Scholastic Monday: Tips for college! (The things they didn’t tell you in high school) #2


Hello! We’re back with Scholastic Monday! We’re getting closer to finishing the first month of the new semester. For some it will be their first month as a college student, for others it will seem just a drop in the bucket, overall everyone made it. That’s something to celebrate! I’ve had my first main assignment, along with some quizzes, but it’s something I’ve gotten used to. It will be very new to someone coming back to college or going to college for the first time.

Don’t fret! Here are some ways that helped me organize the assignments and quizzes when I first entered college.

  • Put your quiz and assignment dates on your calendar.

Remember the calendar I mentioned last week, well bring it back out again to mark down important assignments, tests, and quizzes. Many of these dates will be in the syllabus that you received during the first class session along with other important pieces of information, such as your teacher’s office hours. Put these dates in your calendar and set a reminder. Nothing is worse than missing an assignment then going to your professor about it when it was in the syllabus the whole time. There are some professors that will let you make up assignments, however some will not. It’s better to keep up with the dates. It’ll help you keep up with things.

  • Try to make use of that free time.

One of the things I found when I entered college was all the free time I had. After going to class, I would eat, job search, hang out with friends and still have some time during the day before I went home. Instead of using that time to study or catch up on my writing, I didn’t use it. I would spend my time surfing the net or watching funny videos than trying to catch up on what I missed. Sometimes classes can be three hours long or one class will be in the morning while your next one will be in the afternoon or evening. While you wait in between classes is the perfect time to catch up on assignments, readings, or anything else you put off for the next day. If you’re caught up with everything, it’s a good way to relax before class too.

  • Make sure to read the syllabus

Remember the supply lists that you would get in high school that told you everything that you needed in the year, well in college the syllabus becomes that supply list. It has everything that you’ll need for the year, books you have to buy, when assignments are due and the teacher’s policies. It’s very important to read the syllabus and keep track of it. I mentioned this before in my first point, but I made a mistake of not reading the syllabus when I was freshman and tried to make up work at the last moment. It only adds more stress and it’s easier to make mistakes that way. Keeping up with the syllabus and dates will make your semester go by much easier.

It’s only the first month, but this is the month when things start picking up. If you miss one assignment or reading it builds up and before you know if you’re trying to finish everything before finals the busiest time of the semester. It’s better to have one or two missing assignments then having close to a semester worth due to a mistake that can be easily avoided.

If you have any questions, suggestions for a topic, or tips from your own experience let me know.

See you next Monday!

Paul the study ghost says: Good luck with the rest of the week!


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