We are the Crystal Gems: Three reasons I love Steven Universe

I’m going to take a break from talking about different writing tropes to talk about my favorite new show Steven Universe created by former Adventure Time storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar. I love this show very much. Here are three reasons why I love Steven Universe.

1. The story: The story is so sweet. It’s so nice seeing Steven trying to find his way as a crystal gem while growing up. I enjoy how each story has a little something you can take from it like not every idea is going to work, it’s alright to have some alone time, and being kind to yourself. I also enjoy the adventures they go on. There is so many other places in Steven Universe that has such a history behind it that I’m looking forward to learning about it. There are references and call backs from previous episodes that ties in with the current one. It makes it easier to keep up with the story.

2. The music: The music is so nice! There were many songs I still sing from Adventure Time and it’s no different in Steven Universe. I love that each character has their theme song, the opening, the ending, the song in Steven the Sword Master, etc., there are so many little songs that add to the overall atmosphere of the show. I could listen to the music all day.

3. The characters: Everyone has their own personality and distinct way they do things like the way Pearl stands like a ballet dancer. There’s the prim and proper Pearl, who is the responsible one, almost like the mother of the group. The rowdy Amethyst, the cool big sister to everyone. The calm and collected Garnet, the leader of the group who shows that she has a lot of emotion under her shades. Then there’s Steven! The fun loving boy that can see the good in anyone. There are more characters that also add to the show like shy Connie who reminds me of myself at her age. It’s so nice to see characters that I can distinguish from one another.

I can go on and on about why I love Steven Universe, but I’ll stop at three. If you haven’t watched this show already I highly recommend it!


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