A Few Changes to the Blog


I won’t be going a long hiatus I was just thinking about making some changes since I started writing again. I think I’m going to be posting more about my life after college and some of my experiences since I’m not a student anymore. I’m going to be doing Fan Friday, but I really would like to do something daily with my reactions with manga I’m reading. I also want to do a re-read of One Piece (that’s one of my favorites) so I think I’m going to be doing that with Daiya or Diamond no Ace. It’s a sports manga I started reading about baseball. I’m all caught up with Haikyuu (and crying about each chapter every week) I was thinking I could post my thoughts and reactions to Daiya.

I’m going to get back into fiction soon but I’m not sure if I want to do it on Wednesday like I did before, but I know I want to get back into posting my original stuff daily. I might do Second Chances daily since that’s more like writing a journal entry and New Home monthly since I have a lot of things I would like to plot for it.

I was also thinking of putting up an editing post soon since that’s what I did in college a lot, though I’m wondering if I should go through paypal or set up a Patron that way people can support my blog if they want to and have different services they can choose from such as another manga review post (since I’m thinking of doing Daiya one day and a re-read of One Piece on another), but I might hold off on One Piece because reading Daiya won’t take me too long.

So those are the changes coming soon to the blog. I can’t thank you enough for still coming to this blog to check out my stuff. Thank you so much!


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