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New Home Chapter 4

I apologize for the lateness. School has been kicking my butt recently. Well enjoy!

The first thing Will noticed when he opened his eyes was the broom that passed his room. He frowned when it happened again. Then again, his mind was so fuzzy he could have imagined it. He leaned back in bed when the world started spinning again. He couldn’t be here. There was too many things he had to take care of and paperwork he had to fill out. Will tried to get out of bed again, but couldn’t get off the mattress. Weeks of not taking care of his body finally caught up to him.

At least his side stopped hurting whenever he moved.

Will tried to relax when he picked up on footsteps outside his door. Did it happen? Was someone from his den here to finish the job? Well, he wouldn’t go without a fight. He balled his fist up and tried to sit up in bed when the person eased him back down.

“Please lay back down, sir.”

Will opened his eyes to a woman with dark hair and brown eyes. A broomstick pin on her scrubs as she checked his chart. She didn’t smell threatening, then again witches could hide their scent.

The witch looked over at him with a practiced smile. “It’s alright, sir. I’m only doing my rounds and I’ll let you sleep soon.”

Will shook his head and tried to get out of bed again. “I-I can’t… I have a job interview.”

“Yes, yes, I know you have to get back to work, but werewolves heal quite fast. You’ll be back before you know it.”

Which means I have to stay here. Will groaned and sat back in bed. “Excuse me, um…”

“You can call me Nurse Johnson or Stephanie if you’d like.”

“Nurse Stephanie, do you know how long that will be?”

“I have an estimate of a week, but it shouldn’t be that long.”

Will nodded. He expected longer, but he could deal with a week. Being in the hospital would set his plans back, but it couldn’t be helped. He frowned as he looked at the bandages around his arm. I must have got some good stuff I missed this. Will rubbed his arm and looked around his room. It wasn’t very different than the hospital room for werewolves back home. He noticed there were more inanimate objects walking around.

Will picked at his blanket as he looked at Stephanie. “Um, there’s no way anyone would know I’m here right?”

Stephanie looked up from her chart as she shook her head. “No, not unless we contact them or you let them know.”

“Is there a way for let’s say another werewolf, to come in and try to visit without my approval.”

“There are charms throughout the hospital that will prevent that from happening. If someone did manage they will be taken out by security. Is there something I should alert the staff to look out for?”

“No, I’m just curious. It’s my first time living here and I don’t know how things work.”

“That’s quite alright. I’m here to answer any questions you have.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” Stephanie said as she closed the chart. “Alright Will I’m going to do a quick check of your vitals before I leave.”

Will nodded. “Alright.”

Stephanie pulled out a small key chain out of her pocket. She leaned close and whispered a spell that made the staff expand in her hands. Once it was big enough she grabbed it and said another spell that made blue aura surround the staff. “Now this is how we check over our patients here. Don’t be alarmed. This won’t hurt, I promise.”

Will nodded again as he watched her slowly move the staff over his body. He wanted to touch it, but didn’t want to disturb her work. Werewolves had a more hands on approach to healing as they did everything else. He looked over as the chart hovered next to her as a pen took notes. Will wanted to touch that too.

Stephanie hummed as the chart and pen landed on his bed again. She whispered to her staff again, causing the blue aura to disappear as it shrunk back to size. She picked the chart back up and tapped the surface of it. “Everything seems to be in working order. I’ll put in an order for some more pain medicine and the doctor will be here to see you shortly.”

Will nodded. “Okay.”

Stephanie gave him another smile on her way out of the room.

Will sat back as he stared at the ceiling. He thought back to Cassandra and the worried look on her face. He didn’t want that to happen. He only wanted a job so he could finally start saving up to get his family out of that awful den. Would Cass give him a job again after what happened? If there was some way to contact her then he could explain himself, then again why would she want to listen to that?

Will grumbled as he rubbed the bandage on his arm. There was a phone in his room, but he only knew the work number though he didn’t know it by heart. He didn’t even have his cell phone close to him. The thought of getting up to go get it sounded like too much work. Will turned on his side as he closed his eyes.

The look on Cassandra’s face appeared in his mind again along with a knot in his stomach. Will would visit the shop again when he got better. Until then, he wouldn’t be able to get that image out of his mind.

He hated seeing that look on anyone’s face. It bought back too many painful thoughts.

Will pushed them aside as he tried to get some sleep.


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New Home: Chapter 3

Here is it! Enjoy!

Cassandra’s hands shook as she leaned against the wall in her office. There was so much blood, more blood than she thought. She wanted to help Will, she really wanted to, but when she saw the blood she stopped. She couldn’t touch him. The way the blood seeped through his shirt, the way the metallic scent stayed in the room, and the image of Will curled up on the floor made Cassandra run to the bathroom. It was too much like that time when she tried to become a healer. The time she was needed and she couldn’t do anything.

Cassandra placed her hands under the running water as she took a breath. The day just started, she couldn’t lose it yet.

“Cass! Why are there healers here?”

“What happened?”

“Cass, where are you!?”

Cassandra sighed as she dried her hands. Well today is starting on the right foot.

She fixed her hair in the mirror and adjusted her shirt before she stepped out the bathroom. She walked out into the front where her workers rushed over to her with many questions. Cassandra held up her hand to try and quiet things down.

Her shop was open to any of the new residents from the paranormal community. Her workers varied from fellow witches to Sky demons to Water demons. Of course, she knew the problems of having that many different personalities in one shop. The runes along the wall in the entrance of the shop along with the spell along the walls ensured that no one used their powers for anything more than an emergency.

Cassandra learned the importance of those runes when a fight broke out on opening day between two wizards of a different magical class. Despite, moving to a new area many old hostilities remained. She didn’t want to think about what would have happened if Anemone wasn’t there to stop it.

When everyone quieted down Cassandra leaned against the nearest table and crossed her arms over her chest. “Okay, so a little incident happened during an interview, but everything is fine now.”

A witch with dark brown hair and blue eyes frowned. “Are you sure? What happened? Why were the healers here?”

Cassandra nodded. “There’s nothing to worry about Amelia. The guy I had to interview today passed out in my office a few minutes ago. I called the healers and they took care of everything else.”

“Okay, do you think we should close shop early today?” Amelia asked.

“No. I plan on doing the readings I lined up today and look over some things for the shop. We’re not going to close today. Any other questions?” Cassandra said as she looked around the room. There were a few murmurs among the small crowd when a woman with dark hair and green eyes raised her hand as her wings fluttered lightly in the room.

“Yes Eve?” Cassandra said.

Her roommate, a Sky Demon, rubbed the back of her neck as she tried to voice her question. “Are you going to check up on him? Will you let him interview again?”

“I told him he can come back when he’s better. I don’t know if I can. I’m not sure what hospital they took him to and I only have the number on his résumé.”

“Not to mention you don’t know him.” A Water Demon woman with red hair and green eyes said as the water sloshed around in her cup.

Cassandra nodded. “I know that Krista, but it still happened in the shop. We won’t get in trouble will we?”

Krista shook her head while the water in the cup slowed down. “I don’t think so. You didn’t hurt him, so we shouldn’t be in trouble for it.”

“Alright, but I’ll still look into it just to make sure.” Cassandra said.

Krista nodded as the water in the cup stopped.

“I have a question.”

Cassandra turned to the wizard in the corner of the room. He ran a hand through his blonde hair and turned his brown eyes to her. “Are you okay?”

Cassandra nodded. “I’m fine.” She hoped her voice didn’t waver. Robert, like Daniel, could spot any discomfort in a matter of seconds. She figured it was easy to pick out since they grew up together. “I didn’t expect to have someone pass out in front of me today, but I’m okay.”

She gave him a reassuring smile. She hoped that would be enough for him to drop the subject. Robert opened his mouth to ask a question when he closed it again. He nodded as he pushed off the wall and took a seat in a nearby chair. “Okay.”

“Alright, if there are no more questions it’s time to start the day.” Cassandra said as she walked over to the door to turn the sign. With the way her workers continued to murmur behind her she knew the subject wouldn’t be dropped. She shook her head as she unlocked the door and turned over the sign. It wasn’t long before their regular morning customer walked through the door.

“Morning Alec,” Cassandra said.

“Morning Cass! You know I can’t start my day without one of your fine breakfast treats.” Alec, a Fire Demon, said.

“Well, you’re right on time. I’ll get your order ready shortly.” Cassandra said on her way to the kitchen. She felt comfortable as she put on her apron. Her normal routine was just what she needed to help with her day.

Still, she wondered what happened to Will for him to pass out like that.

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Brains, Brains, Brains! All about zombies

It’s October which means that it’s almost Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. During this time I watch horror movies, read about my favorite paranormal creatures, and different things that go bump in the night. I polish my nails black, wears black lipstick, and has an excuse to wear spider themed earrings. It’s overall my favorite time of month, though I am tired of all the Christmas stuff in October. Let me have this one month where I can enjoy creepy things. I’ll practice peace on Earth when Christmas comes around and do all the things that come with it like celebrating when I’m on break from school. So, today I would like to talk about zombies! I grew up watching zombie movies and playing zombie video games that I have many favorites! Here are three of my favorite pieces of zombie media.

  1. The Resident Evil series: It’s the series that I started out with. I’ll always remember the way my heart pounded when the main character Chris’s footsteps would echo in the hallway as I wondered if a zombie would pop out. I’m a bigger fan of the video game series than the movies, though the movies are entertaining too. Whenever I watched or played the game I always wondered what I would do in that situation. If the world fell apart and I had to try to get out of the city before the zombies got me or if I had to find a find a cure if one of my loved ones were infected, and the ideas continued on from there. Not only did I love the atmosphere of the game, the music also added to the appeal. The series may have changed over time, but I will always be a fan.
  2. World War Z: Can you say action packed? I watched this a few months ago and it was much better than I expected! I thought it would be the same film where the romantic interest takes precedence over the plot, but that didn’t happen. I felt concerned when the main character fell ill, then when he became separated from his family, and knowing that he had the vaccine inside him. I really worried at the end of the movie because I thought the main character was going to die and then they would kill his family too. I was glad when it didn’t happen, but I’m sure you can tell that I really love this movie.
  3. Evil Dead 2 (1987): I love this movie SO much! It was so funny with the memorable lines that’s been parodied so many times. I love the plot, the writing, the characters, Bruce Campbell, and the different jokes throughout the film. I watched it at a time where other horror movies started to scare me, so watching this made me appreciate the genre again. I could go on about what I enjoy about this movie so I’ll sum it up with it was good to be able to laugh during a horror movie.

There’s three of my favorite pieces of zombie media. It’s a genre I love to read in. It’s one that I can wait to write in too.

I would like to know:

Do you like zombies?

Early Character Designs: Will

Hello! This week I posted the first revised chapter of New Home and I’m very happy with it. Before I begin with my post of Will’s character design can someone help me make an ebook cover for Jukepop? I got accepted (woo!) but I want to make a good cover for my story and I’m a bit confused as to how to do it. Any help is appreciated. Now let’s get to the early character design of Will. Now I’m not too good at designing men as I am women on The Sims 3 but I hope this is looks good.

Here’s my first idea for how Will looks in my head:



B: Screenshot-2821

If there is something wrong with their designs let me know. I’m sure I’ll have more designs next time, but this is what I have in mind for now. I’ll put a poll at the end of this post. Let me know what you think!