Geek Friday: Believe in Steven! (Another reason I enjoy Steven Universe)


(image not mine)

Today I’m going to revisit Steven Universe since it’s one of my favorite shows!  Nightmare Hospital, one of the newest episodes, featured Connie and her mom has become one of my favorites.  Connie is a character that I love and relate to the most. Being shy, having trouble making friends when I was younger, and trying to find something that I’m good at I know all to well. However, this week’s episode hit something deep, that was the way Connie tried to talk to her mom. I thought that it would end with the whole parent getting mad with their child and telling them that they’re always right when something different happened.

Connie’s mom admitted that she made a mistake and wanted to talk to her. That was such a pleasant surprise! I loved it!

I’ve seen so many different shows where the parent doesn’t admit that they make mistakes or want to talk to their child about it, but Connie’s mom admitted that she made a mistake. To see that happen made me so happy. The relationship between the kids and their parents are one of my favorite things in Steven Universe.

There’s Greg and his relationship with Steven is so great. He loves Steven and while he’s afraid that Steven goes out to fight sometimes, he’s still there as an awesome support. I love his phrase “if every pork chop was perfect, then we wouldn’t have hot dogs”, at first I thought that was just a silly phrase, until I listened to it again. Then it made sense to me. I thought it was such a nice thing to say as a way to explain that the world isn’t perfect, yet it’s still great. I like that it’s not such a harsh way to see the world.

Then we have Connie’s mom, who’s a doctor. I could see that she wouldn’t be able to understand magic, since it’s not very practical, but she didn’t dismiss Connie. She listened to her, wanted to know more, and agreed to talk more about it with her without making any snide comments to Steven. I just really love how that happened. I’ll admit it’s something that I want to do when I have my children. I want them to know that they can be comfortable to tell me things, that they can talk to me without worrying about me trying to dismiss them. It’s really giving me faith that the normal narrative of the parent always being right will change to a parent admitting that they make mistakes and is willing to change.

I love Steven Universe so much. I’ll always re-watch it over and over again.


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