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Scholastic Monday: Tips for college! (The things they didn’t tell you in high school)


Here is a new part I want to do with my blog. This part relates to my experience in college that I want to talk about. I should probably start at the beginning of Fall 2007 when I was a bright eyed college student. After getting accepted to my school and major at the time, I was really eager to begin school, yet I didn’t know where to begin.

In high school, my teachers handed everything to me. I knew I would run into my friends or at least someone I knew and I always knew when I had homework because they reminded us in class all the time. However, when I walked through those door at my university’s student center I was really afraid and not prepared.

In the early weeks of class I missed most of my assignments since I wasn’t used to it being online. I had to arrange things myself, meet with my counselor, and other things I wasn’t really prepared for in high school. The only thing high school really prepared me for was studying, but even then studying in high school is different than college.

It hasn’t been easy, though through trial and error I found my way and now I’m finally on my way to graduating. So I decided that since I’m at the end I would blog about my experience and include little tips, tricks, and websites that helped me along the way. If someone gets something from it even better! If it helps that would make me so happy. If not, thanks for reading and stopping by!

Now, we’re going to begin with the full first week of school. I don’t know if the excitement has worn off and the dread has set it (save that for finals week), but this is the first week of school and the start of a lot of projects, readings, etc., that might be overwhelming at first. Not to mention the fact that your classes doesn’t meet every day anymore. It can become very easy to forget what days you have classes or what’s due on those days.

However, don’t fret! There are ways to navigate this new strange place, here’s some tips to make it easier.

  • Put your schedule on your phone. One of the things that I had a bit of trouble with when I first started was trying to remember my schedule. I have the memory of an elephant on a good day and the memory of Dory from Finding Nemo the next, so the first week I was late for my class and missed the room too. Since my phone is always on me it was easier to put my schedule on there and look it up whenever I needed it. (Hint: You’ll need it a lot.) That memo feature finally becomes useful! Put your schedule and study sessions in there and for the calendar feature place all your important events with a reminder. It will help in the end.
  • Put a reminder on your phone to check the blackboard of your school. Many times teachers post assignments and reminders on blackboard or the internet portal for the school. In my university it’s called blackboard, something I didn’t know was so important, until half way through my first semester. I checked it on a whim and found all the assignments I missed along with the syllabus I lost. Make sure you check it! The reminder on your phone will help because it’s very easy to forget then you’re trying to make up assignments and coming up with a unique excuse for your teacher. Not that I would know about that. Heh, on to the next one!
  • Carry water! It will help! It doesn’t matter if it’s a community college or university with sweeping grounds, water is very important. I can already hear “We know water is important, duh” but trust me when you start walking around, trying to get to class on time, printing stuff out in the library, and hanging with friends it becomes easy to forget water. One of the things I would do is fill up my water bottle the night before I had class and put it in a place I could see when I opened the fridge early in the morning. You can also buy water on campus and fill it up with the water fountains around there. Stay hydrated. You’re out in the elements more than you were in high school. It’s another thing your body has to adjust to, but it will be easy with time.
  • Invest in a planner or have a place for written reminders. While reminders on your phone are good, if you’re like me your phone goes straight to the charger when you get home, and that reminder gets forgotten. However, I love notebooks so I always had a reminder written in the white space at the top whenever I opened it to look over the notes for that day. Try to write in a color that will catch your attention or you could put a cute little design next to it. Me, I doodle a little ghost I’ve named Paul the study ghost. He was once a student that worked a bit too hard so he goes around helping others! (Yes, I made a backstory for a doodle, it’s a part of my brain I can’t turn off heh.) That ghost is also helpful for encouragement too, but that’s another post. Anyway, put something that will catch your eye, a doodle, different color ink, neon color sticky notes, anything. It will help you remember what you have to do that day.

Did everyone get that? I know it’s different for each university, though these general tips will pay off, especially if you have more the 15 credit hours along with a job and a social life you’re trying to build.

I know it may seem a bit much, but it will get easier.

If you have any questions, suggestions for a topic, or tips from your own experience let me know.

See you next Monday!

Oh and Paul the study ghost says: “You got this!”