Geek Friday: So Many Questions! (3 Things I love about Gravity Falls)


Hello! Today I’m going to talk about Gravity Falls, a show that I have really fallen in love with. It’s a cartoon that can edge on the dark side along with fantasy and mystery at times. Something I love since I grew up watching horror movies, The Twilight Zone, and any show dealing with supernatural things. It’s also my favorite thing to write, so Gravity Falls was right up my alley. There are so many things I enjoy about this show, but I’m going to narrow it down to three things. We’ll start with my first one:

  • The relationships in the show

From Dipper and Mabel sibling relationship to their friendship with Soos, the handyman, to the one they have with Grunkle Stan, it’s nice to see how everyone interact with each other. I like Mabel being the hyperactive one while Dipper is the serious one. I’ve seen many shows where the sister is the serious one while the brother isn’t, to see that difference brings a different type of narrative to the series. Then there was the way Candy and Dipper’s friendship were focused on in a recent episode.

Dipper apologized to Candy after he misled her a bit with his flirting, they made up, and Dipper wasn’t declared an awful person. I like the way when it came to Soos birthday, Mabel and Dipper wasn’t blamed for not knowing that Soos didn’t like his birthday. Then there are the way Grunkle Stan loves Mabel and Dipper, along with the way he loved his brother Stanford that he worked so hard to bring him back. There are little things between the characters that help move the show along that is really nice to watch.

  • The paranormal aspects

Another great part of Gravity Falls is the mystery that surrounds the town. There are monsters, ghosts, and magical powers that are around and affect the town. Some paranormal things are harmless like the gnomes that wanted to marry Mabel, then there are some who are not as harmless such as Bill Cipher the inter-dimensional demon. In the recent episodes unicorns have been mentioned, a spider woman, and a board game that comes to life are some of the paranormal creatures that have been featured in the show.

One of the reasons that I really enjoyed the paranormal parts of the show is that others know that weird things happen in that town. There is a secret community dedicated to erasing the memory of the weird thing the person saw. I thought that was a nice twist. Originally, I thought it would be one of the shows where weird things happened, but the citizens weren’t smart enough to figure it out. In Gravity Falls, people remember the weird things, until the secret community erase their minds to keep up appearances.

It makes me wonder what other weird things are lurking in Gravity Falls.

  • Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher is the main antagonist of the show. He has his hand in many different things around the town. Not to mention he has interacted with many main characters of the show such as Ford, Dipper, and Gideon (another enemy in the show). He can be creepy, manipulative, and pretty funny too. The humor with Bill can be dark, but I do enjoy some dark humor. Overall, I like Bill, he’s a pretty good villain. He has his reasons behind what he does and there are more things about him. The way he knows how to play people can be interesting, along with the knowledge he has. He has some weaknesses too that Mabel and Dipper figured out and used against him. Of course, Bill will come back with something even bigger and better. I do want the Pines family to beat him and win, but Bill is one of those characters that really make the show. Another cool thing is if you look hard enough you can find him around the Pines’ home and around the town.

He may be a villain, but Bill is entertaining.

I have some more reasons on why I love Gravity Falls that I will talk about at a later time. Here are three things I love about Gravity Falls!

Do you like the paranormal? If so, I’d like to know. If not, I’d like to know that too.


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