I’m going to let a bit of my geekiness out today

While I love reading books and I’ll tell you some of my favorite series one day, today I’d like to talk about something else that I’m into anime and manga. I know, I know I can hear some people groaning in the background, but I do enjoy it. I love the different genres, the art styles, and the different tropes that are in manga that’s not in Western comics. I love Western comics too, but that’s another topic for later. Today I will talk about discovering Fairy Tail.

I knew what the series was about, but I didn’t really pick it up. The art style threw me off a bit because I thought it looked alot like One Piece, another series I greatly enjoy, so I didn’t read it. However, going to a comic book store with my friends I saw the first book half off and decided to buy it. I finally read it and it was great! I didn’t know it dealt with magic and that’s something I love so, so much!

I read Mashima’s last work Rave Master and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t, until I really paid attention to it that I saw Rave Master and not One Piece and I started to really love it! I really enjoy the theme of family throughout and how each character grows during each arc. The introduction of magic got me thinking about my story and I wanted to work on it again. Natsu is quite brave, Lucy has such a big heart, Gray loves his friends very much, Erza is so protective, and I can go on and on about each character, but overall I’m really enjoying the series.

I’m enjoying it more than I thought! I’m catching up with it more and more each day, until I’m all caught up. I’m a fast reader and already at chapter 139, so it won’t take me that long. Overall, I like the theme of family and acceptance, something that I found with my group of friends in high school. It’s also something that I would like to have in the family that I make one day.

Next week, I’ll be talking about why I love to write romance. See you! ^_^


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