for some laughs, a very handsome guy, and a cool soundtrack.

I want that soundtrack very much.


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