Geek Friday: How fanfiction improved my writing

fanfic pic


Today I’m going to talk about my other geeky hobby that I’ve touched on before: fanfiction. I know that in some circles fanfic writing is seen as bad almost taboo because the writer isn’t using their own characters or coming up with their own world so it’s not really writing. Well, I don’t agree. To me it is writing and it was one of the ways I improved. When I first started writing at 14, coming up with my own world and characters were really daunting. My ideas weren’t the best and I had no idea how to world build or anything. I decided to get better by writing fanfiction of my favorite show, it was Pokemon if anyone is wondering. Yes I still love the show, but I digress I started out writing canon couples along with popular ones and the response I got made me feel great.

Sure not all of them were good and I was still fragile as a writer, so I couldn’t take negative reviews like I can now. However, it made me feel good to know that people like what I wrote. I decided to test it a bit by writing crack couples. For people that don’t know the meaning crack couples is a couple made of two people that haven’t had any screentime together or don’t know each other in canon. I would do different crack couples to see if I would get something and I did! Writing a crack couple led me to meet some very nice people that I still keep in contact with. It also helped me realize that I could make a story with almost anyone and make it work. (There are some couples I can’t find a story between though XD)

While I enjoyed writing crack couples I had to admit it was a bit difficult trying to find a way to get them together. I still really enjoyed it. I write canon couples now, but I’ll still enjoy writing a crack one here or there. Fanfiction can be really helpful too if you don’t have any desire to make original things. It can also be a good way to take a break when original things become difficult too. To me words are words on any document, but I know it’s different for everyone.

I’m interested if anyone else read fanfiction or not. ^^


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