Geek Friday: Time to reveal one of my favorite geeky hobbies

On top of writing original fiction there is something I’ve started out with that sparked my love for writing. It helped me grow as a writer, learn how to take negative reviews, and figure out which genres I enjoyed writing in. That thing is fanfiction. Yes, I know how some writers feel about it. The way that some feel it cheapens an author or is a waste of their talent when I don’t think so at all. I have nothing against people who don’t want to write fanfiction or have their opinion about it. We’re all different and what I like, will not be the same as what others will like, but I know that I like reading and writing fanfiction. It helped me grow as a writer and get a better understand of English along with the type of things the audience will like. It let me know that I can get an audience and that others like what I write.

I used to be afraid of showing it to others. Let’s just say that it didn’t go so well when I let people see my stories for the first time. However, it did help me work through my fear of having people read my stuff. It let me know that a few negative things aren’t going to break me, so I could keep going with it.

I took a break for awhile before I got back into it. For me, it’s a stress reliever along with my games and reading too. I’m hoping that fanfiction will help me finish my long fics as well. I am still learning how to work through that. Being a writer with anxiety and depression I’m sure is not an unfamiliar story. It is a bit of a struggle trying to write though. ><

Today I’m going to share with you one of my fanfics that I wrote for Fairy Tail since I’m really enjoying it right now. It is a romance story between two of my favorite characters Gajeel Redfox and Levy McGarden. I think they are so cute together! I love the romantic trope of the tough guy falling in love with the shy girl, but I will talk about that in another post.

Here’s my story.


Title: Question
Summary: Gajeel has a question for Levy.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Fairy Tail
Rating: T
Warning(s): nothing really maybe a little ooc since I’m writing comedy XD
Comments: I am trying not to be hide this as much anymore. I hope you can get the little joke I put in it too. ^^

Gajeel plopped down next to Levy while Pantherlily wandered off to find Erza. He grumbled a bit as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Levy looked up from her book with a smile. “Hello Gajeel. I take it you have something on your mind?”

Gajeel nodded. “Sure do. There’s something I don’t understand. Why do women call men dogs?”

Levy hummed softly. “Well, sometimes, it has something to do with the things men do.”

Gajeel raised an eyebrow. “Things like what?”

“Well, like…” Levy started when Cana walked by with a barrel of alcohol in her hand. “Forget your birthday, talk to you then date your friend the list goes on and on.” She grumbled before she took a swig of her drink and walked away.

Levy giggled as she nodded towards Cana. “Things like that is why some women have called men dogs or in some cases pigs.”

“Has this happened to you?”

Levy shook her head. “No, but I’ve heard about it happening to some women. It’s even a plot in some books, um, about the woman finding a new man after what happened to her.”

“I see. Well, I know no one can call me a dog.”

“Why is that?”

Gajeel smirked. “Because I’m a dragon, not a dog,”

Levy looked at him for a few seconds before she started laughing. She laughed so hard she closed her book and leaned against him. “…You’re too much sometimes.”

Gajeel wrapped an arm around her waist. “Gihihi.”

Pantherlily shook his head and continued to look for Erza. He really liked sparring with her.


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