Changing Leaves: Three positive things about September

Wow I can’t believe it’s the end of the month! Tomorrow will be October with my favorite holiday around the corner: Halloween! Sometimes I forget how fast time can fly when I’m in school. It seemed to go faster since I entered college well, since I turned 21 really. Since it’s the end of the month I’m going to introduce something new. Since my depression is acting up again I’m going to think about three positive things that happened this month.

  1. Graduation is finally in reach: For the longest time I didn’t think I was going to graduate. I changed my major about two years ago and I was pretty bitter about what happened. I still have some lingering bitterness inside me even if I’m happier to be in English than my old major. I didn’t think I would get close to graduate, but a few weeks ago I finally got the email that told me I could sign up for graduation. In my last major I didn’t think I would get this close, now it seems like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I couldn’t be happier.
  2. Posted for a full month: Normally I wouldn’t have kept my schedule. I would be doing well then my anxiety would kick up along with every negative thought in my head and I would stop. However, since I started my blog back up again I posted for a full month. I didn’t miss any days! I’m slowly working through keeping a writing schedule and finishing the things I start. Though it’s hard to fight the impulse to start something new, I’m doing better controlling it. I’m hoping this continues for the months to come.
  3. Returned to hobbies: For a long time there were a couple of hobbies I stopped doing due a list of things. I was too afraid, too scared, too shy to even pick up my beads again. Well, I stopped being afraid and just jumped into things again. If things didn’t work out I knew I could always back away or start over. Things have been going great! Once I stopped being afraid of messing up so much I could enjoy things again. I’m even thinking about learning how to sew. I wanted to do it a few years ago, but stopped after I got so nervous I pricked my finger. Now that I’m relaxed, I want to try it again.

Another great thing about September is all the awesome followers I got. Hello everyone! How do you feel about September? Or you’re ready for October to get here?


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