Geek Friday: 3 things I loved about The Last (Naruto the movie)!


Hello! I’m back with Geek Friday where today I’m going to talk about the movie I could only mention last Friday. That movie is The Last: Naruto the Movie which dealt with Naruto’s relationship with Hinata. I have to say that I really loved this movie! I remembered watching the trailers, then seeing little clips here or there, and all the craziness that happened with the fans when it came out it didn’t stop me from wanting to watch it. I bought it along with the final volume and I absolutely loved it!

I know I’m late, but I’m so glad I finally watched the movie! There were so many things I loved about the movie, I narrow it down to three.

  1. The story

It was cute watching Naruto and Hinata get closer and fall in love. Hinata always had a crush on him, though Naruto was oblivious to it like many heroes in shounen. It was nice to see him realize his feelings and how Hinata has been one of his biggest supporters. Many of the scenes they used I remembered reading in the manga, to see some of the same scenes through Naruto’s eyes was a nice touch. It was funny watching Naruto being shy around Hinata or the way he protected her and made sure that she was alright. I know that Naruto isn’t about romance, but watching him go through it was a nice way to show that he’s all grown up.

I really enjoyed the story of Toneri and how all the villages came together to try help save Konoha! I didn’t really get mad at Toneri, I couldn’t. He seemed so lonely and while it was wrong for him to kidnap Hinata along with trying to destroy the world, I couldn’t really hate him as a villain. I liked Toneri as a villain, I would like to see more of him.

I’m just going to gush a bit about my love for Naruto. Yes, I know how some people might insult it by saying that it’s lame or trash, I always loved it though. I know there are different plots that could have been explored and things that could have been done differently, then again that’s the same thing you can say about any story. Any story has the potential to do something different with it, but I never looked that hard at Naruto. I analyze for school, I don’t like to analyze a show I’m watching for fun. I loved watching Naruto. I always hoped that he would be with Hinata and see that the love he’s looked for so long was always in front of him. That’s one of my favorite romantic tropes that I’m so glad they used for the movie!

Childhood friends falling in love is my favorite thing in the world! Seeing the same with Naruto and Hinata made me so happy. I thought that point would be forgotten, well it’s not a romance story that would make sense, but for it to be addressed in a movie I can watch over and over again is great! The kiss in front of the moon was so sweet too.

  1. The soundtrack

I rarely buy movie soundtracks, Nightmare Before Christmas being the exception, I bought this one. It was the best decision I made because the soundtrack is awesome! I really loved the score in this movie, much of the music fit the scenes so well. One of my favorite parts of the movies is the music. It makes the movie so much better for me when the music is amazing. I really enjoyed this soundtrack along with the song they played at the wedding by Sukima Switch. I have so many Sukima Switch songs that I really enjoy, so to hear them make a song for this movie was the best!

One of my other favorite songs of the soundtrack is the song titled Naruto & Hinata that fit so well. Then the character songs performed by the voice actors. Hinata’s song was so sad, though uplifting at the same time. Naruto’s song was so cute, the way he talked about how her smile always filled him with such warmth. I would like to buy both of the songs and listen to them over and over again. The songs fit the characters so well. The score for the movie was very nice too.

  1. The action

While I’m a sucker for romance, I love action too! It was really cool to see the fights, the explosions, and the way everyone fought in the movie. I got to see Kurama fight, he’s one of my favorite bijuu along with Sabaku, Naruto show off his recent power, Rock Lee punching a meteorite, you read that right, and Sasuke destroying a meteor too! Kakashi as hokage was pretty nice along with Gaara’s trust in Naruto to make sure things are going to get finished.

Another thing I enjoyed was watching Hiashi fight. He was older in this movie, though he could still move and defend himself pretty well. I would have loved to see Kakashi fight I know he probably wouldn’t because he didn’t have his Sharingan at that point, still it would have been cool to see. Despite that, I still enjoyed the action packed parts of the movie. Sakura destroying those puppets, Sai using his ink paintings, and Shikamaru being such an awesome leader was great to see.

I could continue to talk about all the things I really liked about this movie, but I’ll stop here. I highly recommend this movie very much.


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