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Bye August, Hello September!

september-month-2Wow, I can’t believe it’s the last day of August and September will be tomorrow. I’m happy that I finally got around to writing up an end of month post. Here are a few things that made me happy during the month of August.

-Being able to play my 3DS and getting a new card to be able to get two more files for my Harvest Moon games.

-Getting in touch with some of my old friends online

-Celebrating my brother’s birthday

-Getting further in my video games

-Already having my loans and things set for school

-Getting my favorite ice cream after I accidently left the pint out in the car one summer day

-I wrote almost every day this month! (It was fanfics, but it still counts to me)

-I uploaded a lot more on fan sites too

-I’m working on my confidence when it comes to my writing

-I kept up with my updates here something I’m happy about

Those are things that made me really happy about in August. I’ll have to say this summer hasn’t been the easiest. Between the death in my family and having to work through the resulting grief has sucked a lot of energy out of me. My depression has kicked back up too, though I’m hoping to work through it and go through school.

My goals for September are:

-Start updating New Home again

-Work on some fics on my hard drive

-Look into getting a Patreon (if I got one would that interest anyone?)

-Setting up an editing post soon. (It will help me get some money while I look for a job)

-Start planning a novel that I will self publish

-Try to bring some more life back here probably with posting original stuff I’ve written along with some new stuff too

I’m not going to hold myself to these goals too hard, but I am going to try and keep them.

Do you have any goals for September? I’d love to hear them. ^^

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Geek Friday: Favorite hobbies of my characters

hobbiesToday while I was thinking about this post I thought about the geeky things my characters would do. In New Home my characters have a few geeky hobbies that I wanted to put in it since those hobbies are something I’m familiar with. I’ll start out with a few characters that I have introduced in both series though there are many more to come.

We’ll start out first with Cassandra from New Home. Her geeky hobby collecting models and putting them together and painting them when she’s finished. She likes collecting special edition covers of comics, manga, and books. She enjoys watching Star Trek and Star Wars with Daniel. She has a range of things she reads, but she partial to heroes like Captain America. She also enjoys villains too like Magneto. Many times will use her magic to help her paint the model correctly. She’s not much into psychological thrillers.

Will has a thing for keychains and tries to get one of his favorite characters. He enjoys going to convention and going to the panels of his favorite shows. He’ll read anything that can keep his attention, though that means he’s following many comics, manga, and book series. He enjoys reading about the anti-hero and the person that saves the day though they’re in the background while they do it. He tries very hard not to tear anything with his claws. He’s a secret romantic and enjoys romance movies.

Daniel is the type of marathon shows on Netflix. It can be old ones or new ones, he will marathon all the current episodes. If it’s a show he really enjoys he’ll go out and buy it. He enjoys Star Trek and Star Wars along with superheroes and a few villains. One of his favorite villains is Poison Ivy. He’s very big into sci-fi and he also enjoys books with their own theme of magic in it. He may be a Necromancer, but he’s not a big fan of zombie movies.

Krista would love to join Daniel in his marathons. She has many t-shirts of her favorite comic book series and goes out to try and find more things like earrings or wrist bands. Two of her favorite characters from the human series is Black Widow from Marvel and Harley Quinn from DC. Despite her serious demeanor some of her favorite series are romantic in nature. She did a lot of fighting growing up so she’d rather read more of a slice of life or romantic series. She does enjoy a good adventure now and again. Not very big on movies that paints magical people as evil.

Eve enjoys cosplaying and loves going to different conventions. She takes pictures with people and she wants to do a photoshoot one day when she’s over her nerves. She’s the one to make scarves with the color pattern of someone’s favorite hero or villain. Some of her favorite characters are those that doesn’t give up even after having such a hard time in life. To other demons it may seem silly, to her those characters helped her when she needed it the most. To many people’s surprise she’s a big horror fan.

Robert joins Daniel when he marathons shows on Netflix. He’s also a big fan of Star Wars and Star Trek. He’ll get into discussions with Daniel about which ones are better the old ones or the new ones when it comes to their shows. He enjoys sci-fi as much as Daniel, but he also likes westerns. He has many cooking shows on his DVR and will put patches of his favorite shows on his bag. He’s a fan of movies with a lot of drama in it and the occasional psychological thriller.

Amelia enjoys cosplaying with Eve and coming up with her own costumes. She has a channel on Youtube on the best way to take care of your costumes and how to apply makeup for your character. She would have many different ideas saved on her flash drive when she has the time. When she’s a bit busy or taking a break from making costumes, she’s making character designs for people’s comics. She’s not very good at making a story, she doesn’t mind drawing character designs, their costumes, or backgrounds for people’s comics though. She has another channel that can help people on their coloring. It’s mostly for non-magical people since she does most of it with her magic. She’s a big fan of mysteries, noir films, and crime dramas.

I believe that’s everyone for New Home. If you have a question on anything else about their geeky hobbies let me know!

What’s your favorite hobby? I’d love to know. ^^

Geek Friday: Time to reveal one of my favorite geeky hobbies

On top of writing original fiction there is something I’ve started out with that sparked my love for writing. It helped me grow as a writer, learn how to take negative reviews, and figure out which genres I enjoyed writing in. That thing is fanfiction. Yes, I know how some writers feel about it. The way that some feel it cheapens an author or is a waste of their talent when I don’t think so at all. I have nothing against people who don’t want to write fanfiction or have their opinion about it. We’re all different and what I like, will not be the same as what others will like, but I know that I like reading and writing fanfiction. It helped me grow as a writer and get a better understand of English along with the type of things the audience will like. It let me know that I can get an audience and that others like what I write.

I used to be afraid of showing it to others. Let’s just say that it didn’t go so well when I let people see my stories for the first time. However, it did help me work through my fear of having people read my stuff. It let me know that a few negative things aren’t going to break me, so I could keep going with it.

I took a break for awhile before I got back into it. For me, it’s a stress reliever along with my games and reading too. I’m hoping that fanfiction will help me finish my long fics as well. I am still learning how to work through that. Being a writer with anxiety and depression I’m sure is not an unfamiliar story. It is a bit of a struggle trying to write though. ><

Today I’m going to share with you one of my fanfics that I wrote for Fairy Tail since I’m really enjoying it right now. It is a romance story between two of my favorite characters Gajeel Redfox and Levy McGarden. I think they are so cute together! I love the romantic trope of the tough guy falling in love with the shy girl, but I will talk about that in another post.

Here’s my story.


Title: Question
Summary: Gajeel has a question for Levy.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Fairy Tail
Rating: T
Warning(s): nothing really maybe a little ooc since I’m writing comedy XD
Comments: I am trying not to be hide this as much anymore. I hope you can get the little joke I put in it too. ^^

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Geek Friday: Things come to an end in the Laxus Arc

Laxus picture from the final part (Image not mine it belongs to the anime team and Hiro Mashima)

Hello! We’re back with Geek Friday and my thoughts on the last part of the Laxus arc after the battles ended. I had to say I loved this arc. It was nice getting to know about Laxus and his reason behind why he did what he did. Now let’s talk about the end of the Laxus arc.

-The part that showed every patched up made me giggle. After watching them fight so hard during those chapters it was nice to see them calm down and heal. It was funny seeing Natsu and Gajeel in bandages. Natsu had so many around him that he couldn’t properly speak, Gajeel was the only one that could understand him. Brothers in arms and all that, then the fact that Gajeel had to translate for him made me giggle. I liked this part though, it showed Gajeel’s changed attitude towards Fairy Tail.

gajeel and natsu in bandages (Bandaged up Dragon Slayers)

-When Laxus came back to see Makarov it made me tear up a bit. It reminded me of a kid going to see their parent after they did something wrong and that’s how I saw Laxus. I felt he didn’t truly know the story behind why his father left, so he acted out. The way he acted out was very uncalled for. His little “game” could have hurt so many people, but I’m glad he finally talked to Makarov.

-The part where Makarov told him how much he wanted to make sure he was happy hit me right in the heart. It hurt that he had to kick Laxus out, but I could see why he had to do it. Laxus did act wrongly and family or not he had to leave. That panel of Laxus accepting though and walking out while Makarov cried hurt.

-Then there was the part where Laxus said goodbye to his friends. It was touching to see how they still wanted to be his friend and even willing to take the blame for what happened. If there’s one thing I love about Fairy Tail it’s theme that we’re family no matter what. I’m glad Laxus’ friends are interacting with everyone in Fairy Tail again. I almost didn’t recognize Freed after he cut his hair, but I remember reading how that’s part of Japanese culture then it started to make sense. I know Laxus had to leave so he could find himself and work through some of those problems.

-Of course I had to write about the parade. It was cool seeing everyone perform from Lucy and the girls in their cute outfits, Gray and Juvia on the float together (I got really excited when I saw that. It was so cute!), Natsu trying to do fire when he’s still healing, lovely Erza performing with JELLAL LOOKING IN THE CROWD! I SAW HIM! AND GOT SO EXCITED! *clears throat* Anyway continuing on then there was Makarov and how silly he was. Then that flashback of kid!Laxus which broke my heart then when they did that sign. His sign. I nearly started crying. Everyone did it! Everyone wanted to show Laxus how much they still cared about him and it hit me so hard to know how much they are like a family at times. Seeing Laxus tear up didn’t help either

-Then when we met Laxus’ father he’s awful! I can’t stand parents that use their children for selfish gain. Nothing burns my blood more than that, but then I thought Gajeel had betrayed them and I almost frowned at him, though something told me to keep faith in Gajeel and it paid off. Very dangerous for him to be a double agent, but I’m glad he’s helping out the guild. I hope they beat Laxus’ father I really do.

-I didn’t miss Erza thinking about Jellal. I can’t with those two, I really can’t.

-Overall, this arc was great! The battles, the relationships, the way that Makarov wanted to make sure everyone was safe, my girls being amazing, my guys kicking butt, and everything wrapping up in the end was nice. I really liked the Laxus arc and I can’t wait to keep reading.