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See Ya Later September, Hello October!


Wow I can’t believe that September is already over! I can say that this month was a bit better than August, though I’m trying to fight when seasonal depression rolls around. However, I know what it is and I know how to work around it. Since it’s coming around, it’s time I name off something things that made me happy this month.

-I was able to pass two math quizzes. I’ve always struggled with math, so to know that I’m passing makes me so happy.

-I’m in my last semester of college. I can’t believe that I’m so close to graduating. It’s almost like a dream, I can’t believe it!

-I updated New Home and working on the next chapter! I might be able to get on an updating schedule and that makes me so happy!

-I’m not pushing people away as much as I used to. I’m reconnecting and finding that people do like me. They also miss me too.

-I’m opening up and finding my old self again. It’s been pretty great.

-I’m not feeling as scared about my writing anymore. I’m still a bit nervous, but not like before.

-I found confidence in my looks again. It took me a long time for the person in the mirror to match up with the person in my head and I’m not going to let anyone stop me from feeling good. Family or otherwise.

So I’m pretty happy with the way things have been going this September. I even managed to hit some of my goals that I put in my last post. Here are my goals for October.

-Try not to slack off during school

-Keep up with my weekly posting

-For Fiction Wednesday I’m going to change it to Second Chances updates

-Update one fanfic

-Work on other fanfic

-Outline novel

-Work on New Home

-Keep up my confidence

That may be a lot for October, but I have no doubt that I’ll be able to do it. How about you guys? Any goals for October? Oh and I forgot to mention that my favorite holiday is coming up: HALLOWEEN!!

I can’t wait!


Fiction Wednesday: The return of my serial Second Chances


We’re back with another fiction Wednesday! Today I was going to talk about more people in Adam’s family that I love to write like his brother Christophe or sister Angelique, but today I’m going to revisit my story Second Chances. I decided that during the month of October I’m going to bring it back! So far I only wrote about Dana, the newly turned vampire, and David, a human donor for the vampires that’s settled in Detroit and the Midtown area.

I actually didn’t come up with this idea. One day when I was talking with my good friend in my early years of college, the conversation turned to vampire stories and things we liked about them. She always wondered why people who were turned into vampires kept all their organs when they could donate them when they were human and then turn into vampires after. She suggested that I write it since I love vampires as much as she did and that she really liked my writing too. That was a wonderful push so I came up with the idea of setting it in Detroit.

I was pretty sad about the vacant lots around the city when going out and about one day. The idea of having the paranormal live in the city came as a joke between me and my brother. He suggested that would be a good idea and I ran with it. Many of my ideas come from talking it out with people as I can work much better that way, than trying to keep it all to myself.

Well, after that I came up with the idea of hospital. In this hospital the bosses are older vampires, werewolves, and similar creatures that help out young creatures along with people who want to become vampires.

Dana’s job is a therapist. She talks with the person who wants to become a vampire, since it’s a very big life choice. She also runs a group for newly changed vampires like her who didn’t really get a choice in the matter. However, the vampire stayed with her after she changed. He offered her a job too, so she was able to get something out of it. Still, it was a big adjustment that at times she wished she had a choice in the matter. Her purpose is to help others make that decision.

David is a blood donor for the vampires. He gives the recommended pints of blood if he doesn’t have an active donor. If he does then the vampire takes the recommended pints from him while under supervision from an older vampire that will stop any vampires from taking too much. He’s a bartender too in the Winchester hotel! So Adam and his family will make an appearance since they own the building. They’re also helping with the reconstruction of Detroit, since Bernard loves the human world and wanted to help.

I’m also going to jump a bit ahead and put in Will’s mother as well. Jasmine, Will’s mother, is a doctor that specializes in alternate treatments for werewolves, such as the ones that have problems transforming or the ones that like meat, but they don’t want to eat much of it. She also helps werewolves make sure that they don’t go overboard with their urges during the full moon.

I might put Cass in it as well, but as a volunteer. She has no desire to return as a full fledged healer, though she does love to volunteer.

For this story I’m thinking of writing it in first person, though I’m not very good with that point of view. I want to write it in third person, but I feel that it wouldn’t go well. There’s something in me that is not for writing this story in third person like I normally do. Whenever I have that feeling it means that I should follow it. Not to mention it would be a good way to practice different styles too. So, I’m going to keep it as first person.

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear it!

See you next Wednesday!

Scholastic Monday: Tips for college! (The things they didn’t tell you in high school) #3


Hello! Welcome back to Scholastic Monday! Today I’m going to talk about something that wasn’t mentioned in high school at all. That topic is mental health. I thought about this today after I went to campus feeling really anxious and nearly on the verge of tears because all the things that I haven’t accomplished yet, along with my fears and worries came to mind today. Luckily, I only had one class today, so I didn’t have to try and drag myself around campus like I’ve done some years.

However, there have been some days that I have cried on campus. Days where I was lost in a daze, until one of my friends or a nice person sat and talked with me. During those times I always thought I was weak or there was something wrong with me, when I thought about it and accepted that there’s nothing wrong with me. That it’s alright for me to cry, let it out, then work on making myself feel better.

One of the things they don’t tell you in any forms of schooling before college is the mental strain that you can go through during school. Each level of schooling from elementary to middle school to high school has some form of stress that you have to try and deal with, yet there aren’t that many sources to help kids deal with that. At least, in my school there wasn’t. Then you get to college where it’s one last step before going into the real world, trying to find a job, and be an adult when many times I don’t even feel like it despite being 26.

I’ve always had problems with anxiety and the occasional bout of sadness, however after my father passed away in August 2010, that pushed me to go to the free therapy services on my campus. There I was diagnosed with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and Depression, two things that I’m fighting without medication at the moment. Some days I’m good, others I want to drop out and live in my bed, but throughout it all I’ve learned a few things that I would like to share today.

  • It’s alright to take a break

When it comes to college, there are many different things you have to adjust to. For some it will be the first time living away from home, the first time managing your finances, accepting something about yourself, learning more things about yourself, and a list of other things that comes with college. On top of that there is trying to keep up with your studies with that debt that looms over along with the job market that’s not the best. It can be easy to be overwhelmed with all that, so one of the things I learned is it’s alright to take a break. It could be an hour, a few minutes, or a day, any time you can get a breather would be good.

  • It’s alright to miss a day

Here is when that syllabus comes in handy again. Unless, you’re in classes were missing one will really affect your grade, I suggest taking a day off. I had to take one when I had a panic attack in the library last year. I wasn’t able to go to class and decided to take a day off. I took a walk around campus, bought a drink, and sat outside to take a deep breath. I already attended all the classes, contributed to the discussion many times, and did my papers on time so I decided that I could take a day off. However, I only recommend this method if it’s possible to do it. One of the things about college is finding time in your schedule and working around it.

  • It’s okay to fake it

Sometimes there were times when I couldn’t take a day off or a break. During those times I put on my best face and stepped out in public. Many times I’m sure some people saw the cracks, but I couldn’t stop. There will be times where you’ll have to put on your best smile and get through the day as best as you can. At the end of the day, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You got through the day, you got through that test, and you can do it again.

With college comes a lot of pressures not only within, but outside too. From family who might not like your major or pressure you to go into something that won’t make you happy. To friends who mean well, but don’t understand what your mind is telling you daily. Then there are some friends who don’t understand that telling someone “to get over it” doesn’t help. Students you have to work with, your job, relationships, significant others, and all the other things in the life that will add to the pressures of college which will make it seem more like a chore.

Don’t fret! Sometimes that happens, though one of the good things about college is the services that are there. Please use them if you can. It’s one of the cheapest forms of therapy and can help out in the long run. Don’t forget there are hobbies, music, and sites to help calm you down I’ll include a few in the post.

If you have any suggestions on how to relax I’d love to know.

See you next Monday!

Paul the study ghost says: Try to be easy on yourself this semester. You got it!

Here are some calming sites: (this site has calming backgrounds for you to look at) (calming rain sounds with a nice background) (this site has a timer where you do nothing for two minutes. It’s good to help racing thoughts) (this site offers calming projects for you to do)

If you have any other suggestions I’d love to know!

Geek Friday: So Many Questions! (3 Things I love about Gravity Falls)


Hello! Today I’m going to talk about Gravity Falls, a show that I have really fallen in love with. It’s a cartoon that can edge on the dark side along with fantasy and mystery at times. Something I love since I grew up watching horror movies, The Twilight Zone, and any show dealing with supernatural things. It’s also my favorite thing to write, so Gravity Falls was right up my alley. There are so many things I enjoy about this show, but I’m going to narrow it down to three things. We’ll start with my first one:

  • The relationships in the show

From Dipper and Mabel sibling relationship to their friendship with Soos, the handyman, to the one they have with Grunkle Stan, it’s nice to see how everyone interact with each other. I like Mabel being the hyperactive one while Dipper is the serious one. I’ve seen many shows where the sister is the serious one while the brother isn’t, to see that difference brings a different type of narrative to the series. Then there was the way Candy and Dipper’s friendship were focused on in a recent episode.

Dipper apologized to Candy after he misled her a bit with his flirting, they made up, and Dipper wasn’t declared an awful person. I like the way when it came to Soos birthday, Mabel and Dipper wasn’t blamed for not knowing that Soos didn’t like his birthday. Then there are the way Grunkle Stan loves Mabel and Dipper, along with the way he loved his brother Stanford that he worked so hard to bring him back. There are little things between the characters that help move the show along that is really nice to watch.

  • The paranormal aspects

Another great part of Gravity Falls is the mystery that surrounds the town. There are monsters, ghosts, and magical powers that are around and affect the town. Some paranormal things are harmless like the gnomes that wanted to marry Mabel, then there are some who are not as harmless such as Bill Cipher the inter-dimensional demon. In the recent episodes unicorns have been mentioned, a spider woman, and a board game that comes to life are some of the paranormal creatures that have been featured in the show.

One of the reasons that I really enjoyed the paranormal parts of the show is that others know that weird things happen in that town. There is a secret community dedicated to erasing the memory of the weird thing the person saw. I thought that was a nice twist. Originally, I thought it would be one of the shows where weird things happened, but the citizens weren’t smart enough to figure it out. In Gravity Falls, people remember the weird things, until the secret community erase their minds to keep up appearances.

It makes me wonder what other weird things are lurking in Gravity Falls.

  • Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher is the main antagonist of the show. He has his hand in many different things around the town. Not to mention he has interacted with many main characters of the show such as Ford, Dipper, and Gideon (another enemy in the show). He can be creepy, manipulative, and pretty funny too. The humor with Bill can be dark, but I do enjoy some dark humor. Overall, I like Bill, he’s a pretty good villain. He has his reasons behind what he does and there are more things about him. The way he knows how to play people can be interesting, along with the knowledge he has. He has some weaknesses too that Mabel and Dipper figured out and used against him. Of course, Bill will come back with something even bigger and better. I do want the Pines family to beat him and win, but Bill is one of those characters that really make the show. Another cool thing is if you look hard enough you can find him around the Pines’ home and around the town.

He may be a villain, but Bill is entertaining.

I have some more reasons on why I love Gravity Falls that I will talk about at a later time. Here are three things I love about Gravity Falls!

Do you like the paranormal? If so, I’d like to know. If not, I’d like to know that too.

Fiction Wednesday: Let’s Welcome Alene!


Hello! We’re back with another Fiction Wednesday! Today I’m going to be talking about Alene, Bernard’s wife and Adam’s mom, and a pretty cool character to write. I came up with Alene after I had a fleeting idea of an AU where she was a thief and worked along with Bernard, then it changed into her being a vampire, where it changed again to her being a Fire Demon and that stuck. I have to say that I ran into a little trouble when I made Alene. I always run into one when it comes to making female characters. I may be a woman, but I need a bit more practice when it comes to my female characters.

I worry that someone won’t like her or they’ll say that she doesn’t fit some mold that many female characters are placed into. I’ve had these comments about my female characters before in the past that the character was bland or her goals didn’t make sense. I don’t know why, but my female characters has always faced a bit more harsher criticism than my male ones. Then again I suppose that can be said about a lot of things, including the criticisms I’ve faced because I don’t think I fit into a certain ideal when it comes to being a woman, but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about Alene!

Alene is a nice, kind woman who loves her family and friends very much. She’s a healer and student of medicine, which is very useful for a hot canon like Bernard. While Bernard can be a wildfire at times, Alene is more like a slow burning flame that can take over the area if she doesn’t check it. She shares Bernard interest in learning about the human world, though she’s more into learning about the cooking and entertainment side of the human world. She’s very enthusiastic and supportive when it comes to her kids. Alene would be with Bernard in the stands cheering for her kids very loudly. She loves cooking and has plans to enter contests after she retires.

Alene is one of my favorite characters too. I love writing her and Bernard together in different situations and worlds. I should write more pieces about her.

Here’s the first piece I wrote that has a glimpse into her day and a bit of her personality. Enjoy!

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Scholastic Monday: Tips for college! (The things they didn’t tell you in high school) #2


Hello! We’re back with Scholastic Monday! We’re getting closer to finishing the first month of the new semester. For some it will be their first month as a college student, for others it will seem just a drop in the bucket, overall everyone made it. That’s something to celebrate! I’ve had my first main assignment, along with some quizzes, but it’s something I’ve gotten used to. It will be very new to someone coming back to college or going to college for the first time.

Don’t fret! Here are some ways that helped me organize the assignments and quizzes when I first entered college.

  • Put your quiz and assignment dates on your calendar.

Remember the calendar I mentioned last week, well bring it back out again to mark down important assignments, tests, and quizzes. Many of these dates will be in the syllabus that you received during the first class session along with other important pieces of information, such as your teacher’s office hours. Put these dates in your calendar and set a reminder. Nothing is worse than missing an assignment then going to your professor about it when it was in the syllabus the whole time. There are some professors that will let you make up assignments, however some will not. It’s better to keep up with the dates. It’ll help you keep up with things.

  • Try to make use of that free time.

One of the things I found when I entered college was all the free time I had. After going to class, I would eat, job search, hang out with friends and still have some time during the day before I went home. Instead of using that time to study or catch up on my writing, I didn’t use it. I would spend my time surfing the net or watching funny videos than trying to catch up on what I missed. Sometimes classes can be three hours long or one class will be in the morning while your next one will be in the afternoon or evening. While you wait in between classes is the perfect time to catch up on assignments, readings, or anything else you put off for the next day. If you’re caught up with everything, it’s a good way to relax before class too.

  • Make sure to read the syllabus

Remember the supply lists that you would get in high school that told you everything that you needed in the year, well in college the syllabus becomes that supply list. It has everything that you’ll need for the year, books you have to buy, when assignments are due and the teacher’s policies. It’s very important to read the syllabus and keep track of it. I mentioned this before in my first point, but I made a mistake of not reading the syllabus when I was freshman and tried to make up work at the last moment. It only adds more stress and it’s easier to make mistakes that way. Keeping up with the syllabus and dates will make your semester go by much easier.

It’s only the first month, but this is the month when things start picking up. If you miss one assignment or reading it builds up and before you know if you’re trying to finish everything before finals the busiest time of the semester. It’s better to have one or two missing assignments then having close to a semester worth due to a mistake that can be easily avoided.

If you have any questions, suggestions for a topic, or tips from your own experience let me know.

See you next Monday!

Paul the study ghost says: Good luck with the rest of the week!

Geek Friday: Do you want to join my crew? (My love for One Piece)


(Image not mine)

Today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite mangas. I know I have a lot, but this one I love very much and is in my top ten. The manga I’m talking about is One Piece! When it first came on at 4kids on Sunday mornings I didn’t like it. There were so many things cut out and changed that I didn’t know how amazing it is! I started watching it after my brother showed me a video of this amazing fight between Monkey D. Luffy and Rob Lucci, one of the enemies in the series, and it was great!

It was from there that I caught up with the manga, which was over 400 chapters at the time, and I enjoyed it so much! There are so many things in One Piece that I enjoy so much! There’s the way that everyone joined Luffy’s crew that’s called Strawhat. It was all in their own way and it was very heartwarming too. I really enjoy the variety of everybody on the crew from Luffy, their captain, who cares so much for his friends and family and he’s a rubber man. Zoro, the swordsman that is an awesome fighter, but can get lost in a minute. Sanji, the cook that always fights with Zoro and loves the ladies of the ship.

Chopper, a reindeer that ate the fruit of their world that made him human and became the ship’s doctor. Franky, a cyborg that is also a shipwright and I love the way he can be so energetic. Robin, an archaeologist that’s looking for the world’s history and ate the fruit that can cause multiple hands to grow out of their body. She can make multiple hands too. Nami, the navigator that makes sure they can lead them and can’t forget her love of money! Brooke, the musician who ate the fruit that gave him a second chance of life as a skeleton. I love that he has an afro, can play music, and is a skilled swordsman.

Of course, I can’t forget the amazing captain Usopp! He’s a sniper and has helped to fix the Merry, their first ship, many times before. He’s an amazing artist too. He may be a coward, but he can also be one of the bravest people there is and make sure that nothing happens to their crew.

These are only generalization of the crew because if I really go into why each one of the Strawhats differences work so well in their crew this post would be much longer. That’s one of my favorite things about One Piece, how everyone from these different backgrounds can come together and work so well. It has to be the first show I’ve watched where I like everyone in the main crew! Then there’s the amazing world with the Devil Fruit, these pieces of fruit that tastes very bad, but gives the person amazing powers.

Luffy, Brooke, Chopper, and Robin all ate a different fruit. Luffy ate a fruit that made him a rubber man, Brooke ate a fruit that gave him a second chance of life, Chopper ate a fruit that made him human, and Robin ate a fruit that gave her the power the sprout different limbs anywhere. If anyone eats a fruit then they can’t swim in the ocean. That’s one of the downsides of eating it, but the powers are really amazing.

I love the way One Piece shows different things too such as government cover ups with the recent arc, prejudice in the Fishman Arc, accepting others and changes in the Enies Lobby arc, and many more. Some people don’t like the art or the length, but those are things I enjoy!

It just reached it’s 800th chapter this week and it ended in a very nice way. I can never guess the way the story is going like I can with other things, it’s very refreshing. It keeps me guessing because I never know what’s going to happen next. I know the length scares people, I assure you it’s nothing to be afraid of. You can break it up into parts and read it like that, that’s what I did. It was a well worth read.

I really do recommend One Piece. There’s action, adventure, heartache, heartwarming scenes, and everything in between.