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Geek Friday! Things are heating up in the Laxus Arc!

Natsu and Laxus fight (Image not mine it belongs to the anime team and Hiro Mashima)

Since I felt so much when I first read this arc I split up my thoughts in about four parts. Today we’re going to continue with it! Sorry for the lack of writing posts, but I’ve been blocked on some original stuff for a while that I have to get back to soon because I have so many ideas for it. For now let’s talk about one of my recent obsessions Fairy Tail and the Laxus arc!

Alright time for me to babble about the battle between Laxus, Natsu, and Gajeel.

-First I’ll start off with my worry over Makarov’s condition. I know it’s his age and he’s not the fierce fighter he used to be when he was younger. Once again it’s my personal feelings coming out towards my own grandpa that has me all protective of Makarov, but I’m glad to see Porlyusica coming to help him. Not to mention the way he tried to make sure that no one in the town would get hurt. So sweet.

-Now on to the fight. That fight was epic! I loved it so much! I can’t believe Laxus would go so far, until his past was revealed. He was mad at Makarov for ex-communicating his father and he took it out on everyone. It didn’t justified his behavior or the way he acted earlier by trying to make the Guild stronger at some attempt to try and find his father or be strong enough. I’m kind of basing this on the way Natsu told him that they were family regardless of blood and it made him hesitate and seem angrier in a way. As if he didn’t want to accept that his dad didn’t come back and try to see him. Then there was the way Makarov ex-communicated him, which I’m sure to Laxus looked as if Makarov kicked him out without any reason. With Fairy Tail being “weak” it wouldn’t work to bring his father back. It seemed as if Laxus wanted to show Makarov and his father that he wasn’t weak and the guild that his grandfather ran wasn’t weak either.

-That Natsu and Laxus fight was intense! Every time Laxus shot some electricity at Natsu I didn’t know if Natsu would be able to survive it. I was happy to be proved wrong. I cheered when Natsu finally got a chance to hit Laxus since he was unable to hit him before. When the fight changed into Laxus’ favor I wanted Natsu to get up and I thought that he really hurt him too. I didn’t know how Natsu was going to get out of this one, until Gajeel came! I cheered when Gajeel saved him and how cool they were acting towards each other. The whole two dragons being able to share the sky was so cool! I loved it!

-Next their attacks and using them together was really cool! I liked how it show that Gajeel was starting to accept being in Fairy Tail the same way Juvia sacrificed herself so Cana wouldn’t be hurt. Gajeel joined a fight where he lost against someone (while protecting Levy from being shocked I remember that ^^) that the way he worked to help Natsu fight was so nice. I liked the way iron and fire worked together to fight Laxus.

-It surprised me to know that he was an electric dragon slayer. However, when Gajeel pointed out how Laxus wasn’t really acting like himself I read that part over again and noticed the same thing too. It felt more like he was throwing a fit as if he wanted to show Natsu that he didn’t need family to be strong when that’s not how Fairy Tail works. Laxus held a misguided attempt to try and be strong by being alone when it worked better when he wasn’t.

-The part when Gajeel used himself as an electric rod was cool and showed how much he did care about Fairy tail at that point. Even though it broke his leg I’m just glad he was alright. I giggled when he saw Levy and told her to leave because he didn’t want her hurt. Yes, my Gajeel/Levy feelings are growing and they’re growing each time I see them together! Anyway, I enjoyed the way Gajeel gave Natsu an opening to attack Laxus and knock some sense into him.

Alright last part next Friday where I talk about how the end made me tear up. See you!


Geek Friday: My thoughts about the Laxus arc (part 2)

I think I’m going to make the rest of these Fridays where I geek out and talk about Fairy Tail. I don’t know if I mentioned before that I really enjoy Erza and her character. She’s pretty cool and I love her so much! Alright today I’m going to talk about my thoughts on the Laxus arc. So much happened that I split the post up into four parts and the next part will be next week!


-You know I can’t do a wrap up post without mentioning Erza! At first I thought that she wouldn’t be able to join the fight then I got really sad because you know it’s Erza! That is, until I forgot about her eye and that it was fake because of what happened. (Man, that part still gets me. It gets me the same way Robin’s past from One Piece does.) But she was so cool! I loved the way she defeated Evergreen that was funny. Then the way she wanted to help Natsu defeat Laxus was also very cool, but the part that got to me was the reference to her other arc. The way that Natsu knew she might do it again and reminded her that she can protect others, but not at the cost of herself. Something that Erza knows now before she went out to do it. I just love Erza so much okay.

-Lucy and Loki was hilarious! That was a cool fight though and I was cheering for Lucy the whole time. Go Lucy! The way that she doesn’t want to back down when the guild is in danger was cool. Then there was the way she was ready to fight to defend the guild and help Loki was great! One of the things I love about Lucy is the way the she protects her spirits. She’s willing to fight with them, love them, and make them feel appreciated. Happy teasing her was too much that silly little cat. Of course, Loki didn’t make it any better with the way he played along with him, but it’s cool seeing Loki fight again (I was worried during the chapters when I thought he would disappear) then the way they defeated Bickslow very cool. The end where Happy took care of her after the battle made me smile.

-Then that part with Mist Gun was a fantastic battle. I thought he really destroyed the church when it was only an illusion, then when the hat fell off and it was Jellal! Or was it? It looked like Jellal and that small moment with Erza argh my heart! (I swear this couple is making my heart hurt so much ><) Now I want to know more about Mist Gun if that’s even him. (Also resisting the urge to just look it up and read it instead.)

-The part when everyone had to fight each other sucked so bad! I know it was because of Laxus’ rules, but that still stunk. Though the way Alzack wanted to get Visca back was cute! (I know they’re minor characters, but their relationship was so adorable!) Then the part where they were arguing with each other before they destroyed the Hall of Thunder was funny, but I liked how they all came together, despite the dangers to help save the guild.

In the next part I’m going to talk about how awesome that battle with Natsu, Laxus, and Gajeel was in part 3!

Can you see how much I love Fairy Tail? ^^

Oh and I’m thinking I can make another post soon about romance and reasons why I think people analyze the heck out of children works.

See you!

Geek Friday Again!

I know I said I was going to talk about my reasons why I love to write romance, but I’m still on my Fairy Tail kick so I’m going to talk about that again. ^^ Today I’m going to talk about the big arc I just finished in Fairy Tail the Luxus arc!

I have to post about the Phantom arc and how I love each of the characters, but I will do that later. During this part we already met the main cast along with the two new people Juvia and Gajeel, this arc is about Laxus, Marakov’s grandson. Marakov is the leader of the guild and Laxus is next in line, but in this arc he becomes an enemy to the guild over the way the Guild is run that has something to do with his father being banished by Marakov. Here are my thoughts about that arc.

-Alright so I finished the Laxus arc and wow just wow. I really didn’t expect to be hit with feels so hard XD I think it’s because, well, I’m working through the death of my own grandfather, so to see Makarov be so caring towards Laxus really made my heart ache. ;_;

-Next, I’ll admit when I first saw Laxus I wondered what his problem was. I didn’t know why he snapped at people, including Mira at the time, and I was all “Laxus, what’s wrong?” Yet I never wrote him off because I felt there was more to him and I wanted to learn more about him. I did and the things I learned about him made me change my opinion. He wasn’t as bad as I thought he was.

-I’m going to take this time out to gush about my girl Levy because I love words. To me words are important and nothing gets me angrier when people dismiss the power of words as “it’s just words they mean nothing” They do, very much, and to see Levy break that incantation made me cheer for her so loud! I loved that whole moment. The way read through those books like a boss, understood the grammar, and then broke it was too cool!

-The moment between her and Gajeel was cute too. I love when couples tell each other that they’re amazing and the dumbfounded look on the guy’s face. It’s great!

-Then there’s the moment with Juvia that made me tear up. She wanted to be accepted so bad that she was willing to put herself in danger to protect Cana and that made me tear up. The way she found people who accepted her and didn’t make fun of her that she wanted to keep forever was something I responded with. It wasn’t until high school that I found my group of people who still stuck with me even during my less than stellar moments. >< To see Juvia feel the same man that got to me

-Of course, I have to talk about Mirajane. Damn is she badass! I love nothing more than shy, cute women who can kick ass! That demon mode was great and I’m glad she was able to talk some sense into Freed or Ferid (hope that’s spelt right) poor guy knew Laxus wasn’t in his right mind and wanted to help him. I almost thought Elfman was going to be killed and I went 0_0 but I’m glad he was alright, but man was Mirajane awesome! So, so cool!

I know that for some people they might not know what I’m talking about haha, but trust me this arc was great! I really enjoyed it. ^^

Next week it might be geek day again or the reasons why I write romance.

See you!

I’m going to let a bit of my geekiness out today

While I love reading books and I’ll tell you some of my favorite series one day, today I’d like to talk about something else that I’m into anime and manga. I know, I know I can hear some people groaning in the background, but I do enjoy it. I love the different genres, the art styles, and the different tropes that are in manga that’s not in Western comics. I love Western comics too, but that’s another topic for later. Today I will talk about discovering Fairy Tail.

I knew what the series was about, but I didn’t really pick it up. The art style threw me off a bit because I thought it looked alot like One Piece, another series I greatly enjoy, so I didn’t read it. However, going to a comic book store with my friends I saw the first book half off and decided to buy it. I finally read it and it was great! I didn’t know it dealt with magic and that’s something I love so, so much!

I read Mashima’s last work Rave Master and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t, until I really paid attention to it that I saw Rave Master and not One Piece and I started to really love it! I really enjoy the theme of family throughout and how each character grows during each arc. The introduction of magic got me thinking about my story and I wanted to work on it again. Natsu is quite brave, Lucy has such a big heart, Gray loves his friends very much, Erza is so protective, and I can go on and on about each character, but overall I’m really enjoying the series.

I’m enjoying it more than I thought! I’m catching up with it more and more each day, until I’m all caught up. I’m a fast reader and already at chapter 139, so it won’t take me that long. Overall, I like the theme of family and acceptance, something that I found with my group of friends in high school. It’s also something that I would like to have in the family that I make one day.

Next week, I’ll be talking about why I love to write romance. See you! ^_^

Guess who’s back!

Hello everyone I’m back! I’m feeling much better ^_^ I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate while it was still so open, but I’m doing fine now. I know that it’ll still hurt, but I’m getting better not to mention my mind is clearer and I’m ready to tackle things head on again! So be on the look out for different things because I’m going to stick on my schedule and post the beginning of the month, the end of the month, and Friday too.

I’m back! 😀

It feels good to be back. ^_^