I want to be a hero! My newest favorite show One Punch Man!


Hello! Welcome to another geek Friday where I talk about my newest favorite show One Punch Man! I knew about this show and heard about it, though I was always in the middle of reading something different that I never got a chance to catch up. When I heard that One Punch Man was getting an anime I looked forward to seeing it and it was the best choice I made. I love One Punch Man so much! It’s so funny, the action is great to watch, and the characters are the best!

The story is about Saitama, a man who has become a hero to protect others, though he has one problem he destroys all his enemies in one punch. It’s pretty funny the way Saitama can destroy everything with one punch, though I feel kind of bad for him because of it. Despite that Saitama still receives challenges that he beats easily and save the city. Then there’s Genos, a cyborg that comes to him and asks about being his student that at first Saitama reluctantly agrees to then later on goes to see Genos as a trusted companion.

I have to say that I love Saitama and the easy going way he is, but I really fell in love with Genos. I do love cyborgs and Genos is the sweetest cyborg! The way he’s so serious that plays off of Saitama’s easy going attitude. The way that he wants to improve and get stronger, and the way he always want to help Saitama is one of the greatest things I enjoy about Genos. Then there are the ways he wanted to challenge Saitama without knowing that if Saitama wanted to he could defeat him, but he didn’t. It was a very sweet thing to see.

I’ve only started this show, but I’m already looking forward to it. I high recommend watching it!

(I know this is shorter than my usual posts, but I’m dozing off at the keyboard. XD I will make it longer next week! Stay tuned!)


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