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Hiatus until the summer

Hello everyone once again I’m apologizing because I let my blog fall again after I did such a good job keeping up with it too. I know it’s because I’m in my last year of school so I’m trying to focus on that and it cuts into my blogging time a bit. After thinking about it for awhile I came up with the solution to put this blog on hiatus until the summer. In the summer however I will:

-Open my services for editing. (More details will come about that in time)

-Post the rest of my revised chapters here, but you can read my serial New Home on Jukepop here! That will also be on hiatus, until March.

-I will post some character profiles when I finish them and some pictures of how I think they would look.

-Posts will come back in the summer every Friday and if I can try I’ll try to post on Wednesday too, but I think Friday will work out well.

So that will be some of the things that will happen in the summer. I’ll only have one class then and I know I will be able to keep up with it.

Thank you for following my blog and all the people who tune in to read my thoughts about writing and college. I will see you all in the summer.

Try to keep warm everyone! ^^