Fiction Wednesday: The return of my serial Second Chances


We’re back with another fiction Wednesday! Today I was going to talk about more people in Adam’s family that I love to write like his brother Christophe or sister Angelique, but today I’m going to revisit my story Second Chances. I decided that during the month of October I’m going to bring it back! So far I only wrote about Dana, the newly turned vampire, and David, a human donor for the vampires that’s settled in Detroit and the Midtown area.

I actually didn’t come up with this idea. One day when I was talking with my good friend in my early years of college, the conversation turned to vampire stories and things we liked about them. She always wondered why people who were turned into vampires kept all their organs when they could donate them when they were human and then turn into vampires after. She suggested that I write it since I love vampires as much as she did and that she really liked my writing too. That was a wonderful push so I came up with the idea of setting it in Detroit.

I was pretty sad about the vacant lots around the city when going out and about one day. The idea of having the paranormal live in the city came as a joke between me and my brother. He suggested that would be a good idea and I ran with it. Many of my ideas come from talking it out with people as I can work much better that way, than trying to keep it all to myself.

Well, after that I came up with the idea of hospital. In this hospital the bosses are older vampires, werewolves, and similar creatures that help out young creatures along with people who want to become vampires.

Dana’s job is a therapist. She talks with the person who wants to become a vampire, since it’s a very big life choice. She also runs a group for newly changed vampires like her who didn’t really get a choice in the matter. However, the vampire stayed with her after she changed. He offered her a job too, so she was able to get something out of it. Still, it was a big adjustment that at times she wished she had a choice in the matter. Her purpose is to help others make that decision.

David is a blood donor for the vampires. He gives the recommended pints of blood if he doesn’t have an active donor. If he does then the vampire takes the recommended pints from him while under supervision from an older vampire that will stop any vampires from taking too much. He’s a bartender too in the Winchester hotel! So Adam and his family will make an appearance since they own the building. They’re also helping with the reconstruction of Detroit, since Bernard loves the human world and wanted to help.

I’m also going to jump a bit ahead and put in Will’s mother as well. Jasmine, Will’s mother, is a doctor that specializes in alternate treatments for werewolves, such as the ones that have problems transforming or the ones that like meat, but they don’t want to eat much of it. She also helps werewolves make sure that they don’t go overboard with their urges during the full moon.

I might put Cass in it as well, but as a volunteer. She has no desire to return as a full fledged healer, though she does love to volunteer.

For this story I’m thinking of writing it in first person, though I’m not very good with that point of view. I want to write it in third person, but I feel that it wouldn’t go well. There’s something in me that is not for writing this story in third person like I normally do. Whenever I have that feeling it means that I should follow it. Not to mention it would be a good way to practice different styles too. So, I’m going to keep it as first person.

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear it!

See you next Wednesday!


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