Fiction Wednesday: Let’s Welcome Alene!


Hello! We’re back with another Fiction Wednesday! Today I’m going to be talking about Alene, Bernard’s wife and Adam’s mom, and a pretty cool character to write. I came up with Alene after I had a fleeting idea of an AU where she was a thief and worked along with Bernard, then it changed into her being a vampire, where it changed again to her being a Fire Demon and that stuck. I have to say that I ran into a little trouble when I made Alene. I always run into one when it comes to making female characters. I may be a woman, but I need a bit more practice when it comes to my female characters.

I worry that someone won’t like her or they’ll say that she doesn’t fit some mold that many female characters are placed into. I’ve had these comments about my female characters before in the past that the character was bland or her goals didn’t make sense. I don’t know why, but my female characters has always faced a bit more harsher criticism than my male ones. Then again I suppose that can be said about a lot of things, including the criticisms I’ve faced because I don’t think I fit into a certain ideal when it comes to being a woman, but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about Alene!

Alene is a nice, kind woman who loves her family and friends very much. She’s a healer and student of medicine, which is very useful for a hot canon like Bernard. While Bernard can be a wildfire at times, Alene is more like a slow burning flame that can take over the area if she doesn’t check it. She shares Bernard interest in learning about the human world, though she’s more into learning about the cooking and entertainment side of the human world. She’s very enthusiastic and supportive when it comes to her kids. Alene would be with Bernard in the stands cheering for her kids very loudly. She loves cooking and has plans to enter contests after she retires.

Alene is one of my favorite characters too. I love writing her and Bernard together in different situations and worlds. I should write more pieces about her.

Here’s the first piece I wrote that has a glimpse into her day and a bit of her personality. Enjoy!

Alene sat in the conference room in the hospital waiting for the weekly meeting to begin. Every Thursday the head healers on the different floors had a meeting with the supervisor. It was mostly to keep them updated about new techniques, machines, and other useful things to arrive at the hospital. Most healers hated the meetings, but Alene didn’t mind. All her patients were settled and Bernard was in Antonio’s room for his daily visit.

She found it funny how Bernard had to work the hardest with Antonio. Most of the patients Bernard visited were now smiling. A few even laughed today. However, Antonio was still under the impression that Bernard wanted his secrets. Bernard got him to talk and smile a little, but couldn’t get Antonio to laugh. That became Bernard’s current mission which became Antonio’s counter mission to stop him.

Alene couldn’t help, but laugh every time she saw Bernard’s jokes met with Antonio’s cold glare. She knew Bernard would get Antonio to laugh. He was just that stubborn. It was one of the many reasons Alene loved him. While she mused about her husband the seat next to her moved. She looked up smiling at Cathy who took the seat next to her.

“Hi Cathy,”

Cathy smiled back. “Hello Alene, how are you?”

“I’m good, tired, but good. How are you?” Alene asked.

Cathy nodded. “The same I know I should sleep soon, but I will once my worry goes away.”

“What worry?”

Cathy chewed on her claw. “My worry about Antonio. Bernard has visited him for awhile and still hasn’t laughed. I’m worried he’ll revert back soon if he doesn’t.”

Alene placed her hand on Cathy’s shoulder reassuringly. “I wouldn’t worry about him. Bernard can be very determined once he puts his mind to something. He’ll have Antonio laughing in no time.”

Cathy looked up at her hopefully. “You think so?”

“I know so. That’s how he got me.” Alene said smiling.

Cathy giggled. “Now I know I have nothing to worry about.”

Alene laughed Bernard’s work to get her was no secret. It was normal for demons to have different partners, but there was always one they wanted exclusively. For Bernard that was Alene. He worked effortlessly for months to display his leadership skills and strength. When that didn’t work too well he asked her what she wanted. Alene simply told him she wanted a coffee, a dinner, and him. The added stuff was just nice. Alene thought Bernard’s smile would break his face. It was two decades later and they were still going strong. Of course, Alene loved to tease him about it every now and again.

When Alene and Cathy settled down Emma, the supervisor, walked in. She walked over to the chair at the end of the table. She placed her folder on the surface before clearing her throat. “Good afternoon everyone,” She tied her silver hair in a ponytail with an ice ribbon.

“Good afternoon,” everyone responded back.

Emma smiled. “I take it that everyone’s patients are doing well if I got a greeting like that.”

The table broke out into laughs as Alene and Cathy smiled. For a firm ice demon Emma did crack a joke once in a blue moon.

When the room fell quiet again Emma turned serious. “Now as you know we’re still finding people from the raids in the abandon castles in Anua and Alu. Many more patients will be arriving and I expect everyone to be on their top game when they come. Understand?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good, if I hear one word of one patient being treated differently because of their demon class or because they’re a human you should pack up and leave before I get to you. I will not tolerate that nonsense in here. Understand?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Emma nodded. “Alright, let’s move on to the next topic. As you know the director feels that we should have a new uniform. I don’t see why since this style has seen through two centuries of patients, but I guess it’s time for something new. Now a number of designers will be here throughout the week to help us pick a design. One of them is here today. Everyone hear them out first before the inevitable happens.”

With a room full of a variety of demons an argument was bound to happen. Hopefully things would calm down before the fights started. When everyone in the room nodded Emma started again. “Alright, you can come in now!” she shouted at the door.

“I wonder who it is?” Cathy asked.

“Whoever it is I’m sure they’re nice. Wait a minute it’s you!” Alene exclaimed when Kisa Rochai walked through the door.

Kisa glared back, “I can’t believe you’re here.”

“I take it you two know each other, then.” Emma said.

“Yes she claims to be my rival, but one needs talent to do that!” Alene said angrily.

“Anyone who has talent like you should go back and be reborn!” Kisa yelled back.

Emma sighed It hasn’t even been five minutes yet and they’re arguing. Damn it. “Ladies, please, calm down. Alene sit, Kisa walk up to the front and show us your designs.”

Alene and Kisa glared at each other for a few more seconds. Alene huffed taking a seat in her chair, “Fine.”

Kisa nodded. “Yes ma’am.” She flipped Alene off who returned it with an even more obscene gesture. Kisa glared before walking up to the front. She placed her bag on the table rummaging in it for a few seconds before pulling out a bright pink folder.

Alene swallowed the insult on her tongue. Please don’t tell me. She felt her stomach lurch.

“When I was approached for the designs I was more than happy to lend my hand. Now here are some of my ideas for the uniform. They are set to change though.” Kisa said handing copies to Marissa, the closest one to her.

Alene shifted uneasily in her seat. Kisa’s idea of design was placing jewels on the loudest color in the world. Such as, brown jewels on a bright pink shirt with a green hem or a yellow skirt with black and white polka dots topped off with green stripes going down the sides. Those are the tame designs. It’s the worst thing Alene has ever seen.

Kia and Adam, her youngest, could create something better than that. Alene’s thoughts were confirmed when she took a copy. Next to her Cathy paled. One of the designs was a bright pink healer’s shirt with green and red dots. A red skirt with brown and orange stripes and yellow sky blue pattern decorated their coats.

Alene scoffed. “What the hell is this?”

“I would like to know that.” Cathy said softly.

Kisa huffed. “It’s one of the designs for the new uniform. We all know this hospital needs some color.”

“Yes, but some of our patients can’t take colors this bright. Hell I can’t take it and I’m well.” Alene said.

“I agree.” Cathy pushed the design away. Half the table followed suit while the other half continued to process it.

“I said one of the designs. I have more you know.” Kisa said.

“There is more to this?” Jade asked.

“I want to see what she has.” Marissa said.

Jade looked over at her in shock, “Are you serious? I can’t work with these colors.”

“My thoughts exactly, this is the gaudiest thing I’ve seen. Well besides your purse. What animal did you kill to get it?” Alene asked.

Before she could continue Kisa tackled her to the floor. “Bitch!” Kisa growled.

Look who’s talking.” Alene hissed kicking Kisa off her.

Emma sighed watching the room fall into disarray around her. One half was arguing with the other half about the designs while a small concentration tried to pull Alene and Kisa apart. She sighed again placing her hand on the floor. Emma watched the ice travel over to Alene and Kisa. Cathy held Alene back while Corbet held Kisa back. The ice grew into a wall between them separating the two temporarily. Although it was a strong ice spell, it was nothing between two mature Fire Demons. Emma had one hour at most to get things back in order. She groaned stalking over to them to do just that.

Emma was going to have a long talk with the director. Her brother had to listen. There was no way he was going to change the uniform into whatever that was.


A few hours later Bernard received a picture message from Alene. He opened his phone nearly dropping it in his shock.

Bernard shook his head,.“No way, just, no way.”

“What is it?” Antonio asked.

“Are you sure you want to see it?” Bernard asked.

Antonio nodded. “It can’t be that horrific of an image. I would like to see it.”

“Alright, but it’s your eyes.” Bernard turned the phone to him.

Antonio looked at the picture of one of Kisa’s designs. His eyes widened slightly, “What is that?”

“A clothing design.”

“Do people buy this?”

“Yeah they do.”

“Fire demons are truly confusing.”

Bernard laughed as he closed the phone.


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