Geek Friday: Get that Ball! (My new love for Haikyuu!!)

haikyuu cover

Hello! Welcome to another Geek Friday! Today I’m going to talk about a manga that I’ve fallen in love with this week and that’s Haikyuu!! This manga is about a volleyball team at Karasuno High School and the lives of the players, students, and different schools. I’ll be honest I didn’t expect to get so invested in a manga about volleyball players, but I have! I love so many things about it! Don’t get me wrong I love my slice of life manga, though I normally go towards romance when it comes to slice of life. I’ve watched Free, which I’ll talk about next time, and I started Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basket), but there’s something about Haikyuu that gets me so pumped!

While I love many things from the show I’ll narrow it down to three things that stand out to me every time I read it.

  • The schools

One of my favorite things about Haikyuu are the different types of schools and the way the students have characteristics with it. Such as Karasu in Karasuno means crow and the students from that school have some similarities to crows along with the way Hinata, one of the main characters, can jump so high it looks like he’s flying. The same happens with Nekoma that has the word Neko in it which means cat. The students of that school has cat eyes and Kuroo, their captain, lands on his feet. Each school is unique with their different students, coaches, and reasons why they all want to win that I love it so much!

  • The characters

Another thing I love about the story is the characters! Every character has their own strengths, weaknesses, reasons behind their motivation for joining the team, and many more. The story starts out with Hinata Shouyo, a short guy that’s motivated by a player called the small giant, which pushes him to join Karasuno’s high school volleyball team. He’s such a ball of sunshine and doesn’t hide how much he loves volleyball or being part of a team. However, that doesn’t mean Hinata doesn’t have things he worried about or doubts. The same with Kageyama Tobio who’s learning to play with a team after he pushed his team away in junior high. Then my favorite Koushi Sugawara who’s a third year that’s going through his own problems with having Kageyama come in that shares his position with Kageyama as setter.

Currently I’m at the part where they run into Nekoma high school and it’s been a pretty exciting read. I’m really interested in seeing how everything turns out too since Suga and Daichi, the captain, are going to be graduating soon. The characters really carry the story and make it interesting. I’m learning to try and do this with my characters. I hope I can lead my stories the same way too.

  • The story

I know it’s a story about volleyball and the trials of high school, but it’s really entertaining to me. Everyone has something invested in their team, school, and dreams. I love the way that they encourage each other on their teams. Each character has something that makes it easy to relate to. While I love my epic battles in space or mages coming together for a common goal, there’s something about slice of life that makes me happy. It’s something that I can relate to and it makes me cheer for the characters even more. I know on the outside it’s a story about a volleyball team then when you read it there’s more to it than that. No there’s no epic space battles, but you don’t want your favorite team to win or that one character to get what they need and for that one character to feel better. The story is good and will keep you entertained too.

I love it and I never expected to fall so deep in love with it, though I don’t mind. I always saw it around there were different pictures of the characters too that I wanted to know what it was about.

I’m glad I did! If you like sports manga, slice of life, and wonderful characters check out Haikyuu!!


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