Be Prepared: Here comes the villains

The essential part of any story, be it romantic, mystery, or otherwise, is the villain. The person who doesn’t like the hero’s goals and tries to stop them every step of the way. A good hero can make or break the story, can the same happen with a bad villain? Such as, there is a villain who wants to take over the world or the tri-county area, but then they meet the hero. The person that the villain has tried to destroy countless times is in front of them, so they get ready for a battle when the hero gives a speech pretty much telling the villain to stop. Instead of the world altering battle, the villain listens and gets rid of his plans. Would that make them a good villain? Should a villain have a battle with the hero or should they stop and talk about their issues?

I think in non-superhero movies, two people could try to talk it out, but I feel that type of action is better suited for a contemporary story between friends or lovers. Not that superhero movies couldn’t do something like that, I just always feel a bit deflated if an Earth shattering battle doesn’t happen. For contemporary stories a big battle can take another form such as someone stopping their bully or getting out of an abusive relationship. I admit that battles are something that I’m weak in. I’m learning more about what makes a good villain and their motivations behind their plans. In one of my stories I have a villain that is trying to get his family name in the magic world back by any means necessary.

What makes a good villain? The hammy ones that destroy the Earth with flair and pizzazz or the quiet ones all dressed in black. Does an enemy have to announce their plans to the world or just in little notes to the police? How about the mustache twirling villains? Or the ones that talk big, but doesn’t deliver. Does a villain have to go through a character arc like the heroes or should they just keep going with no change? For me, my favorite villains are a combination of a few things. They’re evil, but there’s a reason behind it like they have a lifestyle I could get behind, if it didn’t require destroying someone in the process. I’m not a big fan of villains who are evil, for the sake of being evil, like a person causing damage with no reason behind it. I try to make sure my villain has a reason behind what they do.

Another trait I’ve noticed about villains, they’re always well dressed and articulate. At least the hero can listen to their plan without much trouble.

What makes a good villain to you?


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