Everything can’t be romantic

Before I start this post I would like to say how sad I am about Robin Williams’s death. He was a great performer, awesome comic, and bought many laughs to the world. I can remember getting the Aladdin video tape and watching it many times during the summer. I fell asleep to Genie’s voice on the story tapes and sang along to all the songs. He will be missed.

Since his death the topic of mental illness, particularly depression, has come up along with the varying opinions on it. I tried not to look too much into it because it wasn’t that long ago that I struggled with deep depression along with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), but it’s hard not to see something when it’s everywhere online. One of the things that I’ve noticed in fiction and media lately is the way conditions such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder are used as a quirk not something that can sometimes hinder life. There are too many sitcoms where the person with depression is usually used as a joke or books where the girl who has anxiety is seen as something cute. Nothing takes me out of a romance book faster than when a protagonist’s problems are solved once they meet someone. For me, it’s the opposite when I meet someone cute I clam up and my mind starts racing on all the ways I could mess up. Then my mind does a fun thing where it comes up with solutions to it at the same time. I don’t see it as something quirky or romantic.

I know that with the media there is certain creative license and everything doesn’t have to be depicted as realistic, but it’s something I don’t like to see. It’s one of the reasons many of characters have anxiety or depression that doesn’t go away when they’re in a relationship. I know that fiction is a place where it doesn’t have to be close to real life, but I would like more books where someone continues to make strides with their condition while they’re in a relationship. It’s a subject I have trouble talking about because I can never put it in proper words. For me my depression and anxiety builds like a snowball until it becomes too big to roll anymore. Writing helps along with my video games, cooking, and anything else I can use to distract my mind, but it’s there. It’s always there waiting for another moment to pounce. I know the media and fiction has to show that happily ever after, it would be nice to see someone with anxiety and depression get the same thing without having their conditions completely erased.

It’s something I hope to do with my writing.

If there are any shows or books that have it I would love to know.

I love having new things to read and watch.


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