Early Character Designs: Will

Hello! This week I posted the first revised chapter of New Home and I’m very happy with it. Before I begin with my post of Will’s character design can someone help me make an ebook cover for Jukepop? I got accepted (woo!) but I want to make a good cover for my story and I’m a bit confused as to how to do it. Any help is appreciated. Now let’s get to the early character design of Will. Now I’m not too good at designing men as I am women on The Sims 3 but I hope this is looks good.

Here’s my first idea for how Will looks in my head:



B: Screenshot-2821

If there is something wrong with their designs let me know. I’m sure I’ll have more designs next time, but this is what I have in mind for now. I’ll put a poll at the end of this post. Let me know what you think!


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