First steps: My return to serial fiction

I’m sure that many have seen the tags on top of the blog called New Home and Second Chances Hospital. These were two serial stories I started around the same time and I wasn’t able to finish them. They are only a couple of stories that I didn’t finish after I took some time off to try and better manage my GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). Now that I’m feeling better I want to start it up again, but with the input of my readers. I’ll start with New Home. New Home is my paranormal romance story about a witch and a werewolf that fall in love in the fictional city of Garnet in the magical community of Amulet. One of the reasons I stopped was I hit a wall when it came to the story. I noticed that whenever I talk something out it helps me get over a hump and I would like to try it. I have two options for the way it can go and I would like to know which is better.

  1. Should I work through the hump and revamp it when I’m finished?
  2. Revamp it from the beginning and post the revamp version over again

I really want to get back to writing these stories again. Not to mention get over the fear of input since I’m working through accepting help and trying not to hide so much. Can’t be a writer if I end up too scared to get any help to improve. So, the two main characters of New Home is Cassandra Hawkins and William Forte. Cassandra is the witch while William is the werewolf. I know it sounds a bit cliché and trendy, but it’s my favorite genre. I’m leaning more towards making the story an interracial love story on top of cross-species. I do appreciate any input. I’m going to start the story around October and go back to posting on Tuesday along with Friday.

I think that’s what I love most about serial fiction. It gives writers a chance to change the story with the reader’s input and get some cool insights along the way. Not to mention all the cool stories that are out there. I’m not knocking published stories because I have so many I love that are on my Kindle or stacked on my desk, but I’m really getting into serial fiction. I do hope that this will help me get over my fear of finishing a story. I always think that I don’t have anything else to write when I do and there’s so many things to write about.

Do you sometimes feel like you’ll run out things to write about?


3 thoughts on “First steps: My return to serial fiction

  1. I think if you hasn’t posted the serial fiction for a long time, chances are your new followers haven’t read it yet. So I think you should post it again from the beginning.

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