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Changing Leaves: Three positive things about September

Wow I can’t believe it’s the end of the month! Tomorrow will be October with my favorite holiday around the corner: Halloween! Sometimes I forget how fast time can fly when I’m in school. It seemed to go faster since I entered college well, since I turned 21 really. Since it’s the end of the month I’m going to introduce something new. Since my depression is acting up again I’m going to think about three positive things that happened this month.

  1. Graduation is finally in reach: For the longest time I didn’t think I was going to graduate. I changed my major about two years ago and I was pretty bitter about what happened. I still have some lingering bitterness inside me even if I’m happier to be in English than my old major. I didn’t think I would get close to graduate, but a few weeks ago I finally got the email that told me I could sign up for graduation. In my last major I didn’t think I would get this close, now it seems like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I couldn’t be happier.
  2. Posted for a full month: Normally I wouldn’t have kept my schedule. I would be doing well then my anxiety would kick up along with every negative thought in my head and I would stop. However, since I started my blog back up again I posted for a full month. I didn’t miss any days! I’m slowly working through keeping a writing schedule and finishing the things I start. Though it’s hard to fight the impulse to start something new, I’m doing better controlling it. I’m hoping this continues for the months to come.
  3. Returned to hobbies: For a long time there were a couple of hobbies I stopped doing due a list of things. I was too afraid, too scared, too shy to even pick up my beads again. Well, I stopped being afraid and just jumped into things again. If things didn’t work out I knew I could always back away or start over. Things have been going great! Once I stopped being afraid of messing up so much I could enjoy things again. I’m even thinking about learning how to sew. I wanted to do it a few years ago, but stopped after I got so nervous I pricked my finger. Now that I’m relaxed, I want to try it again.

Another great thing about September is all the awesome followers I got. Hello everyone! How do you feel about September? Or you’re ready for October to get here?


Cut and Paste: The three joys of Editing

The process of writing isn’t too bad. Sure, there are times where I don’t want to poke at the same thing over and over again. Then there are times where I forget that I finished the story in my head, but it’s not finished on paper. It’s something else I have to work on. Then it’s trying to find the time to write during school, friends, and life, the same problem I’m sure many writers face. However, the one thing I don’t mind about writing is editing. Whenever I get anxious about a part I think doesn’t fit or something that doesn’t sound right, it helps to know that I can always edit it out. Here are three reasons why I don’t mind:

  1. It helps me get to the point: Sometimes I’ll want to put in that thing that I think ties the story together. It could be an important part that sets up something for one of the characters or the breakfast my protagonist had. I think that’s important, but I don’t think many people want to know the details of my main character’s breakfast. It’s easy for me to ramble on and on about the different things in the story. Sometimes it’s need to be edit out to move the story along.
  2. Things can change: When I first started writing I didn’t know much about the importance of editing or reading over what I did. I would post a chapter with choppy sentences, misspelled words, or little notes I wrote that I forgot to erase. When someone first edited my work I had the first reaction of “oh gosh my work suck” then I looked it over and it did. Looking at the changes helped me realize that there is room for improvement.
  3. It helps me focus: Whenever I edit someone’s work it helps me focus. I’m really bad at look at my edits for my own stuff, but when I work on other’s stuff I work very hard to make sure their things are the best. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been burnt out with editing or sick with words, but I don’t mind checking someone’s work. It makes me happy to know that I helped someone out with their stuff. Editing helps me focus when all I want to do is surf on tumblr for hours on end even though I have things to do.

I’ve seen some articles against editing, but I see it as an important part of the writing process. One day I hope to do this as a job. My opinion my change, until that time comes editing is something I don’t mind.

Sorry no post today

I’m under the weather thanks to my state and the way it changes seasons. So have a link about an interesting article about Harry Potter:

I thought this was a very interesting article and shows how Harry Potter still has an impact even now.

Hope you’re having a great day!

Being Ordinary: Three reasons I love Connie

As I mentioned in another post, one of the things I love about Steven Universe is the characters. However, one of my favorite characters is Connie. Connie was introduced in the episode Bubble Buddies as the quiet girl reading on the beach that Steven likes. One of the reasons I love her so much is she reminds me of myself as a kid. She’s shy, likes to read, and has a quiet strength inside her. She’s Steven’s love interest that has likes outside of Steven. That’s something I try to do in my romance stories. I’m not a big fan of a romantic interest not having anything else going on besides the love interest, but that’s for another time. Now I’m going to talk about Connie and the reasons I love her character.

  1. She’s relatable: There are so many ways I can relate to Connie. I was very quiet as a kid, loved to read, and believed in magic. Whenever I made a friend, I worried that I wasn’t interesting enough to be in their world. I always thought their world had to be better than mine. I think that’s why I love Connie so much. She doesn’t hide that awkwardness that comes with being a kid. That feeling of trying to be interesting in front of that guy you like or the fear of never making a friend. Her anxiety feels real and it doesn’t disappear in the next episode. She works through it and that’s very nice to see.
  2. Her relationship with Steven: I really like the way she interacts with Steven. It’s so cute watching their relationship unfold since her first appearance. Their relationship doesn’t seem forced. It seems so natural like you know that they like each other, but they’re still learning about each other and growing closer as a result. Every time they’re together I look forward to seeing the different ways their relationship can grow.
  3. Her power: She may not have powers like the Gems, but she does have the power to help keep Steven’s spirits up. She doesn’t mind that Steven’s half gem she doesn’t treat him any different. When things were tough she didn’t give up. She helped Steven defeat the monster with her tennis skills and they were able to watch the movie with his lion. A lion may be shocking to others, but Connie accepts it as part of Steven. Steven accepts the things in Connie’s life like her tennis and her love for the movie about the dog copter. She may not have magical powers, but she does have the power to remind Steven that he’s more than his gem powers. It’s something that everyone needs to hear sometimes.

I can go on about the cuteness of her relationship with Steven, the fact that she’s not an angry woman of color, and the way the gems accepted her, but I’ll just stop here. I’ll probably go through each character or pick another character from a different series next time. Connie is one of my favorite character types of the shy girl who has secret strength underneath. If you watch the show who’s your favorite character?

Falling Leaves: Three things I enjoy about fall

I’m trying to get back into posting two times a week, so to start things off I’ll write about why I love fall. Fall is one of my favorite seasons next to summer. I may love summer because of my birthday and the sunshine, but fall is my second favorite season. Here’s three reasons I love fall.

  1. Sweater Weather: I may not enjoy the way the temperature drops so fast in my state, then again it gives me a chance to pull out my sweaters. The only downside to wearing my sweaters is when I go in and out of the buildings on campus. Sometimes the heat is turned up really high so it makes them a little uncomfortable, but everything is better again when I step outside and I’m warm again.
  2. Flavored coffee drinks: I didn’t think I would be a coffee drinker, until I tried coffee for the first time in college. Now I love coffee! One of my favorite things about fall is the time the flavored drinks come out. It took me a while before I tried any of them (a crowded coffee shop and GAD doesn’t mix very well) but now I love them! I do enjoy Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Eggnog flavor, but that’s around Christmas time. Pumpkin is a really good flavor and I can’t wait to try some more.
  3. Halloween: Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I love when fall comes around because I know Halloween is near. When I was younger I loved Halloween for the free candy and the chance to be someone else for a while. Now that I’m an adult I love Halloween because I can dress up and there’s a convention that comes around this time too. Another thing I enjoy are the scary movies and the chance for the things that go bump in the night to be in the spotlight. We deck out our home in skeletons and pumpkins and spider webs too even though we have enough natural ones. I polish my nails back for the whole month and spook people out with the different scary stories I know. It’s great!

I’m sure you noticed that I left out school, another part of fall, but me and school are still working on our relationship. Well, those are my favorite three things about fall.

What’s yours?

First steps: My return to serial fiction

I’m sure that many have seen the tags on top of the blog called New Home and Second Chances Hospital. These were two serial stories I started around the same time and I wasn’t able to finish them. They are only a couple of stories that I didn’t finish after I took some time off to try and better manage my GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). Now that I’m feeling better I want to start it up again, but with the input of my readers. I’ll start with New Home. New Home is my paranormal romance story about a witch and a werewolf that fall in love in the fictional city of Garnet in the magical community of Amulet. One of the reasons I stopped was I hit a wall when it came to the story. I noticed that whenever I talk something out it helps me get over a hump and I would like to try it. I have two options for the way it can go and I would like to know which is better.

  1. Should I work through the hump and revamp it when I’m finished?
  2. Revamp it from the beginning and post the revamp version over again

I really want to get back to writing these stories again. Not to mention get over the fear of input since I’m working through accepting help and trying not to hide so much. Can’t be a writer if I end up too scared to get any help to improve. So, the two main characters of New Home is Cassandra Hawkins and William Forte. Cassandra is the witch while William is the werewolf. I know it sounds a bit cliché and trendy, but it’s my favorite genre. I’m leaning more towards making the story an interracial love story on top of cross-species. I do appreciate any input. I’m going to start the story around October and go back to posting on Tuesday along with Friday.

I think that’s what I love most about serial fiction. It gives writers a chance to change the story with the reader’s input and get some cool insights along the way. Not to mention all the cool stories that are out there. I’m not knocking published stories because I have so many I love that are on my Kindle or stacked on my desk, but I’m really getting into serial fiction. I do hope that this will help me get over my fear of finishing a story. I always think that I don’t have anything else to write when I do and there’s so many things to write about.

Do you sometimes feel like you’ll run out things to write about?

We are the Crystal Gems: Three reasons I love Steven Universe

I’m going to take a break from talking about different writing tropes to talk about my favorite new show Steven Universe created by former Adventure Time storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar. I love this show very much. Here are three reasons why I love Steven Universe.

1. The story: The story is so sweet. It’s so nice seeing Steven trying to find his way as a crystal gem while growing up. I enjoy how each story has a little something you can take from it like not every idea is going to work, it’s alright to have some alone time, and being kind to yourself. I also enjoy the adventures they go on. There is so many other places in Steven Universe that has such a history behind it that I’m looking forward to learning about it. There are references and call backs from previous episodes that ties in with the current one. It makes it easier to keep up with the story.

2. The music: The music is so nice! There were many songs I still sing from Adventure Time and it’s no different in Steven Universe. I love that each character has their theme song, the opening, the ending, the song in Steven the Sword Master, etc., there are so many little songs that add to the overall atmosphere of the show. I could listen to the music all day.

3. The characters: Everyone has their own personality and distinct way they do things like the way Pearl stands like a ballet dancer. There’s the prim and proper Pearl, who is the responsible one, almost like the mother of the group. The rowdy Amethyst, the cool big sister to everyone. The calm and collected Garnet, the leader of the group who shows that she has a lot of emotion under her shades. Then there’s Steven! The fun loving boy that can see the good in anyone. There are more characters that also add to the show like shy Connie who reminds me of myself at her age. It’s so nice to see characters that I can distinguish from one another.

I can go on and on about why I love Steven Universe, but I’ll stop at three. If you haven’t watched this show already I highly recommend it!