Geek Friday: How being a fan helped with my anxiety


(not my picture, but it’s related to the content)

Hello! For Geek Friday I’m going to talk how being a fan helps me with my anxiety. I know for some people that might sound silly or I’m using my shows and video games to escape reality when I use it to help me. Before I was diagnosed with GAD there were times when my anxiety would go really high. It took me everything to put a smile on my face while I’m trying not to listen to the floating thoughts in my head about every negative thing about me. During those times I realized that I calmed down once I either played a video game or watched a show.

Whenever I watched one of my shows trying to figure out the plot, the heroes, and different theories helped me. When things in my life didn’t go well, watching a show where I know how it’s going to end helped to lessen my anxiety about things. It’s the same thing that happens with my video games. I have Harvest Moon games when I need to do something repetitive that I can enjoy. When I need a pick me up I go watch a One Piece episode or read a chapter from one of my favorite shoujos. It’s something about seeing my favorite characters happy that makes me happy. It help me believe that maybe I can be as happy one day too.

I know it’s a show and that the actions are dictated by the author. Despite being one I’ve had some people explain this to me over and over when I’ve tried to explain why I get really happy or emotional when a character goes through something. The reason I get so happy is whenever my anxiety becomes that high and I have so much to deal with, it’s just nice to know that there’s something that will go smoothly.

Another reason I get so happy is because it helps me believe that one day my life will be really happy like that. That I’ll be able to wake up one day and not dread getting out of bed one day. That one day I’ll wake up to someone who will be happy to see me whenever I walk into a room. Whenever one of my favorite characters, who happens to be shy like me, becomes stronger it helps me think that I can become stronger too.

To see shows like Steven Universe or Shokugeki no Soma show panic attacks, anxiety, etc., as something that’s not bad makes me feel so much better. It’s even better when those characters face those fears and come out stronger than before. It helps me feels better that maybe one day I can walk into my own place, put on my show, and finally get my happy ending.

Everyone has their coping mechanisms, being a fan is mine.

I would love to know what’s yours?


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