Geek Friday Again!

I know I said I was going to talk about my reasons why I love to write romance, but I’m still on my Fairy Tail kick so I’m going to talk about that again. ^^ Today I’m going to talk about the big arc I just finished in Fairy Tail the Luxus arc!

I have to post about the Phantom arc and how I love each of the characters, but I will do that later. During this part we already met the main cast along with the two new people Juvia and Gajeel, this arc is about Laxus, Marakov’s grandson. Marakov is the leader of the guild and Laxus is next in line, but in this arc he becomes an enemy to the guild over the way the Guild is run that has something to do with his father being banished by Marakov. Here are my thoughts about that arc.

-Alright so I finished the Laxus arc and wow just wow. I really didn’t expect to be hit with feels so hard XD I think it’s because, well, I’m working through the death of my own grandfather, so to see Makarov be so caring towards Laxus really made my heart ache. ;_;

-Next, I’ll admit when I first saw Laxus I wondered what his problem was. I didn’t know why he snapped at people, including Mira at the time, and I was all “Laxus, what’s wrong?” Yet I never wrote him off because I felt there was more to him and I wanted to learn more about him. I did and the things I learned about him made me change my opinion. He wasn’t as bad as I thought he was.

-I’m going to take this time out to gush about my girl Levy because I love words. To me words are important and nothing gets me angrier when people dismiss the power of words as “it’s just words they mean nothing” They do, very much, and to see Levy break that incantation made me cheer for her so loud! I loved that whole moment. The way read through those books like a boss, understood the grammar, and then broke it was too cool!

-The moment between her and Gajeel was cute too. I love when couples tell each other that they’re amazing and the dumbfounded look on the guy’s face. It’s great!

-Then there’s the moment with Juvia that made me tear up. She wanted to be accepted so bad that she was willing to put herself in danger to protect Cana and that made me tear up. The way she found people who accepted her and didn’t make fun of her that she wanted to keep forever was something I responded with. It wasn’t until high school that I found my group of people who still stuck with me even during my less than stellar moments. >< To see Juvia feel the same man that got to me

-Of course, I have to talk about Mirajane. Damn is she badass! I love nothing more than shy, cute women who can kick ass! That demon mode was great and I’m glad she was able to talk some sense into Freed or Ferid (hope that’s spelt right) poor guy knew Laxus wasn’t in his right mind and wanted to help him. I almost thought Elfman was going to be killed and I went 0_0 but I’m glad he was alright, but man was Mirajane awesome! So, so cool!

I know that for some people they might not know what I’m talking about haha, but trust me this arc was great! I really enjoyed it. ^^

Next week it might be geek day again or the reasons why I write romance.

See you!


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