Being Ordinary: Three reasons I love Connie

As I mentioned in another post, one of the things I love about Steven Universe is the characters. However, one of my favorite characters is Connie. Connie was introduced in the episode Bubble Buddies as the quiet girl reading on the beach that Steven likes. One of the reasons I love her so much is she reminds me of myself as a kid. She’s shy, likes to read, and has a quiet strength inside her. She’s Steven’s love interest that has likes outside of Steven. That’s something I try to do in my romance stories. I’m not a big fan of a romantic interest not having anything else going on besides the love interest, but that’s for another time. Now I’m going to talk about Connie and the reasons I love her character.

  1. She’s relatable: There are so many ways I can relate to Connie. I was very quiet as a kid, loved to read, and believed in magic. Whenever I made a friend, I worried that I wasn’t interesting enough to be in their world. I always thought their world had to be better than mine. I think that’s why I love Connie so much. She doesn’t hide that awkwardness that comes with being a kid. That feeling of trying to be interesting in front of that guy you like or the fear of never making a friend. Her anxiety feels real and it doesn’t disappear in the next episode. She works through it and that’s very nice to see.
  2. Her relationship with Steven: I really like the way she interacts with Steven. It’s so cute watching their relationship unfold since her first appearance. Their relationship doesn’t seem forced. It seems so natural like you know that they like each other, but they’re still learning about each other and growing closer as a result. Every time they’re together I look forward to seeing the different ways their relationship can grow.
  3. Her power: She may not have powers like the Gems, but she does have the power to help keep Steven’s spirits up. She doesn’t mind that Steven’s half gem she doesn’t treat him any different. When things were tough she didn’t give up. She helped Steven defeat the monster with her tennis skills and they were able to watch the movie with his lion. A lion may be shocking to others, but Connie accepts it as part of Steven. Steven accepts the things in Connie’s life like her tennis and her love for the movie about the dog copter. She may not have magical powers, but she does have the power to remind Steven that he’s more than his gem powers. It’s something that everyone needs to hear sometimes.

I can go on about the cuteness of her relationship with Steven, the fact that she’s not an angry woman of color, and the way the gems accepted her, but I’ll just stop here. I’ll probably go through each character or pick another character from a different series next time. Connie is one of my favorite character types of the shy girl who has secret strength underneath. If you watch the show who’s your favorite character?


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