Bye August, Hello September!

september-month-2Wow, I can’t believe it’s the last day of August and September will be tomorrow. I’m happy that I finally got around to writing up an end of month post. Here are a few things that made me happy during the month of August.

-Being able to play my 3DS and getting a new card to be able to get two more files for my Harvest Moon games.

-Getting in touch with some of my old friends online

-Celebrating my brother’s birthday

-Getting further in my video games

-Already having my loans and things set for school

-Getting my favorite ice cream after I accidently left the pint out in the car one summer day

-I wrote almost every day this month! (It was fanfics, but it still counts to me)

-I uploaded a lot more on fan sites too

-I’m working on my confidence when it comes to my writing

-I kept up with my updates here something I’m happy about

Those are things that made me really happy about in August. I’ll have to say this summer hasn’t been the easiest. Between the death in my family and having to work through the resulting grief has sucked a lot of energy out of me. My depression has kicked back up too, though I’m hoping to work through it and go through school.

My goals for September are:

-Start updating New Home again

-Work on some fics on my hard drive

-Look into getting a Patreon (if I got one would that interest anyone?)

-Setting up an editing post soon. (It will help me get some money while I look for a job)

-Start planning a novel that I will self publish

-Try to bring some more life back here probably with posting original stuff I’ve written along with some new stuff too

I’m not going to hold myself to these goals too hard, but I am going to try and keep them.

Do you have any goals for September? I’d love to hear them. ^^

Note: Above image not mine, I found it on


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