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Goodbye June, Hello July!


Hello everyone! Here we are at the end of June. I really feel like this month went by before I knew it. July will be here in a few hours, though it’s already here in a couple of places, and sometimes I can’t believe how fast time can pass. I feel like I did a lot during this month though. I pretty happy to say that I’ll finally be able to get my degree soon which makes me super happy. I worked really hard for it and now I finally got it. However, I know that I have to keep working if I want to be an archivist.

As a sendoff to June here are some of the things that I did:

  • Took the last class I needed to finally get my degree.
  • Started job searching. (I try to send out at least one application a day.)
  • Became more social
  • Worked harder on my anxiety and depression
  • Started thinking about my life in the future

I didn’t have a lot of time to get back to my stories like I wanted. Next month I’m hoping will be much better in terms of getting back to my writing schedule. I think I’m slowly getting out of the depression I was in during the majority of my undergrad because I’m getting the urge to write again. I still want to do editing work since now I’ll be free while I job search. I’m still setting things up as I’m trying to work harder on not slacking off when I have things to do. I’m doing good at finishing things though and I’m hoping that leads into something more.

My goals for July will be:

  • Pick up my two serials again
  • Do more to get ready for editing work
  • More of my Daiya read through
  • Take it easy on myself if I have a bad day
  • Set up small goals and tackle them first before I tackle bigger ones

I’m trying to pace myself during July since my anxiety and depression spikes during this time. I know it’s because it’s the month before my dad died, still it’s hard for me to control on my own sometimes. I’m doing much better than I did six years ago, but I always get sad when the anniversary is coming up.

I think these goals can happen I just have to put my mind to it and make sure that it does.

I hope everyone will be able to make July a very good month!

If you have some goals I’d like to know.


Today’s a good day to look at the clouds


I got a new phone for my birthday with an amazing camera.Today when I walked around I saw the ways the clouds looked and couldn’t help taking a picture of it. One of my favorite things to do is take pictures and this phone has such an amazing camera for it. Today was the summer solstice and the clouds looked so nice on top of it.

I don’t know why, but clouds always calm me down whenever I’m feeling down or having problems thinking about what to do. I don’t know what will happen next after the class has ended, but I’m actually looked forward to it for once.

I’m back on posting expect posts coming this week! I hope this picture will help you face the week ahead!

Fan Friday: Three awesome things makes One awesome post

Hello! Welcome to Fan Fridays! Since so many amazing things happened this week I’m going to limit them down to three things that I’m really excited about! I’m going to start this off with my excitement over the new Cardcaptor Sakura series!


I am so happy that another series came out! I almost didn’t believe it at first, until I checked other sources and it turned out to be true! Cardcaptor Sakura has a very big place in my heart. It was one of my earliest series that I started to write fanfiction for. I bought the dvds, after 4kids cut out so much of the original content, and I collected the manga when I had a little extra money. I’ve only read the first chapter, but still it’s so great to see Sakura, Tomoyo, Touya, Kero, and Syaoran again! Sakura and Syaoran are so in love, it’s so cute to see! Then there’s Tomoyo taping them from the distance. It’s so great to see that her old habits haven’t changed. It feels so nostalgic, like things are going back to normal, but knowing CLAMP I know something big is in the making. I hope that they won’t break my heart in the same way when I read Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.


The second thing I’m happy about is E3 happened this week! I love E3 so much! It’s one of my favorite things and I’m always so excited about what games come out each year. This year was pretty good! I have to admit that Xbox had some good games, then the Sony conference really blew me away. From the orchestra that introduced the new God of War game, to the new game from Hideo Kojima, to the Resident Evil 7 demo (that really scared me), I really enjoyed it. The one thing that really caught my eye was the new Legend of Zelda game. I can’t wait for that game to come out! I love The Legend of Zelda and I’ve played many of the games. To have one set in the open world looks really cool I’m really looking forward to playing it.


Coming off of E3 week another thing that made me happy was the announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon. I know that it’s been announced weeks in advance along with the reveal of the new starters, but it was so cool when they played it. I’m really looking forward to Moon. The legendary looks like a bat and with the way that it’s positioned in front of the moon is really nice. I have been a big fan of the pokemon series since I was a kid. It was another series that I started writing for, I collected the cards, and any keychains I could get my hands on. I bought X and really enjoyed it. I haven’t played Sapphire yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

Every time E3 rolls around I get really energetic because there’s nothing better than looking forward to the new games that are going to be coming out soon. On top of the new Cardcaptor Sakura and my birthday this week was a very good week.

Next week be on the lookout for another Daiya chapter review.

Sorry I fell off the wagon with that, but I’ll be right back on it soon.

Fan Friday: The Iron Flower blooms in Gundam Iron Blood Orphans


Hello! We’re back with Fan Friday! Today I’m going to talk about Gundam Iron Blood Orphans. I’m a really big Gundam fan. My first Gundam show was Gundam Wing and I’ve been hooked ever since. There was something about fighting with giant robots in space that I thought was so cool, not to mention living in space in different communities where the same problems happen on Earth. I’ve watched many different Gundam series since Gundam Wing that I immediately watched this one when it came out.

One of the things about Iron Blood Orphans that really caught my eye was the way things go from 0 to 100 very fast. I think it took me by surprise since I’m used to shows that have their heavy episodes start around episode 5, not 2. While it surprised me I wanted to see how they would tackle the next challenge.

Another thing I like about Iron Blood Orphans is the way the show presents social issues that reflects many of the issues happening today. There are many heavy topics in the show such as child soldiers, slavery, war, political marriage, etc., and they don’t hide how these issues impacts the characters. Mika, the main character, has a skewed view of the world since he’s been killing for a long time. He doesn’t know how to read or the basics of taking care of himself, until Kudelia joins them. Another character called Akihiro was called human debris, children sold to different group for labor, he had a crisis the minute he gained an identity. I could go on about how each character reacts to the world due to the way they grew up, but it’s one of the ways that make them unique.

The third thing about Iron Blood Orphans I enjoy is the way that there’s no good or bad guy. Everyone has their reason on why they do things. While Mika, Orga, and their group do some things that aren’t very good in the name of survival. While the bad guys have to do things they don’t want to do, but they have to do because they have no choice. In the end you want both sides to get what they want even though it can’t possibly happen.

On top of the unique characters and the storyline there’s a lot of action packed into it too. It’s pretty cool to see the iconic Gundam when they fight in space. This show has a nice soundtrack that’s really good too.

There’s also the way their group Tekkadan or Iron flower shows the message that you have to fight for what you believe in even if that ruffles a few feathers along the way.

Play Ball: Diamond no Ace Chapter 1 (read through and thoughts)


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to start my reading of Daiya no Ace or Ace of Diamonds! Yes, I’m still reading Haikyuu every week along with One Piece, but I saw pictures of these characters around tumblr and other places of social media that I’m on that I was curious about it. I am a big fan of sports anime. I’ve watched Free that I enjoyed very much along with Kuroko no Basuke and Prince of Stride that when I saw Daiya no Ace I decided to pick it up. It’s pretty cute! I really enjoy it so now I’m going to talk about my reactions and thoughts while I catch up on it. I’m already in love with a character called Ryosan and his little brother, but I want to know more!

Okay so we’re going to start with Chapter 1.

-The chapter started and I’m already in love with Eijun Sawamura. He’s so positive, upbeat, and he cares so much about his friends. I find it funny that he’s so passionate about the game that he slapped the other team. It got him into trouble, but it looks like this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this judging by his teacher’s reactions.

-I already started reading, but it stinks that his middle school is going to be knocked down. I’ve only read the first chapter though it looks like being passionate is something that Sawamura does a lot. It makes me want to know more about him. I do like characters that are passionate about something I think that’s really nice.

-His team and classmates are so cute! The way they support each other is really sweet. I’m a sucker for classmates and friends that have each other’s backs through thick and thin. It’s something that I find very sweet. It also looks like they’ve been friends since childhood too. Another trope that I enjoy very much, but that’s for later.

-Of course Sawamura doesn’t have good grades. That’s something I sort of expected, though once again that’s another character type I enjoy. The super sweet guy who’s into sports, not really into his studies. Not everyone can be super smart and cool too! His family looks like they’re really funny and supportive of his decisions too.

-I like the way Rei Takashima is introduced. She’s a scout for the Seidou high school in Tokyo and she looks like she’s very businesslike. I’m sure she’s probably been called bossy, but she knows what would be good for Seidou and goes after it. That’s something that I love to see in female characters the drive to succeed and help their school succeed too. I like that she has a keen eye for success too.

-Sawamura’s dreams to continue playing baseball with his friends is super sweet. Can Sawamura be even sweeter? His reaction to the training camp is so funny!

-The training camp and the explanations for it is really good. It looks like this is a school for students who are very serious about going pro or playing baseball. Sawamura’s reactions are the best and the way that Takashima explains everything too. She really cares about the school it’s so cute.

-There goes Sawamura jumping into things without thinking. I could understand that though I didn’t like the way the pitcher was bullying the other player.

-Miyuki! I’ve seen a lot of pictures of him and I’m already loving him. That smile looks like he’s a troublemaker and I love troublemakers.

Okay I’ll stop there for the day where Sawamura faces off against the pitcher that he ticked off due to that quick temper.

See you next time!

Life after College: Am I an adult yet?


When I was younger I remembered many of the things told to me about what would happen when I became an adult. They always told me that when I became an adult everything would fall into place. I would realize what I wanted to do with my life, get a job, and everything would be great. However, now that my birthday is nine days away I’m not so sure about that anymore. Since I became an adult I haven’t felt any different. I’m not the same naïve little girl I used to be. I have better understanding about things too that I didn’t have in my childhood. I know things in life don’t just happen, if I don’t work for them.

I had to work hard to get through college then when things became too hard I reached out which resulted in getting the help I needed when I wanted to give up. I’ve been job searching and it’s not the most fun thing to do. However, I’m still looking for work which won’t stop, until I can find a job. I know that I’ll have to budget when I do move out. I’ll have to make sure that my bills are paid and I have enough money for food. I might be optimistic, but I want to put some money away for fun things too. One of the things I want to do is finally travel out of town to visit people and conventions too.

On top of all that I’m still trying to figure out what I want from my life.

Since I could remember my thought process has always been “get through school with minimal problems as possible”. Now that I’m out I’m not sure what my new goal should be since grad school isn’t happening for at least a year or two. Besides, the obvious one of being able to support myself I know that one of the main goals I want from my life is to be comfortable and happy.

I know, I know that sounds so cliché, but I really do want that. I’d like to be able to wake up one day without being bogged down by depression or high struck due to anxiety. Then there’s the fun combination where I’m depressed over something then anxious over the thing I don’t know I’m supposed to be depressed about. Being able to wake up peaceful isn’t too overarching a goal. I’d like to think it’s not.

Whenever I talk about that sometimes I get some weird looks because my goals aren’t something big like “win a million dollars” or “be known worldwide”. Honestly if I ever get a large amount of money I would put a good chunk of it away for a rainy day. After that I would get my dream car, a nice apartment, a cat, a good computer, a beautiful notebook, and beautiful pens. Not to mention I would love to be able to go out and travel whenever I want to, but other than that I’m good.

Another thing I noticed I’m not hard pressed about getting married either. If that works for others then I’m all for it, but I’m figuring out that I’m not thinking about it as much as I thought I would. What I really want is to be welcomed anywhere I go by people who know me. As long as I can have that then I’ll be happy.

Maybe I’ll get that urge to be married and have a family one day. Maybe I won’t who knows? For now I want to make sure my life is comfortable and finding others that will make me feel welcome too.

Along with being able to live a comfortable life, of course.

Fan Friday: Haven’t you heard about Sakamoto? I have!


Hello! We’re back with Fan Fridays! This Friday I’m going to talk about one of the shows I started watching called Sakamoto desu ga? Or Haven’t you Heard? I’m Sakamoto. This show takes the trope of the super cool guy, but instead of subverting it it’s played straight. The main character of the show is called Sakamoto, though no one knows his first name, he’s the coolest freshman in his school. He may do mundane things such as cleaning up, homework, or tutoring, but he does them in such a cool way that people can’t help falling for him. Today I’m going to talk about three things that I love about Sakamoto.

The first thing I love about Sakamoto is the way he solves his problems. He solves his problems in a very cool way, yet he doesn’t make a fool of himself. It could be from putting out a fire that one of his bullies started or helping out a classmate or confronting a bully he figures out a way out of it by using his secret moves that in the end he still looks cool. Sometimes it’s really cool to have a character that does things in their own way and it works for them. Then there’s the way he looks very good while doing all these things. I’m not going to sugarcoat it I really do enjoy the fanservice in this show. I always want to see how cool he can be the next time he has to do something.

The second thing that I love about Sakamoto is the way the show treats Atsushi’s crush. Atsushi, one of his former bullies, has a crush on Sakamoto after he saved him from a fire that Atsushi accidentally started. After that Atsushi’s crush on Sakamoto becomes very obvious, but one of the cute things about this is the way that it’s treated naturally by his friends. His friends encourages him to talk to Sakamoto even told him to ask for a smile when Sakamoto worked at his part time job. I worried that his friends would either tease him in a mean way or try to leave him when they didn’t! Nothing makes me happier than that.

The third thing I love about Sakamoto is his friendship with his classmate Kubota. Kubota used to be bullied for his allowance when Sakamoto came in and helped him gain his confidence. He started by getting Kubota a job from there he showed him that he was able to do things when he thought he couldn’t at first. In the end Kubota learned how to fight back for the things that he’s worked for so hard. It was very sweet the way that Sakamoto helped him figure out his worth by being his cool self. They end up becoming friends and their friendship is very sweet.

I highly recommend Sakamoto desu ga for some laughs, a very handsome guy, and a cool soundtrack.

I want that soundtrack very much.