Geek Friday: My thoughts about the Laxus arc (part 2)

I think I’m going to make the rest of these Fridays where I geek out and talk about Fairy Tail. I don’t know if I mentioned before that I really enjoy Erza and her character. She’s pretty cool and I love her so much! Alright today I’m going to talk about my thoughts on the Laxus arc. So much happened that I split the post up into four parts and the next part will be next week!


-You know I can’t do a wrap up post without mentioning Erza! At first I thought that she wouldn’t be able to join the fight then I got really sad because you know it’s Erza! That is, until I forgot about her eye and that it was fake because of what happened. (Man, that part still gets me. It gets me the same way Robin’s past from One Piece does.) But she was so cool! I loved the way she defeated Evergreen that was funny. Then the way she wanted to help Natsu defeat Laxus was also very cool, but the part that got to me was the reference to her other arc. The way that Natsu knew she might do it again and reminded her that she can protect others, but not at the cost of herself. Something that Erza knows now before she went out to do it. I just love Erza so much okay.

-Lucy and Loki was hilarious! That was a cool fight though and I was cheering for Lucy the whole time. Go Lucy! The way that she doesn’t want to back down when the guild is in danger was cool. Then there was the way she was ready to fight to defend the guild and help Loki was great! One of the things I love about Lucy is the way the she protects her spirits. She’s willing to fight with them, love them, and make them feel appreciated. Happy teasing her was too much that silly little cat. Of course, Loki didn’t make it any better with the way he played along with him, but it’s cool seeing Loki fight again (I was worried during the chapters when I thought he would disappear) then the way they defeated Bickslow very cool. The end where Happy took care of her after the battle made me smile.

-Then that part with Mist Gun was a fantastic battle. I thought he really destroyed the church when it was only an illusion, then when the hat fell off and it was Jellal! Or was it? It looked like Jellal and that small moment with Erza argh my heart! (I swear this couple is making my heart hurt so much ><) Now I want to know more about Mist Gun if that’s even him. (Also resisting the urge to just look it up and read it instead.)

-The part when everyone had to fight each other sucked so bad! I know it was because of Laxus’ rules, but that still stunk. Though the way Alzack wanted to get Visca back was cute! (I know they’re minor characters, but their relationship was so adorable!) Then the part where they were arguing with each other before they destroyed the Hall of Thunder was funny, but I liked how they all came together, despite the dangers to help save the guild.

In the next part I’m going to talk about how awesome that battle with Natsu, Laxus, and Gajeel was in part 3!

Can you see how much I love Fairy Tail? ^^

Oh and I’m thinking I can make another post soon about romance and reasons why I think people analyze the heck out of children works.

See you!


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