Fiction Wednesday: Meet Bernard!

Welcome back to fiction Wednesday this Wednesday I’ll be talking about Bernard, Adam’s father, and one of my favorite characters. I know that’s a bit vain saying it, but he is! I’m sure famous authors have their favorite characters and ones they love to use the most and for me that’s Bernard. It’s funny because when I originally thought of this world I intended it to be based around Adam when I figured he should have a family and figured out his parents first. At first I thought about doing an older version of Adam, until I changed the idea around and came up with Bernard. His personality is different than Adam’s, Adam is a bit more serious than his dad, but they share similar ideas of helping others.

Bernard is a demon that enjoys the human world. Some things confuses him sometimes, such as he doesn’t understand the love of fruit cake during the holiday seasons, but he’ll try his hardest to understand. He’s very protective of his loved ones, though sometimes that goes into over protection mode very fast if he doesn’t watch it. Being a Fire Demon he doesn’t hesitate to show his emotions and used to fly off the handle very fast when he was younger. When he grew older that flame simmered down and he thinks first before he acts. He’s also taken up the human activity of showing people pictures of his kids and later one grand kids too.

Here’s the first piece I wrote of him that features his wife Alene and Antonio, another important person to the story.


Bernard walked around shaking his head at the destruction in the once pristine neighborhood. He was happy they were able to get the demon with human mates and children out in time. Bernard didn’t want another report about a destroyed village. He walked up the broken stone steps into the castle. Bernard passed the disciplinary squad arresting a group of Fire Demons. He didn’t look at them. There was nothing more he hated than seeing his fellow citizens add on to the destruction.

Bernard looked up at the sound of his name. He walked over to the leader of the Fire Demon Disciplinary unit.

“So Al, what’s the damage?” Bernard asked.

Albert sighed adjusting his black cap. “Remember the sky demons that disappeared, a couple of months ago after the fall of their kingdom.”


“We found them including their king.” Albert said shifting uncomfortably to his other foot.

Bernard’s eyes widened in shock, “You mean they found him. I thought he died in the fire?”

“We thought so too, but no he’s here. They were using him as a play thing.” Albert said shooting a glare at the captured Fire Demons.

Bernard’s eyes narrowed in anger. He turned to the group being held by an ice binding spell. “You mean to tell me my people had the nerve to participate in something like that!”

The group flinched trying their hardest not to fall under Bernard’s wrath. Bernard’s glare deepened, “Well!”

Albert sighed I had a feeling his temper would do this. I hope he doesn’t go out of control.

Bernard growled fire appearing on his claws. He twirled the element slowly walking over to the group. “Now I’m going to say this again. Did you hurt these people?”

The leader of the group, a young man with short black hair, nodded. “Y-Yes we did, but the sky demons started it.”

“How? When we found them their wings were bound along with their powers. They couldn’t fight back or fly away.” Albert said, watching the fire on Bernard’s fingertips spread to his hand.

Albert stepped in ready to stop Bernard if he punched one of the guys. Albert was familiar with Bernard’s quick temper and even quicker need to punch first and ask questions later. He didn’t want to explain to Michel why Bernard fought again. Albert did that enough during their years in school. Albert kept an eye on Bernard as he took deep breaths from his nose blowing steam back out.

“Who bounded their wings?” Bernard asked. When he didn’t get an answer Bernard unclenched his fist letting the fire dance around his fingers and claws. He walked over to group, Albert closed behind, with a smirk.

“I see that no one wants to answer so I’m going to give you two options. First option: you tell me who tortured those sky demons and their king and I won’t kill you instantly. Second option: If I don’t get an answer in the next five seconds you’ll wish for the first option. Now I’m going to count to five. 1…2…3…4…” Bernard said slowly.

One of the captives, a male with green streaked hair, spoke up. “We did it! We bound their wings. We lost many people in the recent battle with the sky demons. When we found them we decided to take a frustration out on them and umpf!” He stopped when Barnard placed an ice binding spell around his mouth.

“I’ve heard enough take them away.” Bernard said coldly.

The guards next to the group nodded as they followed Bernard’s orders. Bernard shook his head sighing deeply, “At this rate the war is never going to end.”

“Sadly, some demons want it that way. I have my hands full with different complaints from various villages. I’m just glad those villages are still standing.” Albert said.

“Me too, I have to look at those reports later. You tell Marlene and Sarah about the rouge demons running around in the human world?” Bernard asked.

Albert shook his head, “No I know how angry Sarah will be when I tell her. Marlene will be pissed off, but at least she’ll send some of her guys to look for them. I think that’s the group targeting families with half demon/half human children.”

“Damn that’s something we don’t need. Well we need to tell them. I know they’re the best when it comes to retrieving rouge demons.” Bernard said.

“I’ll call them once I get back to the office.” Albert said.

Bernard nodded, “Alright, where are the hostages?”

Albert pointed to the living room. “There’s a makeshift healer stand over there. The king is with them as well.”

“Thanks I appreciate your help.” Bernard said clasping his shoulder.

Albert smiled, “Anytime, let me go check in with my men. Hopefully I’ll get good news.”

“We can only hope so.” Bernard said.

Albert chuckled walking over to a group of officers. Bernard grinned walking over to the living room. He only hoped the damage wasn’t too bad. He walked through the doors greeting a few nurses along the way. Bernard looked over at the Sky demons in the beds. A few Sky demons were sleeping, others were chatting to the nurses, and some turned away from Bernard when he walked in.

Bernard pushed down the urge to go back and beat up those punks. It wouldn’t look good, but it would help him feel better. He pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind deciding to use the energy to look for the king.

Bernard looked around wondering if the king was in another room when a pair of arms wrapped around his waist.

Bernard smiled, “Hello dear,”

Alene smiled, “Hello,” She leaned up placing a small kiss on his lips. Bernard kissed back breaking the kiss after a few seconds. “Lene, I heard everything about what happened. I’m so angry I want to go back and deal with those idiots.”

“I know you do. I feel the same way, but Albert will take care of them I know it.” Alene said.

“Yeah he will. Have you heard from grandpa and grandma?” Bernard said grinning.

Alene giggled, “I have and everything is fine. The kids are ok and having fun in the hotel.”

“Great at least I can sleep easy over that tonight.” Bernard said.

Alene smiled, “It does feel good to know that.”

Bernard nodded as he looked around the room. He turned back to Alene, “I’m looking for the king have you seen him?”

Alene nodded her face becoming solemn. “Yes, which is why I’m glad you’re here. He won’t speak to anyone else. He’s on edge and will lash out at anyone. I figured another leader would be the perfect person to talk to.”

“You know I’m not one yet.” Bernard said sheepishly.

“No, but it won’t be long. Besides, Michel trusted you to do this that means the position is not too far away.” Alene said.

Bernard nodded, “True, but that’s only because everyone else is busy or on a mission.”

Alene smiled, “You can keep denying it if you want, but I know you’re going to be a great leader.”

Bernard returned it. “Thanks Lene, you sound like my mom.”

Alene giggled, “Where do you think I got it from? I think you should talk to him though. He’s been through a lot.”

Bernard nodded, “Alright I will. You go look over the other patients. I’ll catch up with you later.”

“Ok,” Alene said. She pressed a kiss on Bernard’s cheek before walking over to check on another patient. Bernard took in Alene’s form when a question came to mind. Before he could ask it Alene responded with, “Second to last bed on the left.”

“Thank you.” Bernard said. He could always count on Alene. Bernard walked to the bed Alene mentioned. It wasn’t hard to miss. There were many healers trying to approach the glaring figure in the bed. Anyone who approached him walked back at the glare directed at them. Bernard walked over placing a hand on one of the healers’ shoulder.

She looked up at him in alarm before relaxing. “Oh Bernard I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Hey Cathy, how is it going?” Bernard said.

“Not so good, we can’t go near him. We try, but it’s hard.” Cathy said.

“Alright let me try.” Bernard said.

Cathy nodded, “Ok if you want, but it’s not going to be easy.”

“We’ll see, you know I love a challenge.” Bernard said smirking.

Cathy smiled, “Then he’s all yours.”

Bernard chuckled, squeezing Cathy’s shoulder before walking over. He approached the bed slowly, “Hey we’re here to help you. Don’t worry we’re not going to hurt you.”

The sky demon peered at Bernard through the cover of his black hair. He snarled, “Yeah right, you want me to believe that? How dumb do you think I am?”

“I don’t think you’re dumb at all. It takes a lot to run a kingdom.” Bernard said.

The man scoffed, “My kingdom…it’s not mine anymore. It’s nothing more than a damn dream. A cruel idea placed in my mind by my so called advisor. How the hell do you know that? How the hell do you know me?”

“I’m the future leader of the Winchester family. I have to know the names of other leaders from different kingdoms. It’s also my job to check on you since the demons who carried out the attack was from my class. I’m very ashamed of their behavior and take full responsibility for their actions.” Bernard said.

The man looked at him cautiously, “Do you know what they did to me? To my people!”

“I know and it makes me ashamed to have them in my class. I want to help you and your people, but you’re going to have to trust me. If you don’t trust my words then trust this.” Bernard said reaching behind his neck to undo the pendant with his family’s crest on it. He held it out looking straight in the man’s eyes. “This is the crest of the Winchester Family, Fire Demon Class. Now do you believe me?”

The man touched the pendant slowly. He swallowed hard looking up at Bernard. “This crest…your father is Michel and your mother is Bella. Am I correct?”

Bernard nodded, “You are.”

The man bowed his head, “Please forgive me I have been through much during this war. My trust in other demons is small at best. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Antonio. I was king of Arrownite a once prosperous Sky demon kingdom. I may be exiled, but I have the crest.” He reached in his hospital gown pulling out a winged pendant. “It may not be much, but it’s something I can’t get rid of.”

“I understand the feeling.” Bernard said snapping his pendant back on. Once it was set he looked up at Antonio who stared back with weary eyes. He walked closer to the bed placing his hand on the railing.

“Now that you know who I am, will you let the healers do their jobs?” Bernard asked.

Antonio nodded, “I will, but know that I do not trust you yet. I only know that you’re not a fake.”

“That’s fair I wouldn’t expect anything less. So are you willing to work with the healers?” Bernard asked.

Antonio looked indifferently at the healers before looking back at Bernard. “Do they work for you?”

“They work with me. Not all of them are Fire Demons. I can call a few Sky Demons if that makes you comfortable.” Bernard said.

“No that is not necessary I just need to know that they’re legit.” Antonio said.

“Will you work with them now?” Bernard asked.

“I don’t know.” Antonio confessed shooting a glare at another nurse approaching the bed.

Bernard sighed running a hand through his black/red streaked hair. He played with his pendant until an idea came to him. He smiled, “How about this? You let the nurses do what they need to do. Once they do we’ll leave you alone. Is it a deal?” Bernard held out his hand. Antonio looked at it suspiciously before turning the look to Bernard.

“Are you sure I can rest after this?” Antonio asked.

Bernard nodded, “Yes I’m sure.”

Antonio rubbed his wing in thought. Bernard waited while the nurses looked on with anticipation. After a few minutes Antonio nodded. “Ok I’ll do it. I’ll let the nurses perform their tasks. However, I want to be left alone after. Is that clear?”

Bernard smiled as the nurses sighed in relief. “Sure we can do that. Thank you.”

Antonio nodded, “Hmm,” He stroked his wing in thought again as the first nurse walked over.

“Thank you Bernard.” Cathy said with a relieved smile.

“You’re welcome Cathy. If there are any more troubles just find me, I’ll be here. If you can’t contact me find Alene. She’ll still be here.” Bernard said.

“Alright, thank you.” Cathy said.

Bernard smiled, “No problem.” He turned to visit the other patients when Antonio called him back. Bernard turned around, “Yes?”

“What’s your name?”


Antonio nodded, “Can I contact you if I need something?”

“Yes you can. If you have any more troubles you can contact Cathy or Alene. They’re the two leaders of this unit.” Bernard said.

“Ok I will be sure to do that.” Antonio said. He nodded at Bernard one more time before sitting back in bed and letting the nurse care to him. Bernard flashed another smile before walking away. He walked over to the next bed approaching the curled up Sky demon woman slowly.

Bernard touched the railing, “Hello I’m Bernard. I’m going to help you. What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you,”

Bernard knew it would take some time for other Sky Demons to trust Fire Demons. It would take some time for his rage to lower as well. Bernard knew it was the beginning of recovery for everyone in the room. He just hoped he could make the transition easier.


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