Wishing you Well: Three Positive Things about May

Man, I can’t believe how fast May left. It’s already June in some places which means my birthday is almost here! I’m going to be 26 this year. I can’t believe I’m almost finished with my twenties and I’m four years away from thirty. I’m not complaining though I still made it after all those times where I thought I wouldn’t. I used to have some pretty dark thoughts. I have pretty good health and I’m almost out of school so I’m looking forward to my birthday. ^^ The reasons why I’m happy about my birthday will be another post this one will be about the end of May. Here are three positive things about May.

  1. Found more of my confidence: I’ve always had problems with my confidence after years of trying to make sure that everyone was happy, but not really caring about my own happiness. Being bullied didn’t help along with the negativity I faced when my dad was sick, I reverted back to my scared self too afraid to do anything. I couldn’t even look in the mirror without falling back into my middle school habit of imagining someone else’s face on my body. However this May I took the steps to get my self-confidence back. I bought a wonderful book called Commit by Linda Formichelli (I will do a proper review of that book soon because it helped me out so much!) that helped me find the self-confidence I pushed back for so long. I took the initiative on different things in my life like my education, my writing, and my self-esteem. It might have caused me to lose someone I was once friends with, but I realized that someone who tries to push me into something after not listening to me isn’t really my friend. Now once I get over my shyness I’ll be going somewhere ^^


  2. Stopped beating myself up: This was another thing I used to do constantly. If anything went wrong or if something didn’t happen I blamed myself for it. I’m pretty harsh when it comes to myself especially when it comes to the things I want to do. By the end of May I can safely say that I haven’t beaten myself up and I feel so good! Whenever I feel like I’m going to slip back into it I take a breath and talk to myself as if I was talking to a friend. After that I could narrow down the problem and try to solve it the best way I can. I feel wonderful and I want it to continue.


  3. Made it through my semester: This one was touch and go for a bit I’ll admit. There were times where I became so tired that I nearly gave up. I pretty much ran on coffee, ate whatever I could, and tried to go on a sleeping schedule. Thanks to supportive words from my friends and family I was able to finish strong. Now I’m in my last semester and I couldn’t be happier! Though I know I didn’t get this far by myself I’m really happy that I’m almost there. Next comes trying to figure out if my home is in Michigan or somewhere else.


It’s amazing to think how fast May came and gone. It always feels like time is moving so much faster when I’m sure it’s moving in the same speed, just the things in my life have changed to make it move faster. Well, May is going to leave soon in my part of the world, then June will be here. Here’s hoping June will be awesome since it’s my birthday month after all! ^^ Do you all have any positive things about May? I’d love to hear it!


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