Geek Friday: Favorite hobbies of my characters

hobbiesToday while I was thinking about this post I thought about the geeky things my characters would do. In New Home my characters have a few geeky hobbies that I wanted to put in it since those hobbies are something I’m familiar with. I’ll start out with a few characters that I have introduced in both series though there are many more to come.

We’ll start out first with Cassandra from New Home. Her geeky hobby collecting models and putting them together and painting them when she’s finished. She likes collecting special edition covers of comics, manga, and books. She enjoys watching Star Trek and Star Wars with Daniel. She has a range of things she reads, but she partial to heroes like Captain America. She also enjoys villains too like Magneto. Many times will use her magic to help her paint the model correctly. She’s not much into psychological thrillers.

Will has a thing for keychains and tries to get one of his favorite characters. He enjoys going to convention and going to the panels of his favorite shows. He’ll read anything that can keep his attention, though that means he’s following many comics, manga, and book series. He enjoys reading about the anti-hero and the person that saves the day though they’re in the background while they do it. He tries very hard not to tear anything with his claws. He’s a secret romantic and enjoys romance movies.

Daniel is the type of marathon shows on Netflix. It can be old ones or new ones, he will marathon all the current episodes. If it’s a show he really enjoys he’ll go out and buy it. He enjoys Star Trek and Star Wars along with superheroes and a few villains. One of his favorite villains is Poison Ivy. He’s very big into sci-fi and he also enjoys books with their own theme of magic in it. He may be a Necromancer, but he’s not a big fan of zombie movies.

Krista would love to join Daniel in his marathons. She has many t-shirts of her favorite comic book series and goes out to try and find more things like earrings or wrist bands. Two of her favorite characters from the human series is Black Widow from Marvel and Harley Quinn from DC. Despite her serious demeanor some of her favorite series are romantic in nature. She did a lot of fighting growing up so she’d rather read more of a slice of life or romantic series. She does enjoy a good adventure now and again. Not very big on movies that paints magical people as evil.

Eve enjoys cosplaying and loves going to different conventions. She takes pictures with people and she wants to do a photoshoot one day when she’s over her nerves. She’s the one to make scarves with the color pattern of someone’s favorite hero or villain. Some of her favorite characters are those that doesn’t give up even after having such a hard time in life. To other demons it may seem silly, to her those characters helped her when she needed it the most. To many people’s surprise she’s a big horror fan.

Robert joins Daniel when he marathons shows on Netflix. He’s also a big fan of Star Wars and Star Trek. He’ll get into discussions with Daniel about which ones are better the old ones or the new ones when it comes to their shows. He enjoys sci-fi as much as Daniel, but he also likes westerns. He has many cooking shows on his DVR and will put patches of his favorite shows on his bag. He’s a fan of movies with a lot of drama in it and the occasional psychological thriller.

Amelia enjoys cosplaying with Eve and coming up with her own costumes. She has a channel on Youtube on the best way to take care of your costumes and how to apply makeup for your character. She would have many different ideas saved on her flash drive when she has the time. When she’s a bit busy or taking a break from making costumes, she’s making character designs for people’s comics. She’s not very good at making a story, she doesn’t mind drawing character designs, their costumes, or backgrounds for people’s comics though. She has another channel that can help people on their coloring. It’s mostly for non-magical people since she does most of it with her magic. She’s a big fan of mysteries, noir films, and crime dramas.

I believe that’s everyone for New Home. If you have a question on anything else about their geeky hobbies let me know!

What’s your favorite hobby? I’d love to know. ^^


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