Fiction Wednesday: My first one!

Hello! So while looking through some of my files I noticed that I haven’t placed many of my original pieces here. So, I’m going to do something new by posting those pieces here on Wednesday! I have many different characters that fit in the worlds of New Home and Second Chances Hospital, but it didn’t start out that way. When I first wrote my original characters they used to be in my fanfics, until I realized that I wanted to do something different for them in my own world. At first the world I created was unnamed. I knew I wanted it to be paranormal, but I didn’t know if I wanted to make a world from scratch or base it off something. I decided to base it off Detroit after talking about how the paranormal kind would come back and help build the city. I had a place for the story again! However, this piece is very old. It’s when I first started and the character I started with is Bernard, well, really his son Adam.

Originally it was going to be a vampire story, but I changed it to a fire demon that wants to help out as best as he can despite being a demon. Bernard’s wife consists of his wife Alene and his children (which is going in order from oldest to youngest) Bello, Angelique, Christophe, Michelle, Enzi, Adam, and Kia (Adam and Kia are twins). This piece is about Adam who’s a translator that helps demons when they come into town. He also translates letters that come from different places and old books too. It’s based off what I wanted to do when I was younger. Well enjoy!

Title: A normal day
Rating: PG
Summary: A typical morning to Adam Winchester the youngest son to the new demon lord. Can he finish his work with all these different interruptions?

He couldn’t believe he had so much to do. He blamed his increased work load on the summit in town. All the leaders from different communities were in Coven to discuss different issues, review the new peace treaties, and gossip like no tomorrow. The one good thing Adam saw in this was all the interesting, attractive people that visited his father Bernard. His mother, Alene, loved catching up with all her friends and the latest gossip. It was another chance to try and set her children up on dates. Something Adam and his six siblings didn’t enjoy, but they put up with it because it makes their mother happy. Another thing he liked about the summit was all the people coming to his grandfather’s hotel. That way if he wanted to have a rendezvous he could reserve a room instead of trying to sneak them home. Alene could sniff out their dates from a mile a way. Adam chuckled at the thought of his mother as he walked to his desk.

He looked over the documents and letters he have to translate. Being the translator and interpreter in the kingdom he worked with letters, documents, and other pieces of information. He also translated the replies from his father and other officials. The job used to belong to his uncle, Raynard, but he gave it to Adam after his grandfather, Michel, retired from his demon lord position. Adam found it funny that his grandfather, the once feared demon lord in Coven, now owned a hotel. He said he didn’t see much of a difference. Adam didn’t see it either. His grandfather was still over people and protecting the patrons in the hotel. It was pretty much the same thing as being ruler. Adam couldn’t wait to go to the hotel and help out. Michel never asked for it, but Adam wanted to do it. It gave him an excuse to look and flirt with different hotel patrons.

He smiled at the thought of seeing his favorite people at the hotel. It was also a good way to mix and mingle with different people. Alene encouraged him to do it now that his father was the new demon lord. He didn’t mind one bit, but he only mingled with certain people. There were some demons that were too crazy even for him. He pushed those thoughts aside as he started translating a letter from a Queen in Wahire a water demon community. While translating the second paragraph his phone went off. He groaned placing his pen down, I thought I said don’t call me during work. He pulled his phone out his pocket flipping it open, “Hello,”

“Hi Adam! Guess who’s back in town!”

Adam chuckled, “If it isn’t my favorite cat demon Ayumi. How are you honey?”

Ayumi giggled, “I’m doing great, but I miss you Adam. When are you going to visit me and Masao?”

“When I’m done with my work for the day. I just started on it.”

Ayumi groaned, “Ok, but don’t forget me and Masao will be at the hotel later. Our parents wants us to go to this dinner with someone from Amulet.”

“Are they a wizard or a witch?”

“I heard that they’re a warlock.”

“A warlock, hmm, tell me more about it.”

Ayumi started to tell Adam about her mother’s plan on getting her to become friends with a warlock as a way to strengthen the alliance between the two. Adam shared similar stories of his mother doing the same thing. The conversation got away from him before he knew it. When their conversation shifted to the progress in their different fields Adam looked at the clock. He groaned, “Shit, Ayumi, we’ll have to finish this later I have alot of papers to translate.”

“Aww, but Adam…”

“Don’t worry I’ll make sure to see you. How can I not pay a visit to my favorite little kitty?”

Ayumi giggled, “Oh Adam alright I’ll see you later.”

“Bye, make sure you tell Masao I said hello.”

“Ok I will, bye,”

“Bye,” Adam closed his phone picking up his pen with a smile on his face. He hasn’t seen Ayumi since she left to go on her journey to retrieve an artifact for her clan. He chuckled as he remembered her last night in town. I thought those claws marks would never clear up It was only a casual relationship between them. They’ve been friends since high school. They help each other out whenever they need it. Although they had their own preferences it didn’t affect their relationship. It was something Adam didn’t take for granted.

He finished the letter with ease going on to the next one. A letter from the leader of SORCERER the army in Amulet the magic community. He was very happy that the leader didn’t use an ancient dialect. Ancient dialects were a bit difficult no matter what area they came from. He finished that letter digging in his pile for another one when he heard a soft knock on his door.

“Come in,” Adam said.

A woman with black hair and blue streaks walked in holding a phone, “Adam you have a call.”

“Tell them I’ll take it later Tabitha.” Adam said.

“It’s your mother Adam.” Tabitha said holding out the phone. “She says it’s urgent.”

Adam sighed placing his pen down again. If he didn’t answer it Alene would come to his office and talk to him. His mother was a very determined woman when she put her mind to it.

He nodded, “Ok I’ll take the call.”

Tabitha nodded walking over to his desk she handed him the phone. Adam placed it to his ear, “Hi mom,”

“Hello sweetie how are you?” Alene said happily.

Tabitha smiled before walking back to her desk outside of Adam’s office. Adam smiled, “I’m fine mom how are you?”

“I’m great I love the alliances we’re making and the new additions added to our peace treaties.”

“That’s great mom,”

“It is, oh Adam I was talking to Marlene her son is single and has his eye on you. I think you should go for it.”

“Do you mean Carl? As in I collect old glasses frames Carl. Mom I don’t know. He’s a nice guy and all, but I think we should just stay friends.”

Alene huffed, “He’s a nice boy for you. He’s smart, well read, and…”

“Goes on about his degree and work in the lab for hours on end. Mom he’s boring even Angelique says that.”

“I’m already on your sister’s case for not finding a good guy, but we’re not talking about her. Don’t change the subject. Now Adam about Carl…”

“Mom I have a lot of work to do-”

“He’s going to meet you tonight at the dinner…”

“Wait what dinner?”

“The dinner with the leader of the city Alu in West Coven. Don’t tell me you forgot.”

“Um I did mom what time is it?”

“At nine in your grandfather’s hotel. Now wear something nice. There’s going to be a lot of potential mates there and I want you to look your best.”

“Ok mom,”

“Good now about Carl…”

Adam sighed this was going to be a long conversation.


One hour later he was off the phone quickly translating a letter from a leader in the city of Chamomile in North Arcadia. He had thirty minutes to finish the letter, the response, and send the rewritten response to Priestess Emily before her annoying assistants, Elizabeth and Eve, flew in his office again. He didn’t know it was possible for two people to be so annoying. Eve always had to talk about the mess in his office while Elizabeth stuck her nose in any and everything. It was like dealing with two children.

Tabitha knocked on the door again. Adam groaned, “Not now I’m busy.”

“Adam it’s important someone is here to see you.”

“Tell them to leave I don’t have any time for them.”

“I can’t it’s someone important.”

“For fang sake Tabitha who in the world is so important that they have to see me now.”

“I don’t know maybe your older brother Chris.”

Adam looked up as his older brother, Christophe, walked in the room. He could tell he just got back from his greenhouse. He could smell fresh water and fertilizer off of him.

“You done with your plants already?” Adam asked going back to translating.

Christophe nodded, “Yeah I’m training some new recruits today so I thought I relax before then.” He took in the piles of books open and the letters littering his desk.

“I see you’re very busy.” Christophe said taking a seat in the one clean chair in the office.

Adam groaned, “Not now Chris if I don’t have this letter translated soon I’m going to be visited by two annoying priestesses.”

“Do you mean Liz and Eve? They’re cool.” Christophe said.

Adam rolled his eyes, “Yeah to you they talk to you. They make me interpret everything they say.”

Christophe smirked, “Isn’t that your job? You know translate letters then respond in their language so they know what we’re saying.”

Adam narrowed his eyes, “Isn’t your job training new recruits in the army. Even the ones who want to jump your bones.”

Christophe glared at him, “Don’t joke about that. They’re going to hurt my head when I get there later on today.”

“Ha, ha sucks to be you.” Adam laughed.

Christophe shook his head, “Yeah, yeah anyway I wanted to ask did you want to go out with me, Kia, Angel, and Izzy today for lunch.”

Adam beckoned to his desk, “Do you see the work I have to do? I’m going to be in here for a while.”

“Well can’t you take a break.”

“I don’t know let me see after I translate this response. I really hope I have Chamomile’s dialect down pack.” Adam said writing furiously.

“Ok I’ll look for a book while you work.” Christophe said standing up from his chair. He walked around the office looking at different books on Adam’s bookshelf. He pulled one down, “The all knowing guide to water demon etiquette. I didn’t know they had etiquette books.”

“Yes they have many books on that.” Adam said dismissing the topic with a wave of his hand.

Christophe nodded placing the book back on the shelf. He walked further down, “Do you have anything interesting I can read?”

“How about the all knowing guide to fire demon etiquette?” Adam asked.

“Aren’t you the funny guy. I’m serious Adam.”

“So am I,”

Christophe shook his head scanning the bookshelf again. Adam enjoyed the silence starting on the last paragraph when Christophe cheered, “All right you got the new issue of Miracle. Can I read it?”

“Sure go ahead,” Adam said not remembering the place of the book. He looked up as Christophe pulled the book out of the pile. His mouth dropped along with his pen, “Christophe catch those books!”

Christophe tossed his book in the chair turning back to the falling pile of books. He caught the falling side picking up the stack then placing it on the floor. A stray book hit him on the head in the process, “Ow! Hey Adam do something about these books.”

“I had them in a neat pile before you started pulling on them. I have to organize them later. I forgot I put Miracle in there.” Adam said scratching his head.

“Well it’s a good thing I’m demon. I think that would have killed me if I was human.” Christophe said walking back to his seat.

“Chris we know your head is too hard for anything to break it.” Adam said sitting back in his seat.

“Boy you’re on a roll today.” Christophe said plopping down in the chair.

Adam laughed, “You know I try Chris. Hey can you tell me what time is it?”

Christophe placed a finger in the middle of the book to hold his place. He looked over at his watch, “It’s ten minutes to twelve.”

“Shit!” Adam exclaimed going back to his paper. Christophe chuckled going back to his book. He could say something else to deter Adam away from his work, but he couldn’t do it. Not with the frantic look on Adam’s face. He loved messing with Adam, but even he had his limits. Adam finished the last paragraph scanning it quickly before sighing in relief.

“Sounds like you’re finished.” Christophe said.

Adam smiled, “Yep just in time now I don’t have to hear-”

“Gee Adam your office sure is dirty.”

Adam groaned at the familiar voice, “Hello Eve, hello Elizabeth, how are you?”

Eve smiled swinging her summoning staff in her hands, “Hello Adam I’m doing fine. How are you?”

“I’m good, Elizabeth, please, I just organize those papers stop poking around in there.” Adam said.

Elizabeth smiled tucking a piece of red hair behind her ear, “Adam I wanted to see what they were about.”

“Haven’t you ever heard curiosity killed the cat.” Adam said.

Elizabeth looked at him in confusion, “Are those one of those human sayings? I love hearing them they’re so entertaining.”

“How can you breathe with all these books in the room?” Eve said pushing a strand of blond hair out of her eyes.

Adam groaned he looked over at Christophe, “Hey Chris,”

“Yes,” Christophe said looking up from his book. He waved at Eve and Elizabeth before turning to Adam.

“Is that invitation to lunch still open?” Adam asked.

“Of course,” Christophe said.

Adam pulled out his wallet, “I’m buying,” I wanted to avoid these two. Oh well at least I have the hotel to look forward to.

It’s much different than the ideas I have now. I basically wanted to make a slice of life with paranormal creatures. XD This was before I made Cass and the others, but they have an important part in the story too. If anyone would want to see Cass or Will let me know ^^


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